While PS5 has not yet been announced, Sony’s PlayStation general manager has stated that it will be affordable, widely sold and a lot of great games.

With the PS5 being announced a few components and will be officially released on the holiday season in late 2020, gamers and the press began to guess the information surrounding this system. Is it worth buying PS5 right after the game is launched? How high is it? Does Sony have enough machines to meet the needs of gamers? Is it backward compatible? Which game will be out on PS5? And questions like that. Recently, PlayStation General Manager Jim Ryan has published some valuable information in answering these questions. If you have similar questions, let me help you answer them.

Sony “âm mưu” bắt game thủ nâng cấp lên PS5 bằng giá rẻ và game khủng

Jim Ryan, general manager of Sony’s PlayStation.

Let us begin by quoting Jim Ryan. ” There are gamers who are connected, engaged and passionate with the PlayStation that we have never seen in previous generations of consoles,” said Jim. “As we move to the next system in 2020, one of our tasks – maybe our main mission – is to move that community from PS4 to PS5 at a level and speed we haven’t yet. ever done before. “

What does this statement mean? It partly answers the first problem that gamers are concerned about “where the money” – or the price of the PS5. According to Jim Ryan, upgrading to PS5 will be “no need to think,” because Sony is doing everything to make it easy for gamers to buy PS5. This means that the price of PS5 can be very low, at least lower than the price of the components that create it: 7nm technology CPU chip, Radeon Navi architecture graphics chip, SSD hard drive dedicated to play games, Bluray players …

Sony “âm mưu” bắt game thủ nâng cấp lên PS5 bằng giá rẻ và game khủng

Sony will replace DualShock 4 with a new controller.

The specific price has not been announced, but it is perfectly normal for Sony to sell the PS5 at a price lower than the component price because they will profit from selling games or services like PlayStation +, PlayStation Now … If the price is too high, PS4 gamers will choose to continue using their old systems, waiting for PS5 price reduction because as Sony said before, in a period of about 1-2 years, all games released on PS5 will be able to run. on PS4.

It also points out one more thing: Sony is trying to sell as many PS5s as soon as possible, in order to compete with Microsoft’s new Xbox which is expected to launch by the end of 2020. Cheap price does not make sense if Sony … no enough PS5 to sell to gamers, so if you do not want to miss a customer, Sony will have to store a huge amount of PS5 to avoid out of stock, which will make potential customers tired of waiting to buy. Microsoft’s Xbox.

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Backwards compatibility is also an important factor that gamers need when they switch to PS5. Nobody wants to replace a new system and can’t play the old game collection that I’ve bought for the past 6 years, so definitely backward compatibility must exist. Jim Ryan hasn’t said anything about the backward compatibility of the PS5, and Sony hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but Sony will certainly backward back into PS5 if it doesn’t want to be inferior to rival Microsoft. If you do not know, Microsoft is doing very well with backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, while Sony is much worse.

Sony “âm mưu” bắt game thủ nâng cấp lên PS5 bằng giá rẻ và game khủng

Currently, Sony’s PlayStation activities are concentrated in San Mateo, California headquarters.

Finally, Jim Ryan’s statement probably suggests that Sony will be launching PS5 in a number of different markets at the same time. This prediction is supported by another statement from Mr. Jim Ryan saying that Sony is looking for a strategy to release the new console globally more closely while still meeting the needs of different regions. In the world. “When we look at this transition and aspire to execute it at a level and speed we’ve never seen before, we need to look at ourselves and change ourselves. Some are about how we work, and some are our organization, ”said the PlayStation general manager.

He said that if Sony wants to succeed, Sony needs to take advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers, and the product planning team has streamlined planning from three separate plans (Japan, Europe, America) into a single plan. Restructuring the company is not easy, but Sony wants to be ready for what will happen after PS5.

Sony “âm mưu” bắt game thủ nâng cấp lên PS5 bằng giá rẻ và game khủng

Ghost of Tsushima is likely to be a PS5 game.

Another information not related to the release of PS5 but also good news for fans of this system is that making games for it proved very easy. Jim Ryan said that game developers and publishers expressed interest in making the game on PS5 very convenient, surpassing any experience they had on the previous PlayStation. Therefore, he is very confident about the games that PS5 will receive in the first year of life, which can determine the success or failure of the new system.

So we have seen positive signs about the launch of PS5: powerful configuration, cheap price, backward compatibility, easy to buy and a series of “hot.” PS5 is ready to succeed, but we still have to wait and see if Microsoft is hiding “killer attacks” for its new Xbox.