Do you know that Xiaomi (Tieu Me) is now a rising power in game making in the world’s most populous country?

China is the country with the most active game life in the world. Chinese games’ market share is always high, sometimes equal to other regions of the world combined. Therefore, there are always large game makers with high production and publishing levels. Although only a small segment of technology, games are still areas that Xiaomi (China’s electronics manufacturing technology group) continues to invest and develop more. Surely readers in Vietnam only know Xiaomi through technology products such as phones, bracelets, or cameras. But did you know that in China, Xiaomi is also a famous game publishing giant? Let’s find out!

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation (小米, native name: 小米 集团) is an electronics company based in Beijing, China. Xiaomi focuses on manufacturing and investing in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, bags, headsets, MI TVs, shoes, fitness bands, and more. Also, games (video games) are developed by this company at a certain level and ability.

Xiaomi – “thế lực ngầm” âm thầm phát triển ngành game Trung Quốc

Xiaomi’s headquarters are in Beijing, China.

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and quickly gained market share in China to become the country’s largest smartphone company in 2014. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, Xiaomi is the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, leading in both the largest market in China and the second-largest market in India. Xiaomi then developed a series of consumer electronics, including the smart home ecosystem.

Xiaomi has 15,000 employees in China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore and is expanding to other countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Africa. According to Forbes magazine, Lei Jun – founder and CEO, has an estimated net worth of $ 12.5 billion. He is the 11th most affluent Chinese and the 118th in the world.

Xiaomi’s game

It must be said that Xiaomi mainly develops mobile games because it is close to the field of mobile devices, which is their strength. Its mobile game segment is called Xiaomi Mobile (小米 游戏). However, it stopped producing mobile games, but this company also had websites to guide and introduce other brands’ games, in many categories, operating similar to an app store (Steam or TapTap).

Xiaomi develops mobile games quite diverse when allocated in many categories and made a particular mark. Some great game genres such as MMORPG, RPG, MOBA, Battle Royale, Casual, Strategy (Real-time Strategy) … Among them, the most noticeable lines are MOBA, Battle Royale.

In the future, Xiaomi Mobile will indeed have more new and more affluent products. This segment is easy to grow because it is backed by the parent company Xiaomi to produce the world’s leading gaming device today.


Featured game products from Xiaomi

Sword World Championship (MMOPRG)

Xiaomi – “thế lực ngầm” âm thầm phát triển ngành game Trung Quốc

This is the product that Xiaomi plays a role of release. Sword of the World Mobile is a swordplay role-playing game developed by Seasun, inherited from the hit PC version (VNG was distributed in Vietnam in 2009).

With the plot revolving around the scramble for the sword spirit of Tram Lu of the five major factions based on entirely 3D graphics, Sword World Mobile is considered the best representative of the sword of love on the mobile platform. The game allows players to immersive adventure in a vast world of Gypsy, where there are resentments that seem to have no end. Join in the role of a guest fighting to protect the cause.

Currently, Sword World Mobile is still maintained and released by Xiaomi. At the same time, version 2 Season franchise for Kingsoft released. VNG has also released Sword World 2 Mobile in Vietnam.

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Xiaomi – “thế lực ngầm” âm thầm phát triển ngành game Trung Quốc

Little Mexican Super Spirit (MOBA)

When it comes to the MOBA series, Xiaomi can ultimately be proud of the Super Me Super Product. Together with Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu, Quyet Chien Binh Anh Kinh, Thoi Trieu Khong Hoan …, this is the leading popular mobile home-breaking game on Android, iOS.

This game is modeled after the Three Kingdoms’ generals; in the game, you will meet generals like Quan Vu, Trieu Van, Ma Sieu, Thai Su Tu,… The shaping of these generals is a beautiful, useful epic skill that appeals to the viewer right out of the box.

The gameplay of Tieu Me Super God is quite rich and varied with PvP and rank battles (rank matches). Gamers will play in maps 5vs5, 3vs3,… gives gamers an exciting experience from a tactical game with pictures of fighting ornate.

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Xiaomi – “thế lực ngầm” âm thầm phát triển ngành game Trung Quốc

Small Battle Royale (Battle Royale)

Before the explosion of PUBG, Xiaomi quickly produced this parachute game called Tieu Me Thuong Chien. This is also a popular game product in China today with PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival.

The game currently updates the version of Little Me Thuong Chien: Frontline Battlefield with many innovations in the landscape, costumes, and characters. The game is designed with the Unreal Engine 4 platform, so it is also in the “not medium form” group.

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In addition to 3 game products in 3 genres on Xiaomi, there are many other hot mobile games, such as Tieu Me Trai Xa, Lich Vuong Dich Phan Tranh,.. Although the attractiveness is competitive with Tencent’s products, NetEase, the products game products still help Xiaomi brand be more widely known.

A few comments

Xiaomi is currently a diversified development corporation from the most extensive mobile technology and manufacturing company. The game is only a tiny part of the company’s total production.
Although the production is not much, Xiaomi game has made a prominent impression in the Chinese market. In the current hot genre, Xiaomi has fun in the top favorite. It was a significant success for the company.

Top game MOBA Trung Quốc hot nhất thời điểm hiện tại - các đã từng thử qua chưa?

Top hottest Chinese MOBA game right now – have you tried it? Let’s look at the MOBA genre titles that are “storming” in the Chinese school. Are you experiencing the following games?

We cannot ask the Xiaomi game industry to make fast and long-term progress because of diversified development. This is also a matter of the internal development strategy of the company. However, the game is always a piece of cake that everyone wants to own, but it is required to share, and there is fierce competition.

To compete and rise to Tencent and NetEase’s level, Xiaomi needs to invest more and need a long journey. But if it is not the key, what is available now also makes Me Me Khoa Khoa satisfied.