Though the pig-like fools once again made Doom Marine in vain, at least they saved him from the stone coffin to return to Rip & Tear.

Doom 2016 is a “soft reboot” of Software and can be confusing for gamers. In terms of storyline, this is a continuation of the first three Doom titles mentioned in previous articles but not related to Doom 3, a “full reboot.” The game recalls a few details that make gamers believe that the 2016 Doom Slayer is the old Doom Marine, mostly in the steles of hell. However, there is some contradiction that UAC does not know anything about Doom Slayer after finding him with the armor or the difference between the time he “stirred” and sealed in hell with time passing in a normal universe …

Although the relationship between Doom Slayer and Doom Marine has not been officially confirmed by software and maybe in Doom Eternal, we will know more than this, but in this series of articles, temporarily follow the hypothesis. that both are one by the details mentioned above.

Before Doom (2016)

After closing the door to Earth behind him, Doom Marine began to ravage Hell, the same way the demons devastated his homeworld while he was busy on Mars. Because of the hellish and ignorant hellish of the hells, who only screamed and wandered to death instead of making semiconductors, making lenses, or inventing cameras, we only learned about what Doom Marine did. During this time, through what the demons recorded in the Testament stelae.

Based on what the UAC expedition found a long time later, Doom Marine is now known as the Doom Slayer by the demons, a title worthy of the feat he created. Ever since he was a gatekeeper on Mars in Doom 1. “He seeks revenge in every way, light and darkness, fire and water, beginning and ending, and hunting Doom’s slaves. with barbaric cruelty because he has crossed the line that no one else but the devil has ever crossed. ” You can read more about these trophies in a previous article of mine.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.3: Trở lại cõi người

Doom Slayer “squirms” hell in the devil’s notes.

In addition to such trophies, Doom Slayer also gains a few new abilities. One of those powers is the incredible speed and power given to him by Seraphim, a mysterious character – perhaps this is what helped him move from pure gunfire to Rip & Tear in 2016 Doom. Also, the ability to “draw strength from defeated enemies” helps Doom Slayer no longer need the emergency bags that ordinary mortals often use.

Doom Slayer armor is also quite special. According to what the demons recorded, this armor was “made in Hell” by someone called Wretch. Still, upon closer inspection, you can easily find details that prove it “made in Earth”. : the English words “Caution” on the hat, the manufacturer’s logo on the right shoulder, and even the number 8623 – indicates that it is a mass-produced product. The demons don’t know how to do these things, so we conclude that Wretch only upgraded the armor, not made it out of nothing.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.3: Trở lại cõi người

What remains of Titan, one of the guys who once defied the Doom Slayer.

In the Testament steles, the demons recount that even though they tried their best, even the healthiest people in Hell were defeated by Doom Slayer, so they had to use the devil. By luring Doom Slayer into the Blood Temple and causing the entire temple to collapse, they trapped him and sealed him in a stone coffin while marking the seal as a warning to the demons to stay away.


At some point in the future, in addition to the real world, the UAC group under the leadership of Samuel Hayden once again studied teleportation technology and achieved great success. Those who passed through the gates no longer became as crazy as they once were. So Samuel began organizing expeditions between the two worlds to study science, harnessing Hell’s energy to solve Earth’s energy problem. At least we have bad news and good news – the good news is that one of those expeditions brought Doom Slayer back to the real world.

Still bad news? Everything. Once again, the demons find their way to the real world by seducing Olivia Pierce – one of the UAC scientists – to sign a contract with them. She opened a new portal to hell to help flood demons and kill the UAC employees on Mars. Desperate, Samuel remembered the mysterious man in the stone coffin he had brought and woke him up. Samuel was about to tell him what was happening, but Doom Slayer knew who he was and what he needed to do.

Doom Eternal: Cơn ác mộng của quỷ dữ đã trở lại!

With the common goal of destroying demons, Doom Slayer and Samuel Hayden temporarily cooperate. However, he still works at his disposal, especially when choosing between scientific progress and killing monsters. Samuel mounts a particular device on the Doom Slayer that allows him to travel between the real world and Hell without relying on the devil’s trash (legs, wings, and magic).

After many Rip & Tear, Doom Slayer finds Olivia Pierce’s office and learns that she has found a sword called Crucible, an artifact capable of absorbing energy and destroying demons only with a slash or open the gate to hell. He wanted this item, and although some monsters didn’t trust Doom Slayer’s achievement to try to stop him, such as a Cyberdemon and two Hell Guards, the Doom Slayer still got the Crucible before Olivia. He uses it to destroy the energy that keeps the connecting portal Hell to Mars open and returns to Olivia Pierce in hell.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.3: Trở lại cõi người

See Olivia Pierce again.

When Doom Slayer meets Olivia Pierce, she rewards selling her soul to the devil: transforming into a new generation Spiderdemon. If you remember, Doom Slayer used to chuck another Spiderdemon at the end of Doom 1, and he didn’t hesitate to do this again to prove his strength.

After the victory, Doom Slayer returned from Hell but was betrayed by Samuel Hayden, took the Crucible sword, and disappeared before Doom Slayer. It is unclear what will happen to Samuel when the Doom Slayer meets him again – although Samuel betrays the Doom Slayer, he is not (or is not) a villain, nor does he sell his soul to the devil. Or harm Doom Slayer. We will know about this when Doom Eternal launches in March.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.3: Trở lại cõi người