Sony has just announced a mini version of its classic Playstation console, a much smaller version than the traditional model.

Sony thông báo ra mắt máy chơi game Playstation cổ điển với giá sốc 100$

Almost certainly, this product will be released on November 3 in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia. It will have Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. In total, about 20 titles will be included, but only 5 of the most prominent titles mentioned by Sony in this upcoming launch.

Earlier, the Nintendo family also had a turning point when bringing back memories to the player by releasing the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic mini game console. This is a popular machine published by Nintendo with more than 400 famous Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Bros or Street Fighter.

SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition is selling like hotcakes. Nintendo promised to sell more. With 4 million copies sold quickly, Nintendo has vowed to remove the production limit and continue to re-sell NES and SNES Classic Edition this year.

And of course, just like NES-SNES Classic, this classic PlayStation version has only 20 games installed on the hard drive built into the body. It has no purpose to play games from an old PlayStation 1 disc. Therefore, the device only has collectibles, reminiscent of the past, cannot cover all old system games. However, the 20 titles selected for this PlayStation listing are not random choices, but they are the most typical products of the “life-changing” system Sony has ever produced.

Sony thông báo ra mắt máy chơi game Playstation cổ điển với giá sốc 100$

It can be said. This is an excellent appearance for nostalgic players. Early games like Final Fantasy or Tekken are old but always appreciated, even becoming a monument in some game genres. Moreover, not everyone has the opportunity to experience these games since their launch until now.

Sony thông báo ra mắt máy chơi game Playstation cổ điển với giá sốc 100$

Especially in the Vietnamese gaming market, the number of traditional PS consoles is more popular than SNES, but only in a few old shops. So far, finding a conventional PS system almost cannot, and re-experiencing these games is even more difficult because the current PS / Console stores do not integrate too many game heads. But they are more about sports or adventure games antagonistic.

The downside of this series is that, like the SNES Classic game console, Playstation Classic will also not have an AC charging port. The only power supply comes from the USB AC player only. And this head is also not included with the note machine. You have to find a USB Type-A power adapter with 5V and 1.0A power to plug in to use. In this array, users can use the charger of regular phones (voltage 1.0A) to plug in the device.

Sony thông báo ra mắt máy chơi game Playstation cổ điển với giá sốc 100$

The classic Playstation will incorporate the PS1’s handle and HDMI cable cost around $ 99.99 (€ 99.99 in Europe and AU $ 150). It is unclear whether Sony has made a move to hit the Asian market, but if everything goes the way Nintendo is going, PS Classic will soon be available, because in 2018, The number of NES-SNES Classic sold in Vietnam has reached thousands.

Currently, because the list of 20 accompanying games has not been published, the community and fans of the PlayStation 1 game are starting to hope that their favorite classic game will appear on the honor list. Some people will guess Dino Crisis. Some people will say it will be indispensable Resident Evil 1-3. Some people want a Bloody Roar. And you? Which games do you expect to be selected by Sony? Please give me an opinion in the comment section!