So far, Sony and Nintendo’s silence is now making fans angry, frustrated, and bored. They are very curious about the latest plans for the two big men.

Lately, Sony and Nintendo fans seem to have lost their cool. If you follow Twitter or YouTube hard, you can see whenever Sony or Nintendo is active. Many gamers come in to ask the company for more information. The next-generation console information topic from Sony or the next Nintendo Direct is scorching. They criticize, complain, even yell at Sony or Nintendo for new information.

We can fully understand and sympathize with the fans now. The gaming community has been overly impatient with the new generation of Sony consoles or the next Nintendo Direct event. As for Sony and Nintendo, the two companies have decided to limit communication with fans as much as possible. Or if they give the information, that’s also what the fans don’t need.

Sony – PlayStation 5

Sony và Nintendo cùng nhau im lặng: Cộng đồng game thủ ngày càng sốt ruột

The Sony lovers’ community needs the most detailed information about the PlayStation 5. console generation. This product is expected to sell by the end of 2020. This means that now is the time for fans. Tombs want to have as much useful information as possible, from which to consider whether this machine is worth buying compared to other competitors or not. However, Sony was almost silent.

The most important information about this device is rumors leaked by gamers, but Sony has never officially spoken. However, it can be said that this is not a very strange case. After all, we still have to wait a long time for the release date, so Sony still wants to hide the PS5 is understandable.

But for fans, the situation now is making them much more worried about the new model’s launch date. The global outbreak of the Corona epidemic is one of the causes that can directly affect the launch date of PS5. Also, Sony has acknowledged that it has not yet been able to finalize a standard price for this device and wait for Microsoft to release before “closing the price”.

This year, Sony will again skip the E3 event, and they won’t announce any alternative plans. This means that at least until the E3 event is over, Sony will not have a program to communicate with fans. It makes those who are waiting for PS5 feel confused and vague. At least in the past, the gaming community knew in advance that events like E3 or the Tokyo Game Show were where they would get the essential information. For now, Sony has missed the big event, giving fans the feeling of waiting in vain.

Nintendo – Nintendo Direct

Sony và Nintendo cùng nhau im lặng: Cộng đồng game thủ ngày càng sốt ruột

As for Nintendo fans, they are suffering from the firm stubborn silence. Along with that, the Nintendo Direct event is not on a specific schedule. That’s what makes fans too impatient. The last Nintendo Direct was held in September 2019. At The Game Awards in December, Nintendo did not share any information.

This year, Nintendo has a Direct program called Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct held on February 20, 2020. This Direct program will only have information about Animal Crossing, not one. The program summarizes Nintendo’s near plans. The situation is getting worse when gamers cannot know what will be on the Switch this year.

Animal Crossing or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon will be coming this March, but what’s next? Will the sequel after Breath of the Wild come this year? Or the fate of Bayonetta 3? Metroid Prime 4? Shin Megami Tensei V? There are so many things that make the gaming community have a headache when it comes to Nintendo and Direct programs.

During this time, the Corona disease was thought to be responsible for the games’ production delay. Along with that, fans can not be sure what Nintendo will do this year to confront the two new console models about to debut. Gamers are increasingly annoyed when the big guys keep quiet without giving any information to reassure their fans.


Sony và Nintendo cùng nhau im lặng: Cộng đồng game thủ ngày càng sốt ruột

In both cases with Sony and Nintendo, I understand and sympathize with the gamers who are gradually losing their temper. The information at this time is precious to them. However, both companies have created the best gaming consoles, so they know what they’re doing.

The problem here is that they want to keep quiet to organize everything before making it public, in their style. The curiosity of the fans is a benefit that they can get for the next product. Anyway, both companies have consistently created the best games for their fans, so there’s no need to worry.

Ultimately, the silence of Sony and Nintendo is a testament to their success, as well as the confidence they’ve gained so far. “Talk less, do More”. They don’t need to prove it in a noisy way to get attention. Although having gamers wait a bit longer, a little more impatient, the final product is what determines everything.