Sony and PlayStation also have many attractive game brands that gamers are looking forward to seeing a return on PS5.

Over the past decade, PlayStation 4 has built a vast library of games with many impressive games, the most favorite gamers of the past decade such as Horizon: Zero DawnBloodborne or Until Dawn well as Marvel’s Spider. -Man. Sony has been and continues to assert that the PlayStation is the most desirable gaming console, worthy of the most gamer ownership because they have the most attractive titles.

If you look back on the PlayStation’s past, we can see Sony also owns many famous and attractive game brands. I strongly hope Sony will have a project to bring one or nearly all of the past gaming brands back to the PS5 generation. The power of the new generation of consoles is a perfect place for Sony to create breakthrough remakes like what Capcom is succeeding with the Resident Evil series.

The Order: 1886

Top 5 thương hiệu game PlayStation cần được quay trở lại trên PS5

The Order: 1886 is, in fact, not a bad game. On the contrary, this game has the potential to be ultimately better developed. Set in London’s city immersed in the underground war between Werewolves and Vampires, The Order: 1886 is considered Ready At Dawn’s first attempt at a game console version after years of working with the system. PSP. The game’s graphics are rated as one of the most beautiful games in the gaming industry. However, the gameplay and the short duration of The Order: 1886 are considered a step back and not worthy of 60 USD.

However, it would be great if Ready At Dawn and Sony decided on a new version of The Order: 1886 on the PlayStation 5. The new game could gather gamers’ opinions about the limitations that need to be improved to be more perfect than the old version. I think all fans are ready for The Order: 1886 second chance.

Siphon Filter

Top 5 thương hiệu game PlayStation cần được quay trở lại trên PS5

Spy or spy is one of the most popular gaming topics in the 90s. Besides familiar brands such as 007, Metal Gear, or Splinter Cell, the PlayStation also has a famous spy brand called Syphon Filter, with the primary character agent Gabe Logan. The first game released in 1999 perfectly combines the third-person shooter genre with stealth elements, puzzles. Fans rated the Syphon Filter to be the most outstanding collection of GoldenEye with Metal Gear Solid.

For years, however, Agent Gabe Logan appears to have been retired. PlayStation fans are always screaming for a new Siphon Filter, but Sony and SIE Bend Studio respond with … Days Gone – a zombie game. It’s been a long time since the gaming community has been immersed in a real spy-themed game on any platform, not just the PlayStation. And when Ubisoft repeatedly rejected a new Splinter Cell game, the Siphon Filter could create a shocking comeback.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Top 5 thương hiệu game PlayStation cần được quay trở lại trên PS5

The idea of gathering all of the most popular PlayStation game characters into one fighting game is not bad. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a strange mix of “home” game brands and even third parties. That means not only Sony’s exclusive characters are present in this game. When released, the game also received mixed reviews, when experts appreciated it, and fans were criticized it for lack of content and unattractive gameplay.

However, fans still want PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to return once again on PlayStation 5. Over the past ten years, the PlayStation game brands have been greatly expanded with new game characters. Bringing the All-Stars brand back with new names will surely be well received by the fan community. I believe that gamers would love to see some of their favorite characters fighting against each other in the same arena.


Top 5 thương hiệu game PlayStation cần được quay trở lại trên PS5

At present, Call of Duty and Battlefield are two exclusive series of games in the context of modern warfare. But the PlayStation also had a similar context game brand called SOCOM. SOCOM’s difference is the third-person shooter game and more emphasis on tactics besides tight gunshots and brainstorming. I think the PlayStation lacks an exclusive shooting game set in modern warfare. The shooter market may still have room for SOCOM to return.

The latest SOCOM was released in 2011. Unfortunately, at that time, the infamous PlayStation Network attack occurred, leaving the entire PlayStation system paralyzed for about 23 days. A multiplayer-centric game like SOCOM has been paralyzed with the Network and has disappeared in the market ever since. Zipper Interactive developer Sony was closed in 2012, but nothing could stop another developer from taking over the brand.

Sly Cooper

Top 5 thương hiệu game PlayStation cần được quay trở lại trên PS5

Sly Cooper is one of the favorite PlayStation game brands in the world. However, the latest version has been released since 2013, and so far, Sony has not made any move to bring the series back. What makes Sly Cooper so popular is the creative and attractive stealth gameplay and the characters with very unique and interesting personalities. Surely the reader has not forgotten how Sly, Bently, or Murray have shown how in this series of games.

That’s why part of the new Sly Cooper on PlayStation 5 in 2020 is one thing that can make the gaming community burst into joy. In the history of development, the Sly Cooper brand has changed its development twice. From 2002 to 2010 by Sucker Punch Productions, and from 2010 to 2013, Sly Cooper by Sanzaru Games. If Sly Cooper is considered a comeback case, I think Sanzaru Games will still do it because Sucker Punch is always busy with the Ghost of Tsushima project.