Unlike Tyrant, which is well-researched and invested, Hunter is like a mass-produced weapon to hunt down prey in the Resident Evil plot.

The monsters in the Resident Evil plot are very diverse, except for the Zombie and Tyrant hordes that symbolize. We also have many other Umbrella experimental products to serve the needs of biological weapons. The first to be born and greatly influenced later research is Hunter – the hunter created by Umbrella to diversify in attack options.

Hunter is the oldest biological weapon product in the Resident Evil story. It, it all started in 1978 when the T-virus was discov. In 1981, the experiment was successful, making a big step in employment weapons as we know them. Due to the organism’s immune mechanism, in a community, there is always 10% of people who are resistant to the T-virus from being turned into Zombie. This makes Umbrella unsatisfied, so they spend their time researching the Hunter – an impressive army to chase the remaining people.

Umbrella first experimented on creating BOWs on simple creatures like spiders, snakes, or reptiles because their genes are simply the most mutable. However, the results were modest because while these hosts grew astounding in size and strength, they did not increase their intelligence. Another thing is that these species are not mutant, meaning that a T-virus implanted lizard will never grow into anything else.

So Umbrella incorporated reptilian cells (frogs, lizards, etc.) into human fertilized eggs, then implanted the T-virus. The result will be a giant reptile standing on two legs, with a human-like structure accompanied by sharp claws to chase the target. These Hunter were then mass-produced and appeared dense through all Resident Evil series. They can identify prey through stimulated brainwaves, making Hunter crazy and extremely dangerous.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

The first Hunter – biological weapons made from T-virus

Hunter played an essential role throughout the Resident Evil plot in his development history until Umbrella was closed after the disaster in Raccoon City, especially in the Resident 1, 2, and 3 parts, the monsters This item has encountered the player countless times. While not as brutal as Tyrant, they can still cut off the heads of prey easily. There are many Hunter models in the Resident Evil plot from the beginning until the last one produced by Veltro.

Hunter α

As the first Hunter model Umbrella created in the Resident Evil storyline, Hunter was born when he implanted viruses with reptile cells into human embryos three weeks after conception. To be able to split these two genetic codes, Umbrella was create something called βII strain. The results were satisfactory when the Hunter was born as a large lizard that could stand on its hind legs and be cloned for mass production. From fertilization to adulthood takes about a year. It is time for the cells to continue growing.

Hunter has the intelligence equivalent of a gorilla. It can learn and remember from ten to fifteen specific commands under the guidance of the trainer. Their skin acts as a bulletproof armor. Hunter has a breakneck speed and often works in groups, attacking a style that runs around its prey. Hunter models are used primarily at the research institute at Mount Arklay, especially Dr. Marcus loves to use these monsters to see how powerful the research station guards are.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

Hunter α in a real battle

As the first Hunter model, so the next generation juniors quickly replaced Hunter. The weakness of Hunter was too lacking in intelligence despite possessing superior power. They existed until about 1998. when released in an accident to save Arklay, before being destroyed after the underground explosion.

Hunter β

As the next prototype developed entirely based on the original Hunter a characteristic, the Hunter b models were created by Umbrella’s European division under a comprehensive improvement request. The advantage of being Hunter You can clone in large numbers so the European department can freely experiment. Hunter b does not possess the superior power as his brother, but in return, its nervous system soars, allowing the monster to reflect in short-range and even dodge bullets.

While conducting a final test to start mass production, the European branch took advantage of the disaster in Raccoon City to drop a lot of Hunter b down to track their ability in the field. We saw many of these monsters in the Resident Evil 3 storyline. There is one point that the Umbrella scientists realized. After the Hunter b model, it is unnecessary to be too crucial on power when Hunter’s speed can compensate for all if it can jump from about 6 meters away and cuts off the prey’s head.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

Hunter b in the Resident Evil 3 Remake plot

Hunter b’s appearance is almost no different from its elder brother, except that the head is bumps and the cells are exposed, representing the enhanced nervous system. The downside is that Hunter b’s vision is reduced, but their speed and reflexes increase unbelievably in return. A Hunter b can jump over 3 meters high and launch from a distance of around 6 meters to reach the prey. Their skin allowed it to withstand light bullets, but that was unnecessary because, in small terrains, the Hunter b could even dodge short-range bullets.

After the disaster in Raccoon City, Hunter b is no longer seen again due to Umbrella’s parent company’s collapse.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

Hunter a in the original

Hunter γ

Also developed from the Hunter, a prototype, the Umbrella branch in the US began thinking of transplanting human DNA with fertilized eggs and amphibian cells to create a new, adaptive Hunter model. in many environments and attacks underwater. Like Hunter b, the Hunters were dropped down to Raccoon to test. Jill met these monsters as well as directly fought them in the Resident Evil 3 storyline.

The most noticeable feature of Hunter y is that he does not have eyes and teeth, shaped like a giant frog but can stand on his hind legs, especially the size of this monster is very large, almost is double my brothers. Hunter’s attack method is quite simple: it will use its giant mouth to swallow its prey, or in some special cases, it can also use webbed claws to beat the opponent.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

Hunter γ in Resident Evil 3 Remake

However, Hunter’s fatal disadvantage is that because he was developed according to amphibians’ genes, Hunter’s operation condition must be in humid or high-temperature places for this reason. Transporting them is extremely annoying. Hunter y will not survive in dry areas because the heat will cause the skin and their cells to die, needing to add water immediately to stay. Hunter’s intelligence is only equal to Hunter’s, so it has not been mass-produced with many drawbacks.

After the fall of Umbrella, Hunter models were slipped out and appeared primarily in the tropics because of their characteristics. The drug lord Javier Hidalgo kept some Hunter y in his mansion, but generally, these monsters could not grow like other brothers.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella


As the last Hunter model to appear in the Resident Evil plot, it was not produced by Umbrella but created by the terrorist organization Il Veltro by implanting the t-Abyss virus into regular Hunter. It is a combination of Hunter’s power, the speed of Hunter b, and the new feature from the t-Abyss virus that is adaptable in areas where there is water, especially the ability to hide as an effect on the environment. Around.

Farfarello’s appearance is similar to that of regular Hunter, except that dark skin with small spikes grows on him. They possess the same reflex ability as the Hunter b, with the ability to jump and pounce to the target to attack, but the most important thing is that Farfarello can be “invisible”. By turning the pigments on the skin like geckos, Farfarello will turn himself into a transparent blend into the surroundings when fighting in places near the sea. This is what makes this Hunter almost invisible Figure.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Sự ra đời và đặc điểm của Hunter – thợ săn Umbrella

Farfarello when invisible

Farfarello’s intelligence is much improved because it receives more viruses. This monster knows how to be stealthy to follow its prey and attack unexpectedly. However, the process of implanting the virus also makes Farfarello too mutated. It is overly aggressive and challenging to control as well as maybe even mad at the operator.

Above are the outstanding Hunter models appearing in the Resident Evil storyline. In the coming time, when the Resident Evil 3 Remake release, we will have the opportunity to rematch them in Raccoon City, especially when these monsters seem to have been fully upgraded.