The external hard drives used are expensive luxuries for transferring data between the PC and the drive at relatively slow speeds.

Luckily, that has all changed over the past few years thanks to the proliferation of super-fast but very inexpensive USB 3.0 hard drives.

3 Reasons for needing an external USB 3.0 hard drive

Now I believe that every computer user should have at least one external USB 3.0 hard drive, for the following reasons:

1 –Back up your hard drive– Regular backups of your important files are of utmost importance in today’s Internet world, and external USB drives are the perfect means of storing copies save locally.

Recent versions of Windows make it extremely easy to back up the system image of your computer’s internal hard drive on an external drive. Apple’s Time Machine utility makes backing up your Mac easy.

And trust me, backing up to an external hard drive is a lot more convenient than backing up on a stack of blank DVDs!

2 –Portability– Like a USB drive, a USB hard drive makes it easier to save photos, videos, and other files from your computer and share them with any other device with a USB port. And with an external hard drive, you can store and share more!

3 –Efficient– Storing most of your files on an external hard drive will keep your C: drive from getting cluttered with files that you only used now and then. A less cluttered internal hard drive means a faster system and less chance of crashing your hard drive or malfunctioning your Windows installation.

Bottom line: Their historical low prices and incredible versatility make owning one or more external USB hard drives a reality indispensable.