Despite being 20 years old, the PlayStation 2 is still the best and best-selling gaming console in history with unforgettable memories.

In March 2000, Sony launched PlayStation 2 in Japan. Perhaps they themselves did not expect that it was the most successful Sony system in particular and the history of the gaming industry in general. Even the PlayStation 4 at the present time, a system that demonstrates Sony’s unique position in the console market, could not approach the sales of PS2, even at the time of launch of this system Sony. have to compete with too many strong competitors.

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

So it’s been 20 years since PS2 launched. Up to now, this is still a system that left the most impressive and memorable in the hearts of gamers. The PlayStation 4 or even the upcoming PlayStation 5 may be great, there may be many improvements or leaps in technology, but the legend of PlayStation 2 will never end.

Do you remember anything about the best gaming console of all time? Let me review some interesting things about the PlayStation 2.

The PS2 is the best selling gaming console of all time

This is something the whole game industry can never forget. By the end of 2019, PlayStation 4 has surpassed the first generation of PlayStation and reached 102 million units sold. However, that result is still much inferior to the sales of more than 155 million units sold by PS2. If you want to see a console that breaks the PlayStation 2 record, I think we’ll have to wait a long time. I hope the upcoming PS5 generation will do this.

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

However, it must be said that the record that PS2 created at the time was really impressive. At the present time, companies can easily promote their products through many media, But in 2002, everything from advertising to the range of customers that Sony is targeting are very limit. Obviously, the success of the PlayStation 2 is too deserved, causing other manufacturers to respect and always take that as a goal towards their devices.

PlayStation 2 can be converted into a personal computer

With PS2, Sony supported and released the Linux operating system, allowing users to turn the console into a personal computer. The company sells a support package that includes an Ethernet adapter, keyboard, mouse, VGA adapter and a 40GB hard drive. A special thing is that this device also allows players to create their own games through open source, not unlike a regular PC.

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

Unfortunately, this feature is not popular because most PS2 buyers only need to play games. Turning a home gaming console into a personal computer doesn’t seem appropriate when the vast majority of gamers have consoles outside the living room. Besides, no one will be free to buy accessories to turn PS2 into a computer when a PC case is available.

8MB memory card – evidence that the game industry is booming

Do you remember the 8MB memory card we used to save save games on PS2? It’s funny to look at the current machines with 500GB storage and still get gamers calling the sky so little. For the current generation of gamers, the capacity in Megabytes has been a thing of the past for a long time.

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

Although 8MB is very small, this memory card can hold all the files and save our game back then. And it is also evidence of how far the game industry has come, having grown so rapidly in just 20 years when storage capacity was now in Terabytes.

Netflix was on PlayStation 2

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

This is really noticeable, Netflix, one of the world’s most popular movie services, has been supported on the PlayStation 2 through the installation disc. However, this service was exclusively available in the Brazil region in 2009. By 2012, Netflix on PS2 stopped supporting and encountered a backlash from users. But on the forums, some people shared that they could still watch the movie when the support announcement was given.

PlayStation 2 was once tied to terrorism

By the late 2000s, it was widely believed that Saddam Hussein had stored up to 4,000 PlayStation 2s for the purpose of using the CPU as a remote control hardware. As this information spread widely, many countries became fearful and banned import of Sony home console models. However, this information was soon dismissed and deemed as baseless rumors, PlayStation 2 regained its performance and sold like hot cakes.

Trong 20 năm tồn tại, PlayStation 2 đã chứng kiến những gì?

A source even said, “Just combining 12 to 15 PlayStation 2 is enough to create an Irag or UAV drone computer,” or “a PlayStation can be.” assist in calculating ballistic data for long-range missiles ”, etc. These rumors have become so ridiculous that it is believed to be Sony’s marketing tactic.

This incident also shows Sony’s ability to handle unfounded rumors about the PlayStation 2 very well. They didn’t even need Saddam Hussein to deny it. But the funny part is that the next generation of PlayStation 3 was also rumored to be able to provide hardware for terrorists, like the PS2 elder.

The meaning of the white tower

The most classic image of PlayStation 2 is probably when starting to boot, players will see on the screen are the white towers. As a child, I thought of it as images of skyscrapers in a city looking down from above. At first, everyone thought that it was simply a way to start the device in the style of Sony only.

PlayStation 5 and Sony’s “real estate” strategy Sony is showing itself to be extremely cautious with the PlayStation 5 console generation, the great success of the PS4 that has put great pressure on the company to make careful calculations.

It took a long time for us to know that each tower represents a game file that users have stored on memory cards. And when you remove the memory card, the boot screen will not have any towers at all. This is really a nice and sophisticated opening of Sony. Unfortunately, the boot screen of the PS3 and the PS4 have been changed to a more minimalist style by Sony.