While gamers are still busy with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Microsoft and Sony are preparing for a new battle: Xbox Two vs. PS5. Let’s prophesy to explore the future.

It’s relatively early to talk about a new “console war” for Xbox Two vs. PS5 because, after E3 2018, we only learned two things: Microsoft is developing a new Xbox (let’s call it Xbox Two), and Sony also told about PS5. In addition to hearing the certainty that they will exist, gamers and the press worldwide know nothing about these two systems – all the most reliable information is just at the rumors level.

Therefore, people are dreaming about these consoles. What do they look like? Which hardware to use? What games will appear on those platforms? Who will win the battle of Xbox Two vs. PS5?

This is the time when you need my help, prophet.

Don’t be quick to laugh – the judgments you make are all words Groping on rumors scientific prediction. Based on what Sony and Microsoft have done in the past, we can somewhat make sound predictions about what awaits us in the future.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

Fake, do not believe.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

Not really.

Truth and expectation

What do we know? Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s game boss, said he was making Xbox Two, and a leak revealed it was codenamed Scarlett. Johansson. The Xbox Two release date has not been set yet, so people can only “Zhuge Liang” appear around 2020 or 2021. As for Sony, president and CEO Shawn Layden has confirmed that they will release PS5 but did not say anything. More believe that the PS5 release date will not be too far from the Xbox Two because Sony certainly does not want its competitors to occupy the next-gen market without being prevented.

So what can these consoles do? Given that with the gaming industry’s current growth, it can be believed that with both Xbox Two and PS5, virtual reality (VR: Virtual Reality) or augmented reality (AR: Augmented Reality) will is an essential battlefield that both sides want to win.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

Xbox One doesn’t have virtual reality, while PS4 does.

Next, 4K graphics will have to be the standard for both. Sony is still in the lead in the current console battle thanks to the momentum of the Xbox in 2013 (full entertainment with multimedia, not to mention games), but Microsoft has a lesson, and they are benefiting. Technologically superior to Sony. Xbox One X has full 4K support, while Sony still has to use upscale tips to achieve 4K on PS4 Pro.

Backward compatibility will also be a must in both systems. While the Xbox One could play the old-fashioned games thanks to the emulator, the PS4 couldn’t do it directly but had to use the PlayStation Now service, another plus for Microsoft. Because consoles are increasingly similar to PCs, there’s no excuse for PS5 and Xbox Two to be incompatible with titles released on their predecessors.Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

The backward compatibility of the Xbox One is very popular with gamers.

How to configure?

As mentioned above, consoles are becoming more and more like PCs. Both Microsoft and Sony have ditched their proprietary, proprietary technologies on the Xbox 360 (which used to cause Microsoft problems) and the PS3 and replaced them with “almost PC” components on Xbox One, PS4. This makes developing both hardware and games much more convenient and faster, so it is safe to believe that both will follow this trend again.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

The remarkable thing is that both current consoles run on Jaguar CPUs and AMD graphics chips, so game industry experts believe that the next-gen generation will use AMD technology again. Because chip technology has come a long way over the years, PS5 and Xbox Two will have a leap in processing power.

The RAM chips used in next-gen consoles are a little harder to predict. We can be sure that they will not use 8 GB of RAM – 4K resolution requires textures (textures) larger capacity that 8 GB can not meet. The two companies can increase the ability to 12 or 16 GB of RAM, use DDR4 to lower the price, or top GDDR6 to beat the opponent in speed. Price and configuration are two opposite factors and ultimately depend on the wishes of the manufacturer.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

Storage capacity is also a big problem. Today’s games have reached 100 GB (Final Fantasy XV PC version), so don’t expect new consoles to be equipped with SSDs. A traditional HDD with a capacity of 1 TB or more will be a much more economical option when the game is pushed to 4K resolution. HDDs of 4 TB or larger are also relatively standard, and gamers will easily upgrade when needed.

What to play on Xbox Two, PS5?

Talking about the next-gen console’s power but not about the games that can be played on it is a big mistake. Prophets know that we will see many open-world games on these consoles, not to mention free games but “suck blood” with loot boxes or other microtransaction forms.

When it comes to specific titles, the first name to be mentioned is The Elder Scrolls 6. This game is far from being released because Bethesda director Todd Howard says maybe his kids will join this game developer. After that, Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t be ignored because CD Projekt RED revealed that what they showed at E3 2018 was a pre-alpha version, and Mr. Adam Kiciński said it would take a few more years to complete.

Xbox Two vs PS5, cuộc chiến console next-gen chờ ngày bùng phát

Cyberpunk 2077 is far from shaking.

The “game service” model will also continue to be exploited by its incredible profitability. Despite scandals like Star Wars Battlefront II, developers will continue to look for new ways to raise money and challenge gamers’ endurance limits. It seems that this limit is increasingly being pushed back further – Activision Blizzard made more than $ 4 billion alone from in-game sales in 2017.

Please wait!

Despite the predictions given above, things are still “hovering” somewhere in the heads of engineers or Sony and Microsoft’s bosses. From this moment, you will see a lot of rumors, photos of “exposing” are poor Photoshop, screenshots, machine configuration … are scattered here and there.

Regardless of what the new consoles look like, how they are configured, the console war game of the Xbox Two vs. PS5 ending whose victory belongs, our gamers will enjoy the advanced images fantastic set. The power of the new consoles promises to bring more exciting games and see recent changes in the way to play, even the way pay for them in the next few years.