Use your computer’s memory better

Is your Windows Desktop dotted with files? Have you noticed that your fast computer was running slower and slower? Do you see the hard drive light continually blinking while you wait for your computer to respond to an action? To speed up your computer, clean up your Windows Desktop.

Tăng tốc Windows Desktop - Cách Làm sạch Windows Desktop

How many files are on the desktop of your computer?

Every time Windows starts, memory is being used for all files on the Desktop. If the files are Shortcuts, the total amount of memory used will be small.

However, if there are many or dozens of files on the Desktop, these machines will use a lot of operating memory, practically no purpose or benefit. With less memory available, the computer runs slower because it can exchange information from its active memory to the hard drive. It performs this process (called paging memory) to keep everything the user wants to do, running at once.

Clean your Desktop

Place your files in the “My Documents” folder. If you have multiple files, you can put them in separate folders. Create shortcuts on your Desktop for the folders or files you often use. By doing this, you will free up memory, reduce the time and frequency of hard drive usage, and improve your computer’s response to programs you open and what you do. The simple action of desktop cleaning will make your computer run faster.