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A high-end, luxurious or unique smartphone device will fail if not concerned about the user experience, which Samsung has paid great attention on the Galaxy A51.

On the smartphone market today, users have countless options. Manufacturers from China to Europe and America have been able to meet the needs, especially in the configuration from low to super high-end. But not every phone company cares or pays enough attention to what’s called a user experience, or user experience for short.

Because when hardware numbers become “always visible” on all product ranges, consumers will become bewildered. They no longer care about the power, the difference between 3 or 4 GB of RAM, the front camera in the middle or the corner of the screen. At this time, consumers before going down to buy a smartphone will want to better understand the core element, which is “user experience”.

Lợi thế rõ ràng của Samsung trong cuộc đua "trải nghiệm sử dụng"

This is a smartphone created to meet all requirements of the user experience.

That is, the camera must be versatile in the modes and can produce the best photos from the panorama to the close, the feeling when pressing the shutter button must be the easiest, not the parameters of aperture or megapixels. . The screen must be the most beautiful and “cool” when viewed in reality, with all lighting conditions, not through the numbers of high resolution. Finger when surfing on the screen must be smooth and sufficient “sensitive”.

It is not easy to find a product that suits the experience of each user, but it is not difficult to realize that a manufacturer always pays enough attention to the aforementioned usage experiences. That is a technology company from South Korea, Samsung.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of AMOLED displays, the company has always been at the forefront of smartphone screen designs. The company has its own conditions and advantages, complete with patents or formulas to create the perfect “user experience” for phone screens. For example, the recently launched Galaxy A51, it possesses a good design and experience equivalent to the leading flagships of rival phone companies, or with the high-end smartphones of Samsung, for example, the Galaxy Note 10.

Lợi thế rõ ràng của Samsung trong cuộc đua "trải nghiệm sử dụng"

The screen of the Galaxy A51 comes from the world’s leading phone screen maker.

Its perfection is not only in the 6.5-inch Infinity-O screen with a 20: 9 film aspect ratio, on the Super AMOLED panel. That is, the edges of the screen have been thinned and neatly handled, resulting in an infinity screen that extends to all sides. In addition, the fingerprint sensor also has an upgraded upgrade, giving faster unlocking speed.

But just being good at the screen is not enough. Like Samsung not only accepting the No. 1 position in the field of screens, the phone manufacturer has also risen to the leading position in the field of cameras with world-leading quality. The Korean giant has enough experience to understand what a smartphone camera needs to be successful, as well as how good the user needs to be. That’s why the Galaxy A51 is storming the market with its macro camera system, which specializes in close-ups with incredible detail.

Lợi thế rõ ràng của Samsung trong cuộc đua "trải nghiệm sử dụng"

The trend of macro photography is “sweeping” the smartphone market and the Galaxy A51 has enough technological power to lead.

When the trend of taking photos of flowers and plants is becoming a “hot trend” around the world, Samsung does not want its users to be the losers, but the leaders. With the world’s first 5 megapixel macro lens, this highlight will help users capture all the smallest details.

But pay attention to macros, doesn’t mean that users can accept superficiality in other photography modes. That’s why the Galaxy A51 still has the presence of a 48-megapixel main lens with an aperture of f / 2.0, delivering perfect image quality in low light. Next to that is a 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with f / 2.2 aperture. Supporting them is the smart conversion feature, which automatically switches to wide-angle mode when needed. Finally, a specialized lens to remove the background, highlighting the subjects that need to be captured with Live Focus effect – Active font removal.

It can be said that every case, every desire and every need of the user has been calculated, prepared and calibrated on the device by the manufacturer.

Lợi thế rõ ràng của Samsung trong cuộc đua "trải nghiệm sử dụng"

Macro photo taken by Galaxy A51. Source: SamMobile

And to support the entire system experience on the screen and the ability to take pictures above, Galaxy A51 also carries in itself a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, with the ability to use up to 1.5 days. With its own closed production line, Samsung is capable of being self-sufficient in battery technology, integrating a range of features such as fast charging, “buffalo” batteries, and safety. Along with that comes the innovative software solutions from Samsung, like OneUI. Applied to the Galaxy A51, this is a software support feature that has achieved a successful mark on its flagship flagships.

It can be said that, when a phone manufacturer has enough experience and advantages to lead the way in the field of manufacturing world-class components, the products are integrated with its leading technologies, such as Samsung Galaxy A51, deserves to be the most perfect smartphone to meet all the needs of user experience during use.

So, what are you wondering before choosing a smartphone that is cared for by the manufacturer and more focused on your own experience?

Source: GenK