While waiting for the official Resident Evil 2 Remastered version of Capcom, try playing RE2 in … Far Cry 5 to see if you feel happy like the original.

Capcom has announced that they will remake Resident Evil 2 from 2015, but so far we have no more information about it, causing fans of the series to worry that it has “eaten garlic”. ages ago long ago. Meanwhile, fans of this series only took a very short time to recreate the rooms, streets full of zombies in … Far Cry 5 , thanks to the powerful Arcade Mode Map Editor of this game. .

Known as Raccoon City , the Arcade map created by gamer nick ZergRex in Far Cry 5 is a Journey genre map – your goal is to go from the starting point and find the way out of it. If you want to play the game, you need to download this map through the Arcade section of Far Cry 5.

This map begins by giving us a choice between Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy . Both are equipped with an M1911 shotgun, but there is a difference in the main weapon: Claire uses the bow and Leon has the shotgun M133.

From the starting point, players will recognize a very familiar scene: the tanker turned over and caught fire appear at the beginning of Resident Evil 2. After that, you will meet some “zombies” and cross the monsters. Raccoon City’s dark street to find Kendo’s gun shop. Here, you will meet the ill-fated shop owner before breaking the zombie siege and looking to the City Police Department, where the map ends.

Because this is just a small map “thanks to beans” in another game made by a single fan, it has a very short duration and does not reproduce the scary atmosphere of the game. play classics. However, it also shows the good potential of Arcade Mode , if Ubisoft continues to refine and add new models, maybe one day we can enjoy “in-game games”. Remember the old DotA also born from the self-creating function of Warcraft III and operating under the “game in game” mechanism until Dota 2 was born and fierce competition.

Even so, Far Cry 5’s Arcade function is still very lacking, so the product can only reach a temporary quality. If you’re still hungry, try going to Dying Light and installing the free RE2 Residente del Mal mod on Steam to explore inside the City Police Department with the quality of modern graphics and “quality” zombies. Addicted fanatic in Far Cry 5.

Resident Evil 2 của Capcom được tái hiện trong… Far Cry 5

The original Resident Evil 2

Currently, Capcom has not revealed any details about the remake of Resident Evil 2, but there are some rumors that the game will use a camera model placed behind the character similar to Resident Evil 4 , instead of classic fixed camera style. This is a perfectly reasonable decision, because in Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2, a fixed camera angle is created to cover the rooms in the game created from 2D images combined with the brand. Light effects, motion on 3D background.