Before a game launched, no one dared to guarantee it would succeed or fail. Some major game brands can increase their chances of success, but sometimes the theory is still a theory.

There are many reasons to analyze such dissection as too bad game graphics, boring plot, or lack of breakthrough play than the previous version (if it is a sequel) when talking about a game’s success or failure. For famous brands, there is also a reason why their failures are exaggerated countless times, which is the expectation of past success. Tet has arrived. Let’s look back on the tragic and painful failures in the past decade of the gaming industry. Among them, there are painful failures just because they do not meet the expectations of the fans. There are also flop simply because the game is too low.

Game chơi Tết 2020 – Tranh thủ ôn lại những siêu phẩm

Tet holiday game 2020 – Enlist review the excellent products If you do not have any Tet plan or too dull, no one jumps away, don’t worry. At home, the plowing game Tet is also fun. Some of the following games are quite suitable.

Duke Nukem Forever should be forgotten forever.

Chào đón năm 2020, hãy nhìn lại những thất bại thê thảm trong thập kỷ vừa qua của làng game

For many years Duke Nukem Forever was like the editors’ darling every time they wanted to mention something wonderful but evolved and couldn’t be done. Exactly this is the kind of mood when you love and wait for the other person to not nod for the wedding or hard rock fans have to wait for 11 years to see the official Chinese Democracy album of Guns N ‘Roses officially released. Hoping more and more, the more incredible the frustration, launched in 2011, Gearbox Software made the public surprised and then uttered a curse with what they received. In short, Duke Nukem Forever is a lousy game with outdated gameplay and an even more obsolete protagonist. Sadly, even though Gearbox Software was completed, the long development process made many elements of the game in the style of a different NSX leading to wanting to curse the maker of Duke Nukem Forever. Perhaps fans also don’t know who to call soul. This game took 17 years to make, after four remakes at the hands of 5 studios. Despite such a long time, when it debuted, Duke Nukem Forever was like a slap in the face of the fans, especially for those who fell in love with the 1996 version of Duke Nukem 3D.

Bum past is not easy with Mighty No. 9

Chào đón năm 2020, hãy nhìn lại những thất bại thê thảm trong thập kỷ vừa qua của làng game

Announced in 2013, the game Mighty No. 9 is backed by renowned designer and father of Mega Man brand, Keiji Inafune. Accordingly, the designer and the studio Comcept he founded after leaving Capcom in 2010 will open a fundraising project on Kickstarter for the title game Mighty No. 9. This combination of intense missions has caused millions of Mega Man fans worldwide to burst into joy. The feeling of lightheadedness in the clouds quickly transformed into economic advantages. The project to donate to produce games on Kickstarter promptly earned more than $ 4 million before the end of the deadline. When the honeymoon passes, the next will be a series of days of stamping out the honey. After three delays and dozens of different promises, the next time makes people angrier than last time. Finally, Mighty No. 9 was also released. Still, it turned out to be nothing more than an incomplete or even heavily faulted version of Mega Man with the quintessential omissions. At the same time, the new improvement elements proved too inferior. Trivial graphics, monotonous voiceover, and gameplay with nothing to do with the Mega Man series are the most complaints that gamers can encounter when reading reviews about Mighty No. 9 on Steam.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was sued for false advertising

Chào đón năm 2020, hãy nhìn lại những thất bại thê thảm trong thập kỷ vừa qua của làng game

Aliens: Colonial Marines is an FPS game developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sega on three PC systems, Xbox 360 and PS3. True to its name, Colonial Marines will exploit the Aliens movie series’s context and alien creatures. In terms of gameplay, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a group-shooting game where the player will command four other teammates of the Colonial Marines, with different characteristics and weapons. The description sounds great, but the reality is terrible when Aliens: Colonial Marines doesn’t accept gamers’ approval. Even the developer and publisher were sued by the fraud when they launched the advertising campaign at E3 in 2011. Once again, Gearbox was the last successful unit but different from Duke Nukem Forever. This time they were facing only names from NPH SEGA itself. In the civil lawsuit mentioned above, SEGA had to spend $ 1.25 million to ransom the network to get out of the mud as quickly as possible, and Gearbox and the NSX contributed to creating Aliens. Colonial Marines will be permanently humiliated for making a mess of errors that cause enemies to move without caring about the protagonist’s presence or being completely immobile. The problem stems from a typo in the game’s source code.

The first catastrophic part of Final Fantasy XIV

Những game tuyệt vời nhưng bị chấm điểm thấp trên MetaCritic – P.Cuối

Before attaching the name A Realm Reborn to the back of its brand, Final Fantasy XIV was nothing less than a disgrace. Before the MMO, Final Fantasy was a famous brand for many years. In 2003, Square Enix wanted to attract more from the online field, and so FF XI was born. Tasting sweet from the success of this version, NSX decided to launch FFXIV in 2010. Unfortunately, it was a severe failure that made Square Enix lose both fame and profit. According to many reputable reviews, this is a terrible mess from the beginning to the end. An online game that charges when you are bad can stumble in some aspects such as boring tasks, unstable connection, charging incompatible with quality, incomplete content, or bad user interface. The creators of Final Fantasy XIV are unknown due to their innate or long-term training. They were very, very talented when making the game entangled in errors that one could think of to evaluate a The online game is inferior. Forty-nine points are undoubtedly the biggest insult that a grading site like MetaCritic can use to treat a longtime brand like Final Fantasy. Luckily, things started to get better since the A Realm Reborn update, but FFXIV has a forgotten past nonetheless.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is cursed

Bạn sẽ bất ngờ nếu biết Harry Potter có đến mấy chục người anh em cùng cha khác ông nội

Games identified as successors of some legacy often fail miserably at launch, a matter of the pressure of expectations rather than the game’s nature. Haze in the 2000s was drowned because of the utter expectation after being (or were) put on Halo’s heyday killer title. Before Anthem’s debut, someone expected this co-op shooter to inherit the greatness of the brand made by Bungie, and the results were exact. Fortunately, BioWare’s product was not to flop, or At least it’s not so bad that it falls into this tray. But Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is different! According to the fan’s definition, the AR game with the theme of witchcraft must be a successor to the great heritage or maintain the success that Pokémon GO ever achieved. Alas, it was a unilateral dream, and when Niantic Labs’ magic wand ran out, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite quickly became an ugly stepmother, who no one wanted to welcome. Messy gameplay with many skill branches, potions, and magical creatures can discourage anyone. Besides, gamers will soon be frustrated when they realize that if they do not deposit regularly, it is difficult for them to find the motivation to stay in the wizarding world. Combining these inadequacies with cryptic storylines and an unfriendly user interface, we have a potential product with great expectations. Still, in the end, there’s no way to take off the runway, say fly high or fly far.

In addition to the above names, there are still relatively few candidates for the list of tragic and painful failures in the gaming industry’s past decade. Alpha Protocol, Bulletstorm, or Star Fox Zero are potential names, while The Order 1886 has beautiful graphics, but only that or a swallow like Mass Effect: Andromeda could not bring spring to the series. With many points that make people disappointed.