Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 Remake has many different dangers, one of them is the meter-long Licker swarming on the wall.

Next to the tutorial on tips for playing Resident Evil 2 Remake , let’s come up with a way to save blood, check on Zombie safety and handle every Licker in the best way possible.

Make sure the Zombie is dead

Zombies in Resident Evil 2 Remake have been improved, they are more buffaloes, stronger bites and most importantly also know “fake death” anymore. The common case is that you shot a zombie in the head and then it collapsed, now that we think everything is done and ready to go, then suddenly this bastard jumped up like never had anything .

Những mẹo hữu ích khi chơi Resident Evil 2 Remake – P.2

To make sure that the Zombie is dead, try cutting with a knife or make sure to eat more then a bullet to its brain. Only when a Zombie (or anything like Licker, a dog or a Zombie tree) collapses to the ground and squirms in a quartet fashion, it will surely be dead. This should be remembered, you do not want to be surrounded from 2 sides because of this careless mistake.

Turn up the brightness

Due to the disaster, Raccoon City often has power outages, dark corridors are always the thing that makes players laugh. Because in case you feel you’re too weak, do not like being scared, go to Options> Display> Brightness, then adjust everything as bright as possible. Compare in the illustration below, the one on the right is normal brightness, and the left is after maximizing.

Những mẹo hữu ích khi chơi Resident Evil 2 Remake – P.2

Only use this method when it’s absolutely necessary, because the first one makes the game badly badly, the second it causes the Resident Evil 2 Remake to lose its inherent horror.

Only heals when red (Danger)

The blood in Resident Evil 2 Remake has 3 levels: Green (Heathy), Orange (Caution) and Red (Danger), most of the healing items like aerosol, medicinal plants and the mixture will recover from 2 steps to full tree, so don’t worry if your blood is at Caution. If you’re not playing hardcore mode, then the Resident Evil 2 Remake has a defense mechanism, no attack strong enough (except bosses) will make you die instantly if the blood is at Orange level.

Những mẹo hữu ích khi chơi Resident Evil 2 Remake – P.2

Knowing this to save blood, this thing in the Resident Evil 2 Remake is also quite rare but not abundant, only when you drop to Danger level, use, maximizing their effectiveness. Another thing is that the blood also affects the speed of the character, so in some cases that need to plug the head and run, recovering on the green hiccups is also not a bad choice.

Notice when the music changes

If you are walking normally, suddenly seeing the background music naturally change the tone, be prepared, there is definitely something “unusual” about to appear. Usually this happens when you’ve just picked up an item, opened the door or ran into a new area … in case you’re not sure what you’re facing, first run a few steps and watch the sound. Dynamic playback.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Resident Evil 2 Remake: Té đái trong Raccoon City

First impression Resident Evil 2 Remake: Fear “shit” in Raccoon City The horror feeling in Resident Evil 2 Remake is simple, you hear wheezing, you see some black shadows and then realize you’re probably should go change pants.

If it was the sound of a shovel on the ceiling, it would be Licker, the wheezing sound was likely a G-Virus monster, thumping like a hammer of Mr.X, and a barking dog hooking up a shotgun and waiting. Never move too fast when the background music changes (unless you’re near the save room), because you won’t know what you’re facing.

Use the ‘examine’ command for items if found suspicious

Items in Resident Evil 2 Remake come in many types, but sometimes they hide something you don’t notice. If you find an item that looks a bit weird or is stuck, use the “Examine” command and spin it around, maybe you’ll find a clue.

Những mẹo hữu ích khi chơi Resident Evil 2 Remake – P.2

Ignore Mr. X and the trick to kill Licker

You will meet Mr. X a lot in Claire’s game, this Tyrant will chase the player away like Exciter chases the dog except it has no wheels. Basically, Mr.X is an indestructible monster that shoots non-invasive bullets, pistol bullets shoot at it like a mosquito biting stainless steel, unless you have too much ammunition to throw for fun, where else, do not crazy, try it.

So whenever you meet Mr.X, the fastest way is to run, just run away from that section, Mr.X will disappear and you can return to the previous area to get things. There is a trick trying to run through obstacles such as tables, cabinets or bookshelves to cut Mr.X’s tail, and absolutely do not get into the corners as the corridor corridor or room only one way out.

Những mẹo hữu ích khi chơi Resident Evil 2 Remake – P.2

Licker has high terrorist damage, a rake of it is enough to make you lose 2/3 of the blood regardless of the circumstances. If you’re walking and suddenly hear a shovel sound on the ceiling, then it’s 100% Licker, right now, just stand still, don’t run if you don’t want to die. Licker who is completely blind can only distinguish prey based on noise, that is, even if you stand close to him, he does not know (do not stick to his tongue).

The trick here is that if Licker has not been seen, shoot a bullet anywhere on the wall to entice him to jump down, then stand still at the target aimed at his brain. The Resident Evil 2 Remake programmed Licker to react to the sound at the end of the object’s path, i.e. if the bullet hits Licker, it will be deadlocked in place, very simple right.

How to kill Licker safely