Halo has paved the way, we should also daydream a bit about the interesting exclusive Xbox games that can be “approved” by Microsoft for PC.

Recently Microsoft has shown a strong interest in the PC gaming segment and actively exploits its strengths in both platforms (owning Xbox and having the strongest operating system of PC). Early efforts like Xbox Play Anywhere allowed one game to play in parallel on both Xbox and PC and the latest is a series of “PCized” games that gamers are constantly hoping for. Let’s light up our faith with the exclusive Xbox titles that “wish” to be available on PC!

Crackdown and Crackdown 2

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

The open world series Crackdown is inherently the main exclusive product of Xbox 360 and attracts a large number of fans. It’s a pity that after years of waiting, Crackdown 3 debuted on both PC and Xbox One is not the game fans always wanted, for them, the first 2 parts are still as good as ever. Created by the father of Grand Theft Auto, David Jones, Crackdown brings a sense of GTA’s open world, along with a fictional setting, cel shading graphics and super powers for players to mess around. everywhere. With disappointing part 3, PC gamers will probably want to wait for the first 2 Crackdown sections to come back and go to the PC.

Rare Replay

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

This is a collection of 30 different games in 30 years of the history of the Rare developer, a renowned developer at a time, who is now losing form, especially with Sea of Thieves . In addition to a number of games developed for the Xbox after being acquired by Microsoft such as Kameo: Elements of Power, Viva Piñata, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Rare Replay also includes the classic games of Rare on Nintendo 64 before such as Perfect Dark. , Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini. With the huge amount of games including all the famous games at one time, it is really hard to ignore, especially for those who like nostalgia. It is quite unfortunate that Rare Replay is still exclusive to Xbox One. Hopefully next time Microsoft will be able to consider bringing Rare Replay to PC.

Fable II

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

While Fable , Fable Anniversary and Fable III have all set foot on the PC, Fable II , the best-rated version, remains on the Xbox 360. As a mainstream open-world RPG series from Microsoft, Fable has been a big hit with both the PC and Xbox gaming community. In addition to the elements of a regular role-playing game, Fable II also allows same-sex marriage, developing relationships, finding work, … just like simulating real life, along with that. is co-op factor with friends. The abrupt closure of Microsoft by Lionhead Studios and the abolition of Fable Legends made the hope of the series continuing extremely fragile. Now I hope that Microsoft has not completely missed Fable and gave Fable II a chance to be on PC also for this game series to continue to be developed.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and Naruto: A Broken Bond

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

These are two extremely quality fighting games developed by Ubisoft exclusively for Xbox 360. Listening to this, Naruto fans will really crave them. Besides the 1v1 fighting game, the 2 games also feature role-playing adventure games where players set out on missions and explore the world with the plot to follow events in the Naruto anime series. Because Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and Naruto: A Broken Bond are both developed and published by Ubisoft, we absolutely hope that one day Ubisoft will bring 2 games to PC. Anyway, not every Naruto fan has Xbox 360 to play them.

Project Gotham Racing game series

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

Besides the Forza series, the Xbox has also had another mainstream racing game series, Project Gotham Racing. While the recent Forza Horizon and Forza Motosport games have all appeared on PC, Project Gotham Racing has never been on a PC. The series has gone through 4 parts on Xbox and Xbox 360, achieved a lot of success and has a strong community. After Season 4, developer Bizzare Creations was acquired by Activision and Microsoft had to suspend the game line due to not finding a replacement developer, anyway with the success of Forza, Microsoft does not seem to need to maintain one more. What do other racing game series do. For speed enthusiasts on PC, Project Gotham Racing’s transition will give people more options, especially when part 4 looks pretty good to the present.

Otogi: Myth of Demons and Otogi II: Immortal Warriors

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

Before being known for Dark Souls , Bloodborn or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , FromSoftware had developed quite a lot of Xbox exclusive games. And in an effort to help Xbox compete with tight-cut action games on PS2 like Onimusha or Devil May Cry, FromSoftware launched 2. Instant noodle brand Otogi game. Perhaps because the Xbox was flooded with FPS shooters then, action games like Otogi were not noticed as PS2 games. Because Otogi was released by SEGA, there’s still a lot of hope for the game being on PC, especially when Onimusha: Warlords, a PS2-era game that was recently released by Capcom on PC.

Interesting things about Nintendo that gamers misunderstood – P.1 I believe there will be many interesting things about Nintendo products that gamers have misunderstood or not known so far.

Saints Row

Những game độc quyền Xbox nào nên theo chân Halo đổ bộ PC nhất? – P.Cuối

While every later version is on PC, the first part of Saints Row is still exclusive to Xbox 360. Before being known for being “different”, the first version of Saints Row was still realistic and famous. copied exactly GTA. However, this is still a quality and successful game to create the Saints Row game line as it is now. So Saints Row is a game worth playing and needs to be on the PC for players to fully enjoy this series of games from start to finish completely.