The Division 2 is a collection of modern combat weapons, full of “toys” that you can find and rock like in action movies.

Up to now, The Division 2 has a total of 70 different types of guns, divided into corresponding main categories and branched according to each specific type. Moreover, because it is a role-playing game, each gun will have its own stats related to strength as well as separate bonuses. So players should know these parameters, to be able to choose for themselves a set of equipment like that.

The Division 2

First impression Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Shooting with hands, plowing hoes excited With the third-person shooter gameplay mixed with role-playing elements, The Division 2 is really a true action game with a feeling sense of hand was extremely.

Before talking about each specific weapon group, let’s come to the 3 most important indicators of each weapon including:

– DMG: Damage of that weapon.

– RPM: Speed or more specifically the maximum number of bullets that weapon can fire in a minute.

– MAG: Number of bullets in the magazine.

Almost all weapons in The Division 2 follow the formula around these three main indicators, one thing to note is that DMG is counted as damage per bullet , so often snipers will have this highest index.

However, a high DMG is not necessarily a strong one, because we still have to consider how quickly the weapon’s firing rate (RPM) is. For example, the M44 sniper has a maximum DMG of up to 76507 but the RPM is only 55, while the M60 only has a DMG of 11642 but the RPM is up to 500. If theoretically in a situation, both release the bullet. at full size, the total damage per minute of M60 will be more than M44.

Of course everything has to be considered according to the situation, because the M44 is a sniper so the amount of DMG is enough for it to one shot kill any target if it hits the head, and the M60 is a machine gun used at close to medium range so must have high RPM to shoot continuously. Next come up with 7 main weapons in The Division 2:

Assault Rifle

The Division 2

As “anything good but nothing stand out” weapons, they have decent damage, relatively recoil, quick fire rate as well as short reload time. This is a weapon designed to fight at medium to long distances in The Division 2, except for sniper rifles, the Assault Rifle is very good when needing to kill opponents out of range because of the ability to accurately point radiation. its.

A weakness of Assault Rife is that the magazine is quite small, all of this line has only 30 rounds in a tape, in return for the short reload time, which makes it very easy to manage even in case you are surrounded. Assault Rifle has a unique bonus that damages the highest “screams” in the game (up to 75%), as well as an additional 25% increase in damage when hitting enemies with armor.

Marksman Rifle

The Division 2

They are specialized weapons for long-range attack, they have extremely low magazine capacity, tremendous recoil (firing 2 rounds in succession can lead the barrel to the sky), the firing rate is the slowest in The Division 2 but in return, the damage is incomparable. The Marksman Rifle has the highest DMG of all weapons, a bullet at its head will send any target off the road unless it has armor.

Marksman Rifles are divided into two types: Bolt Action and Semi-Automatic, the difference between them is that Semi-Automatic has a larger magazine, faster fire and reload speed but compensates for weaker damage than Bolt Action. The Semi-Automatic will have the advantage of continuous firing, while the Bolt Action has to shoot which bullet reloads it.

Submachine Gun

The Division 2

Called a submachine gun, Submachine Gun is a specialized weapon designed to fight at close range in The Division 2. Although the damage is not very impressive with quite small ammunition, but Submachine Gun has a very high rate of fire and very low recoil. Any Submachine Gun is capable of firing 25 to 30 bullets in just a few seconds, turning it into an extremely dangerous weapon at close range.

However, the Submachine Gun is not a type of assault weapon, as it has almost no effect on distant targets. The hidden bonus of the Submachine Gun is the increase in the critical rate of fire, but in return the damage when its headshot is the weakest of all guns of The Division 2.


The Division 2

As a symbolic weapon for many different titles, in The Division 2, this series possesses most typical features of Shotgun such as: strong close range damage, low magazine capacity, average recoil and time. reloaded quite a long time. A special hidden skill of Shotgun is that if it hits the target, it will cause the target to be stopped for a few seconds, unable to move and shoot back.

Shotgun is a special group of weapons when it owns the Double Barrel with the highest DMG in The Division 2 (up to 86480), this can be considered a special case because the damage of the remaining guns is still lost to Marksman Rifle . It can be said that Shotgun is unmatched in close-range combat, the only thing is that it needs the player to be calm and aim well, because its magazine is too small plus long reload time, miss firing without If you win, there’s no chance to correct it.

Light Machine Gun

The Division 2

Light Machine Gun can be considered as a brother is made more “underground” of Submachine Gun, it is an upgrade of everything from damage, rate of fire and magazine, in return, the recoil is also higher. as well as a very long reload time. The Light Machine Gun is The Division 2’s most armored weapon, usually double or triple the other guns, such as the M60 with magazine capacity of up to 100 rounds. Currently, many gamers consider Light Machine Gun to be the most powerful weapon in the game, because of its high rate of fire and high number of bullets plus a relatively good range, enough to turn Light Machine Gun into a plow terrorism.

The hidden bonus of the Light Machine Gun is that it makes the enemy standing under the fire, even with hiding, will be suppressed by the state so that it cannot surface to counterattack. Another advantage is that despite the insane rate of fire, Light Machine Gun can still hold incredible accuracy. Its only weakness is the reload time is too long, but with a band of up to 100, this is not very difficult.

This is all about the weapons in the game The Division 2 , in fact, in addition to the above main weapons, the player still has another auxiliary item, a pistol, but they are often only for the last desperate solution. along, so there’s no need to care what to do.