Movies that follow the game, which is already cursed by the “bad taste”, are also confined to the gaming world, so sometimes only gamers can understand and feel …

For decades, many filmmakers have tried to recreate the classic game characters’ success on the silver screen and failed repeatedly. The consequence is many of the movies that follow the game are of poor quality, even into a disaster. However, some titles are still critically underrated by critics, but the reviewers give quite a good score in return. With the movie Sonic The Hedgehog about to release, let’s review some of the titles that follow the critically acclaimed game but are saved by gamers in time.

Mortal Kombat (1995) – Criticism: 58 / Audience: 84

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The 1995 Mortal Kombat film was directed by Paul WS Anderson, who would later make the Resident Evil series alongside the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. It is fair to say that Mortal Kombat is not a very attractive movie, but in general, it is still in good condition, called watchable. Not critically acclaimed, but the Mortal Kombat movie was praised by fans for its excellent entertainment, martial arts, movie atmosphere, and the original game.

The only minus for fans is probably that the film is rated PG-13 making it lacking the brutality and gore that were an indispensable specialty of the Mortal Kombat series. Before the latest Mortal Kombat movie was released that promised brutality to the ceiling, returning to enjoying Mortal Kombat 1995 was not a bad idea. Just don’t go to the second installment, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, one of the worst movies of all time.

Resident Evil (2002) – Criticism: 33 / Audience: 68

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Also directed by Paul WS Anderson, the Resident Evil series can be said to be the most successful game-driven franchise, of course, in terms of revenue when all six films have big profits. Many people do not like the series, especially fans of the original game series because the quality is getting worse and worse with each movie. The horror factor that was left aside for many than overly matrix-like abuse. If you had to choose the kindest and worth watching the film in 6 parts, maybe people will choose part 1 in 2002.

This part 1 can be quite loyal to the first Resident Evil games in both the context and the survival horror element, along with the impressive soundtrack and some memorable moments. Legendary director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, The Terminator) said the film was his greatest “guilty pleasure” (referring to an improvised work of his own, though not really quality but still have good entertainment). With the Resident Evil series being strongly rebooted, it is not a bad idea to review part 1.

Silent Hill (2006) – Criticism: 31 / Audience: 79

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Often, most movie-based movies lose points in gamers’ eyes because of the below-average quality and the lack of respect for the original. Many movie adaptations from the game rely on the original game’s popularity but do not bring any spirit. However, Silent Hill is entirely different. The film was not critically acclaimed but was welcomed by viewers, especially the Silent Hill gamer community.

That is mainly due to the film sticking very closely to what has made this horror game series’s quintessence. From the scene of Silent Hilltown in a gloomy fog to the classic monsters taken a right from the game, the most typical is Pyramid Head. Along with that, a quality cast’s performance contributes to making the film impressed with the horror movie fans and the Silent Hill fans. Unfortunately, the next movie, Silent Hill Revelation, became a disaster. Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills PT was also canceled, leaving the filmmakers unwilling to further explore the topic.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) – Criticism: 50 / Audience: 72

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The famous Prince of Persia series once had a colorful and magical Persian background. The parkour scenes were eye-catching, so Hollywood movie makers also wanted to recreate that miracle on the big screen. Disney was expected to become a new generation of gold films next to the Caribbean’s Pirates, but the Prince of Persia did not achieve the big-screen success as expected. With a $ 200 million budget, it can be said that this is undoubtedly the most well-invested gaming movie to date.

Although only rated as average, it cannot be denied that the entertainment is relatively high for this movie. With the common ground of film-based movies often so bad to disaster, it is clear that Prince of Persia is still in good quality. With the impressive acting of a well-known cast, a mysterious Persian background, and beautiful action scenes, Prince of Persia is not a wrong choice if you are unsure of what movie to watch.