When playing Resident Evil, everyone used to think that if the Zombie disaster happened, I could survive in Resident Evil. The regretful answer is 99% of the time.

This October is the month of Halloween. It’s time for us to talk about ghosts and zombies (Resident Evil, for example). While sitting waiting for the Resident Evil 2 Remake next year, I suddenly thought that if a pandemic like Zombie happened next year, would a gamer like me survive the Resident Evil?

Note available: All the comparisons below are relative and just for fun on Halloween only, do not make any “tryhard” too much and think it is serious.

First, theoretically, the T-Virus in Resident Evil “only” has a 90% spread rate. In a community, there is always 10% of the immune population not infected. The problem is that those people are immune to the virus-like a Zombie bite is not contagious. Drinking water with T-virus is not contaminated, but what is the most critical problem after that.

We have not discussed how Umbrella will drop the Hunter to hunt the uninfected lucky, but how you escape from the Zombie next door. Remember that the immunity is immune to the Virus, but it doesn’t make much difference if a few hundred Zombie heads bite to death.

The assumption that one day your neighborhood is infected with T-virus is exactly like the city of Raccoon in Resident Evil. That is, the entire underground water line is affected. This leads to 90% of people will turn into zombies when using water, as usual, assuming you are among the lucky 10%, then how to run away from the Zombie class. Being around without tearing up is already a miracle. Because everyone goes to school, works in buildings containing hundreds or even thousands of people. Well, good luck in the demo game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake và những điểm khác biệt so với bản gốc

Now, if you do not have to go to school or work on the day the T-virus broke out, you will know this pandemic through the internet. At this time, the knowledge of 20 years of plowing Resident Evil will be sufficient. There, this is a chance to be a hero here.

Sorry to interrupt you a little bit, to remember that the Resident Evil series’s main characters are all trained people. They have no concept of zombies but still can martial arts, use guns, and the Other skills to survive. Going back to reality, gamers like you have nothing, a few hundred hours of Resident Evil’s knowledge and … zero experience in guns. This isn’t easy. It is just like starting a game at Very Hard.

Of course, guns are not the only thing that can kill zombies. Many monsters still complete the game with a knife. Among the people I know, there is a brother who loves collecting cold goods, but not to the point of owning a dragon or a knife, but good toys are enough, or at worst, they. We still have a kitchen knife, right. If Zombie is, in fact, as slow as in Resident Evil, then a normal gamer would not be that difficult to use a knife to cut a few three heads; sounds feasible.

Liệu bạn có sống sót được trong Resident Evil hay không?

Your goal if you are really in a situation like in Resident Evil is to flee the city, do not rely on the army or the police because they will probably be chewed live like in the game only (lack of basic knowledge) about Zombie). Considering the specific distance that was presumed to be about 30 kilometers away, walking slowly would not be hopeless.

Don’t dream about staying still and waiting for rescue, because if it’s time for Umbrella to drop the Hunter down to hunt for uninfected people, or worse. A few zombies evolved into a Crimson Head or Licker running behind the sky. Don’t even think about using a Hunter-killing knife (actually, if you didn’t give a gun, you probably don’t know where to shoot). Running is the only way before things are too bad to save – meeting a Tyrant.

Liệu bạn có sống sót được trong Resident Evil hay không?

And for the reason why you should not poke Hunter, talk about the story in Resident Evil, when a young man once played the game for the first time with these monsters, he had just hooked his pistol before he could shoot. His head had rolled his fur cm 18 meters away. I’m pretty sure that no normal person can fight a Hunter (similar to Licker). Look at how they are bulletproof in the game and see, using a knife, luckily carrying Excalibur out and slashing new. I hope to die.

Another problem is that you can only walk when the streets are full of zombies crawling like maggots. But most hunters are trained to find and kill those who are still living in a pandemic. Some of them can cool down like reptiles, not to mention mass produce like industrial chickens in agriculture. So the odds are more than 90% you’ll encounter one or two during the run, then it doesn’t matter if the head is still on the neck or not.

We are not talking about the Tyrant here because it exists at the Holy Spirit level that transcends the human category. Remember that Nemesis skewed brad in Resident Evil 3? Well, you would be the same if you were caught by it. The only good thing is that the limited number of Tyrants, lucky lottery, probably will not have to face it like the game characters.

Liệu bạn có sống sót được trong Resident Evil hay không?

The ultimate hope here is that you can be as lucky as the main characters in Resident Evil, that is, to find a way out of a pandemic or be picked up by someone. The first part sounds more feasible because your luck is not so high that it is worth saving people for rescue. The most challenging problem is physical because, as said, using a knife is quite exhausting, but the gamers are all lazy men who exercise first class.

The fact that you meet the Zombie dogs is enough to be a permanent death sentence, not to mention the climbing types such as Licker-type apes. Human legs are born to run, but that, unfortunately, does not apply to most gamers. Sooner or later, you will be caught up and tear into rags. As mentioned above, Zombie will then evolve into a Crimson Head, and these guys run extremely fast. The real problem for gamers is usually laziness.

Of course, even if you’re as athletic as you are, you don’t have to think about running across town without anyone getting in your way. Ignoring one and the whole pack of zombies will follow, followed by Licker, Hunter, and Tyrant, generally appearing in a dark situation like a jar. So it is unthinkable to be able to be a hero in Resident Evil. Pray for Raccoon City not to happen, because if it happened, you wouldn’t have 1% survived.

And finally, things that are not in the game like you have to face in real life: basic human needs. Do you run away from zombies temporarily one session away, you need to eat, where to find food among this chaos? Find out where to eat, not to be caught secretly? Similar to “going to the field”, what to do?

Being bitten to death while eating at least not as unsightly as sitting pooping but zoom it grabbed. EXTREMELY HARD!