5 Chrome extensions to speed up your browser

Chrome is called the fastest browser, but for some even fastest isn’t enough. Furthermore, Chrome is also a huge memory hog and could lead to a slower browsing experience on low-end devices. Thankfully, there are many Chrome extensions available that will speed things up for you exponentially.

From faster page loads to quick navigation, there’s an extension for almost anything. Below we have compiled a list of the five best Chrome extensions to help you browse faster.

1.uBlock Origin

uBlock Originis the word successor to Adblock. This is an application built on more modern technology, and therefore will consume less of your system resources than the rickety old Adblock. Importantly, it uses less RAM, which will especially have an impact on older machine users.

Smart features are also excellent. In addition to being complete with ad blocking functions, whitelisting, etc., it also has additional built-in features, like the one that lets you pause background tabs in Chrome while you browse the browser. now, again cut down on memory usage.

You will need to give uBlock a lot of permissions for uBlock to work at its full capacity, but at the time it is arguably the only extension that matters most in speeding up your browsing experience.

2. Web Boost

This extension is great at loading pages faster.Web Boost uses a simple algorithm for this purpose. It comes with special website building blocks that are stored on your PC. These blocks are used by most popular websites and with this extension working, there is no need to download these blocks every time you load a web page.

The extension claims that this method can lead to loading the page three times faster. It took me 1.23 seconds to load this website’s homepage with this extension enabled while it normally takes more than 2 seconds. In addition, it also blocks ads and spy services also help to load pages faster. Don’t worry about privacy; the extension is open source.

I had no problem with this extension in two weeks of use. However, if you see any web page not loading properly, try disabling the extension on that page and reload it again (click the extension button to disable it).

3. The Great Suspender

A slower computer leads to a slower browser, and if you’re on Chrome and have loads of tabs open, chances are you’re having a sluggish experience.The Great Suspender will help by suspending all tabs that are not in use for a specific time. It’s common to have multiple tabs open and only use a few of them regularly.

This extension will automatically pause these tabs and free up all the memory they are using. When you want to access that tab, simply navigate to it or click in the middle (customizable) to reload. You can also manually hang a single tab or multiple tabs with just two clicks. I have been using it for over a month now and it is doing wonders for me.

4. GooglePreview

A very simple but really handyextension , GooglePreviewadds a website’s preview thumbnail image to the search results. This can be useful in many situations like where you’ll know what kind of page you’re about to visit, or it can be a better visual representation for remembering a site than the name of the site. You can use that information to easily traverse the search results. Extensions support Google Search, DuckDuckGo, Bing and Yahoo.

5. Session Manager

If you spend a little time with Session Manager and customize it according to your needs, you’ll be able to save a lot of time. It works very simply. It will save the current state of your browser, including all opened windows and tabs, and allow you to access it at another time. You can save multiple sessions this way to access requested web pages with just one click at any time.

For example, you can create a session with all the open tabs you have requested, or a social media session that includes all of your favorite social media sites. Whenever you want to access them, just click on the session and everything will load.


In today’s world, we just want to get everything done quickly. This also applies to browsers; we don’t want to deal with web page loading in two to three seconds or double click if something can be done with just one click. You can use the extensions above to handle most of your daily online tasks faster on Chrome. They may not make a big difference, but in such a fast-paced life, every second counts.