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It sounds like a joke, but it’s true that Anthem gamers are boycotting the game because they want to see a bug that BioWare fixed as “reappearing” as soon as possible.

Over the past few days, Anthem gamers have twice seen a strange bug appear in the game: the drop rate of terrible items (Legendary, Masterwork) in the game suddenly increased, giving them a lot of equipment. worth the price. For the first time, gamers mistakenly thought that this was part of a new patch that BioWare was about to release, but “complemented” when it was discovered that it was a bug and was repaired by BioWare shortly thereafter. The second drop in item drops occurred shortly after, but like the first, the bug lasted a few hours and was fixed by BioWare with a patch rather than staying with Anthem.

Gamers boycott Anthem to claim BioWare ... bring the bug back 1

Anthem: BioWare has crushed its own quintessence. Perhaps BioWare wants to use Anthem to create new things in its gaming style. But novelty is not seen, only BioWare has crushed what has created its brand.

However, this bug is what Anthem gamers look forward to. They want BioWare to overcome one of the most important problems of the current game is that the amount of items dropped is too small, does not make them feel successful when plowing in the game. The vast majority of gamers agree that it takes at least 10 hours to pick up a Legendary item (the highest level in the game), but it is not necessarily suitable for the character. So in both cases of this bug, gamers rushed to remind BioWare that they needed this bug to stay in the game – the kind of “this is not a bug, but a feature” that we often joke about in The game is full of errors.

Game thủ tẩy chay Anthem để đòi BioWare... đưa bug trở lại

BioWare promises to gradually increase Anthem’s equipment drop rate over the next few months.

After fixing both bugs, BioWare responded to the gamers’ requests by announcing that they were indeed planning to increase Anthem’s equipment drop rate, but could not “use one” by a dozen. times like present. “We will introduce incremental changes to the item drop rate over the next few months,” is what Mr. Chad Robertson, head of LiveWare’s Bio Service Department said, but gamers would not accept. A lot of people say that in the current state of the game, the chances of Anthem keeping them in the next few months are not high.

And to emphasize his claim, Anthem gamers have begun … boycott of Anthem, after the complaint or comment is not useful. Gamers exhort each other to stop playing for 5 days to send a signal to BioWare that they want a “bug” back. A post on the game’s subreddit received warm support not only by upvote but also by cash – gamers gave Silver, Gold and Diamond (Reddit cash) to the topic owner to show their agreement. . Many gamers also said that they stopped playing Anthem before.

Game thủ tẩy chay Anthem để đòi BioWare... đưa bug trở lại

Post exhorted boycott game.

You may ask the question that, after paying for Anthem, will these gamers quit playing to affect BioWare and EA? Quite simply, this is an online game and it will have more new content updated in the future. The game does not have a “top of the line” storyline to keep gamers long, but keeps the players by farming equipment (which gamers currently cannot find) like Diablo 3, and BioWare needs to constantly launching new content, new equipment for gamers to plow hoes. The BioWare employees can’t eat the wind and drink the dew, so they need to maintain the revenue from the game – something only earned by a large number of gamers.

Game thủ tẩy chay Anthem để đòi BioWare... đưa bug trở lại

Item falls in Destiny’s loot cave.

In my opinion, the exhortation to boycott Anthem at the present time is not necessary. Obviously BioWare knows what gamers want, but whether they accept those requirements or not is another matter. The fact that BioWare does not want to give “rain of items” is quite understandable, because it easily creates the power inflation in the game, and puts pressure on BioWare to force them to release new content faster to serve the game. Prime has equipped max. A few years ago, Destiny had this situation

As you know, BioWare is racing against the technical issues of the game, so the time to make new content is probably very limited. Even if we see positive changes happening after a 5-day boycott of the gamer, maybe it’s just the changes that BioWare has made before and only released on the right occasion.

Game thủ tẩy chay Anthem để đòi BioWare... đưa bug trở lại

Moreover, gamers do not need to stop playing Anthem – they can quit the game completely because they feel Destiny 2 and The Division 2 are very inviting. Why do you have to plow Anthem’s Stronghold over and over for a few days to pick up an unlikely item you need, while Ubisoft’s The Division 2 promises to have a lot of end game content and everything to choose from? have played beta of The Division 2, and feel that this game is really “above” Anthem in every way.

And finally, it is unlikely that a call like this will work, even though it is strongly supported. Gamers on forums are always very willing to express their opinions, but they may be just a few, or say they will boycott the game but still log in plowing as usual. Remember that about a dozen years ago, gamers summer boycott of Modern Warfare 2 because the game does not support its own server. What about the result? Take a look at the picture below:

Game thủ tẩy chay Anthem để đòi BioWare... đưa bug trở lại

Only 833 people signed up to support the boycott of Modern Warfare 2

Once again, the game emphasizes that BioWare knows what fans want, the problem is how long it takes BioWare to meet those legitimate requirements, and how it responds. There are many other alternatives to Anthem on the market, and time for BioWare and gamer’s patience is limited.