The process of deploying the new ‘Install a Driver Manually’ tool in Device Manager on Windows 10. – In the world of technology. Daily improvements and innovations are happening towards a better user experience. Device Manager on Windows 10 has extended a tool that will soothe you during the driver installation process. This tool is ‘Manually Install Driver’ and allows to select the appropriate Driver from System drive folders.

How to Install a Driver on Device Manager in Windows 10

Step 1 – Start the procedure by right-clicking on the Windows button at the taskbar’s top left. A menu appears with many options. Locate and click on the menu named Device Manager.

Nhấp chuột phải vào nút Windows Device Manager

Step 2 – Now, Device Manager opens where all the categories are displayed in alphabetical order. Go through the types and expand the category for which you want to update the Driver.

Device Manager mở rộng một danh mục

Step 3 – After finding the device, perform a right-click on it, and from the pop-up context menu, click on the first choice Update Driver.

Thiết bị bấm chuột phải Update driver Device Manager

Step 4 – Next, a separate box will appear with three different options. Hence, make a click on one of the three that reads as Manually install a driver.

Hướng dẫn cài đặt Driver trên Device Manager một cách thủ công trực tiếp trong Windows 10

Step 5 – On the next interface, you will have two options to continue –

  • Straightaway travel to the folder if you know the location.
  • Otherwise, you can go through the list of compatible drivers.

To move to the destination folder.

Step 1 – So, if you know the location of the file, click Browse.

Nút Browse Nút điều khiển bằng tay

Step 2 – A small box titled Browse for Folder will appear. Browse to the destination folder, select the file, and click the OK button.

Chọn thư mục

Step 3 – Click Next and let the installation begin.

To see Compatible Drivers.

Step 1 – Click on the 2nd option, which means Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Hãy để tôi chọn từ danh sách Thủ công cài đặt driver

Step 2 – This will bring the compatible Driver for the selected device on the screen. Therefore, choose an installation you require to install and click Next.

Làm thế nào để cài đặt driver thiết bị cho người dùng một cách thủ công

Step 3 – As the last thing, you may be asked to reboot the machine for the installation to complete.

Manually installing a driver tool allows categorizing drivers based on compatibility. So it makes sure to install the proper driver on a system. This is easy to find out the correct drivers and detect a malfunction if coming from here.