There was something about Nintendo that I thought I understood fully, but the fact that I had misunderstood all these years.

Perhaps for many, Nintendo is the company that created their childhood. This is the company that took us the first steps on the road to conquer the gaming world. Nintendo has brought games such as Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Contributing to help gamers’ lives more enjoyable.
Minigame thời hoàng kim, những người muôn năm cũ, hồn ở đâu bây giờ?

Where are the golden age minigames, the older adults, now? Sometimes looking back, some things have followed us through the years, suddenly being left unknowingly. Minigames may not be the mainstream genre, but at least one youth of many gamers has seen these games’ silhouette.

The name Nintendo has always occupied a special place in the hearts of fans. However, even hard fans are unlikely to understand this company thoroughly. I am sure there will be things that fans misunderstood or purposely thought were true. This article will summarize the remaining interesting things about Nintendo that gamers have confused over the years.

Nintendo developed Power Glove.

Những điều thú vị về Nintendo mà game thủ đã hiểu sai - P.cuối

Power Glove, or Power Glove, is a unique accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. When it was announced, this product won a lot of community attention because of its novelty, promising to open up one or more unique ways to experience the game. Or most simply, this glove looks cool.

At first, everyone thought it was Nintendo that developed this product. Part of the reason is support for NES, a Nintendo gaming device. But the reality is not at all. Although the design and color scheme reminded Nintendo users, the product developer was designed by Abrams / Gentile Entertainment and produced by Mattel.

All Nintendo did then just banged their logo. And this made the company’s reputation decline when Power Glove was terrible. Product feedback to user movement is always annoying. Users often think that all products with the Nintendo logo are guaranteed quality, but Power Glove is a black point, an unforgettable failure. This fact is also reasonable. Nintendo itself does not make the quality of this glove.

Yoshi has male gender.

Những điều thú vị về Nintendo mà game thủ đã hiểu sai - P.cuối

When it comes to Nintendo characters, gender often confuses the fan community. Typically, the name of the dinosaur Yoshi. In English, Mario’s dinosaur is often associated with pronouns that refer to the male gender. So, the default fan always Yoshi is male. But Yoshi laid eggs, which is not something the male sexes usually do.

Nintendo has a reasonable explanation for this. In Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2, Yoshi is introduced as a species, not an individual, with both male and female sex. Similarly, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door game, a Yoshi talked about his wife, while another pair of Yoshi and one female appeared on Tropical Island in Mario Party.

Therefore, the most plausible explanation is that there will be male Yoshi males and some females. Even in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Yoshi reproduce asexually, meaning that the sex is entirely unimportant to this breed.

Birdo is female

Những điều thú vị về Nintendo mà game thủ đã hiểu sai - P.cuối

Do you think Yoshi’s gender is enough to make you have a headache? No, the next one is Birdo, which can make you feel brain blown. A quick look at this character’s appearance shows an entirely feminine appearance, especially the eyelashes curled up on the same makeup eyes. Even Birdo is often referred to as Yoshi’s “female friend”, similar to Mario and Peach, Luigi and Daisy.

But this is just a twist full of brain hacks of the Mario universe. In the user guide for Super Mario Bros. 2, records say that Birdo thought he was a girl, and he plucked the egg out of his mouth. Yes, I was utterly shocked. Is Birdo a transsexual? This explains why Birdo appeared. We often see the words “she” or “her”, not “he” or “his”. If you are still confused, Birdo’s biography in Japanese will be even more hacking. In Mario Kart: Double Dash game !!! Said that “Birdo seems to be Yoshi’s girlfriend, but is actually his boyfriend” (???). He is implied to confirm that Birdo is male.

However, in a game called Captain Rainbow released exclusively in Japan, Birdo was arrested for using female toilets. The task of the player is to find evidence that Birdo is a woman. This has led players to one of the strangest quests. Finally, gamers will discover a “vibrator” in Birdo’s bedroom, which means that Birdo is a female (???).

Indeed, you are still very confused about the gender of Birdo. Shigeru Miyamoto and his colleague Takashi Tezuka had never really decided on Birdo’s gender or even Yoshi’s gender in an interview. They think this is unnecessary and important at Nintendo, so Birdo and Yoshi will have different gender elements depending on the version.

Justin Bailey is a programmer working on the Metroid project.

Những điều thú vị về Nintendo mà game thủ đã hiểu sai - P.cuối

Everyone knows in the first Metroid game. After a while, you finish this game, the protagonist, Samus, will take off the helmet and reveal that he is essentially a girl. This is a big problem for gamers because before, we still think that Samus is a guy. And if you enter the name Justin Bailey into the game’s password screen, Samus immediately changes his clothes into an incredibly sexy swimsuit.

But who is Justin Bailey? Many people believe that Bailey is a programmer working on this Metroid project. But if you patiently search the entire project staff at the end of the game, you won’t find Justin Bailey. Many others claim that “Bailey” refers to a swimsuit term and password “Justin Bailey” as a pun. And all the natives confirm there is no such term.

The truth about Justin Bailey was finally discovered. It is just a coincidence no more. Based on the code in Metroid, the game does not use a pre-programmed password. Instead, the programmer will create many different variables and password lines. If you enter the code 000000 000020 000000 000020, the result will be the same as when you entered Justin Bailey.

So Justin Bailey is just a coincidence, and this name is not a person who works for Nintendo or the Metroid project.

Star Fox is Cyborg

Những điều thú vị về Nintendo mà game thủ đã hiểu sai - P.cuối

If you look closely at the main characters of Star Fox, you will notice that their legs are made of machines. Many gamers have stated that Star Fox and the crew were forced to sacrifice their feet, replace the robot feet to withstand the G force during ultra-high-speed flights in space. This theory is so popular that most gaming communities accept it to be true.

But Dylan Cuthbert, co-creator of Star Fox, denies this. He explained that what people call a tripod is just boots. Even Shigeru Miyamoto had to reassure him that it’s not true in Star Fox while this sounds logical and interesting.

So all the gamers have misunderstood the characters in Star Fox for many years. But I wonder what kind of shoe is high up to the knee, and it can be made of metal?