Liu Bei invited Zhuge Liang to the grass tent three times, so the demons had to show their face three times before Doom Marine agreed to “move household” to hell.

Doom 2

After Doom Marine killed Spiderdemon in hell, he was returned to Earth as a hero. Whoever deserves this title more than Doom Marine, the super warrior who single-handedly wiped out many legions of hell, with biceps more significant than a person’s waist and carrying enough guns to flatten an entire city?

What is more worthy of this title than Doom Marine, when he was at the front line, preventing the demons’ invasion, saving UAC base, and multi-billion-dollar research projects?

But Doom Marine did not know what was waiting for him on the ground. When the landing gear hit the ground, he saw a burning city, and the refugees frantically escaped the town engulfed in fire. When shooting down the first enemy in this scene, Doom Marine immediately understood what was happening: Hell had returned, but this time on Earth, not on the remote red planet.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.2: Ba lần xuống địa ngục

The demons have appeared on the entire Earth at this time, and they are systematically destroying humanity. The surviving leaders decided to get everyone to flee the planet’s surface on giant spaceships, but unfortunately, our only spaceport was occupied by demons. They covered the port with a huge firewall to stop humans. The remaining soldiers of the Earth try to penetrate through the wall of fire and the demons there. But they all fail.

And that’s when Doom Marine came in. If he managed to overcome the demonic class that got in the way and neutralized the firewall, the human spacecraft would be able to fly into space, and perhaps the extinction of humans would be temporarily delayed. But all his comrades have fallen, and the howls of demons now surround Doom Marine. They do not negotiate, do not tolerate, do not capture prisoners, and know the existence of Doom Marine. Between the clutches of demons and human guns, which side will win?

Cảm nhận đầu tiên về Zombie Army 4: Dead War

First, feel about Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Reunite zombies Zombie Rebellion’s “sniper sniper” shooter series returns with Zombie Army 4: Dead War and many new and improved improvements.

Of course, you win because you are in the armor of Doom Marine. He tore through the enemy’s ranks, pierced through every defense, and neutralized the wall that enveloped the survivors in the cosmic port. The spacecraft flew into the air, and Doom Marine stood there waiting for the last moment, satisfied that he had saved the entire race, despite being surrounded by an evil planet surrounded.

But wait! From space, a new message is sent down for you. Our devices find the portal the demons use to connect hell to Earth, and you can stop that. Doom Marine rediscovered his meaning of existence with this information, and he stood up from the surrounding mountain of corpses.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.2: Ba lần xuống địa ngục

Last Boss Doom 2: Icon of Sin.

With a new goal, Doom Marine came to the gates of hell located in the home town. He entered that gate and once again tore through hell, from the impulsive Imps that made his way to the goat brain installed by someone on the wall of a hell room. When the monster cowered and died, you know that you have once again become a hero, and the bad guys may have to find a new home after they die.

Doom 64

Returning from hell, Doom Marine tried to return to everyday life, but that was not easy. The hell and evil it contains are not places that a “normal” person can tolerate. The doctors’ tests and treatments didn’t help him, and the demons continued to haunt him every night in nightmares.
Cốt truyện Doom - P.2: Ba lần xuống địa ngụcA nightmare for Doom Marine.

Meanwhile, signs of new problems emerge on Mars. Drawing on experience from the two catastrophes that happened, UAC decided to use nuclear weapons to extinguish all life on Mars and two moons Phobos and Deimos, causing all three objects to be covered under a launcher. Deadly radiation. But it was these radioactive layers that became the veil of UAC’s vision, creating an opportunity for one of humanity’s most dangerous enemies to enter the real world.

Called the “Mother Demon,” this demon is the mother of all the monsters Doom Marine has shot down, and it is very dissatisfied with the way Doom Marine treats its children. It revives all of those monsters for revenge and believes that wits cubs will tear Doom Marine’s body ith the overwhelming amount and new power from radiation,

Incidentally, our main character is being tormented by PTSD, and Rip & Tear proved to be an ideal way to distract his attention. Therefore, all Mother Demon can do is give Doom Marine a sufficient remedy to cure nightly nightmares. He picked up his backpack full of guns and bullets and returned to hell, helping all the monsters that the revived Mother Demon experience death again before killing the Mother Demon himself as thanks.

Cốt truyện Doom - P.2: Ba lần xuống địa ngục

Face the Mother Demon.

With three smashed invasions from hell, Doom Marine realized one thing: attacks would never stop as long as the enemy had a chance to recover and resurrect. Instead of returning to Earth again, he decided to stay in hell and close the gate to Earth behind him. From this moment on, the demons are locked in a “room” with Doom Marine.