Doom 3 is an exception in the Doom series: instead of letting you be a super warrior, the game forces you to play the weak and snuggle to survive.

“Ultimatum” for Software leader

In 2000, John Carmack announced that he would redo the Doom game series with modern systems. This was a decision that led to a lot of controversy within Software because Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack – two of the Software co-owners who always oppose the Doom remake. However, after the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game (a remake of Wolfenstein 3D) was well received and new advances in 3D rendering were released, most of the Softwarestaff agreed that the Doom remake was reasonable. They give an “ultimatum” to bosses Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack: allow them to embark on remaking Doom, or fire them.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.4: “Kẻ lạc loài” Doom 3

As a result of this confrontation, one of the leaders who opposed Kevin and Adrian was fired, the software was also allowed to remake Doom with the new name Doom 3. After four years of development, the game was released and released in August 2004 as a reboot with new content separate from previous Doom releases. The most obvious difference of Doom 3 is probably that it has a more detailed, more extended plot because instead of just letting gamers shoot, Doom 3 is a horror game, and so the story is quite important.


Union Aerospace Corp (UAC) is responsible for exploring Mars and turning it into a planet with a human-friendly condition. In building the first city on Mars (Mars City), they dug up an artifact proving that Mars once had an ancient civilization. Therefore, UAC changed the original plan and turned that city into an excavation area with many laboratories and bases scattered everywhere. By 2014, an exploration of the UAC underground cave system brought about a significant discovery: Soul Cube and some steles written in ancient languages.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.4: “Kẻ lạc loài” Doom 3

Once decoded, the steles reveal the secret of powerful instantaneous teleportation technology, prompting UAC to redefine the technology under the leadership of its best scientist, Ph.D. Malcolm Betruger. Meanwhile, another scientist, Pierce Rogers, continues to unearth the remains of ancient civilization and translate the stone steles found. Among those read by Pierce is a warning about the potential dangers of teleportation technology. It is revealed that the technology brought the ancient civilization on Mars to extinction, but discoveries. This is not happening early enough to prevent the impending tragedy.

Before those warnings were deciphered, Dr. Malcolm and his colleagues at Delta Labs (Delta Laboratory) successfully recreated this technology. They opened a gate to another dimension, put the camera through the gate to record, and perform experiments to bring living creatures through the gate with animals. They discovered that the new dimension was extremely hot and filled with ugly creatures but still took the next step in their research to take humans through the gate to see what would happen.

Those trials’ results are not good: not everyone can survive back from the afterlife. Many of the fortunate ones return also suffer terrible psychological trauma, causing them to become So crazy and die. At this point, Dr. Pierce has deciphered the warning from the steles, but Dr. Malcolm’s project has entered the stage of exploring and exploiting new dimensions, including the harvesting of samples. Material (both living and dead) from there and brought back to study. Sometime after the first samples were brought in, the entire UAC Mars base witnessed strange phenomena and gruesome situations.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.4: “Kẻ lạc loài” Doom 3

Ignoring everything that was going on, Dr. Malcolm was fascinated by the new dimension, so he decided to use his power to hide what was happening from UAC leaders on Earth. Some scientists believe that the other dimension is Hell, but they don’t dare to send this information back to Earth. Dr. Malcolm himself also crept into the space gate to explore new lands, and when he returned, he turned into a completely different person. Fortunately, before that, another scientist, Dr. Elizabeth McNeil, informed the UAC Board on Earth. They sent a lawyer named Elliot Swann and bodyguard Jack Campbell to Mars to solve the problem. The ship carrying them, Darkstar, arrived in Mars City on the morning of November 15, 145, left in the evening of the same day, and was scheduled to land on Earth on December 27, 145.