Following Far Cry 4 in the previous section, Ajay continues to lead the Golden Path army to the north to overthrow King Pagan Min.

In the last part of the Far Cry 4 plot, Ajay successfully destroyed two lords under Pagan Min ruled southern Kyrat. Now the Golden Path is ready to take the rest of Kyrat from the ruler dictatorial.

Traitor and Yuma Lau

After the second laird died, the southern region of Kyrat was no longer the leader, and the Golden Path faction had no more problems in retaking the entire area. Ajay unexpectedly receives a call from a self-proclaimed Willis Huntley who asks to help him land at the airport by providing cover fire from afar. In return will be information about the past and Ajay’s parents that he is.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Willis returns and mentions a “tattooed boy,” referring to Jason Brody in Far Cry 3

Ajay broke into the airport sneaking through the guarding classes, and climbed up the observatory, ready to support sniping. Willis boarded the plane and told him to only shoot at the signal he sent out, and he stepped down, apparently exchanging something with the royal soldiers. After a seemingly unsuccessful exchange, Willis signaled, and Ajay destroyed all the royal soldiers in the airport to protect Willis.

As the dust settles, Willis confronts Ajay, claiming that he works for the CIA, he has all the files of Mohan Ghale and Ishwari. One of the documents was lying on an airplane about to take off. Ajay chases after the plane pointed by Willis, uses Wingsuit to approach the plane from the air, then steals the file and leaves a grenade before parachuting to the ground.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Willis uses his past as bait to let Ajay work for him.

The brochure was blacked out almost anywhere that made Ajay quite angry. Willis agrees that he needs to ask Ajay to do some work, and after that, he will reveal a bit of information. Accordingly, Willis has known Mohan since he was working with Pagan Min against the rebels. Iswari was installed in the palace to spy on Pagan Min, and then Mohan was killed by his wife while arguing over her wanting to throw away everything to leave.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Willis left Ajay and fled after he was done.

After helping Willis assassinate the imperial commanders under Yuma Lau, the CIA became a traitor when he pushed Ajay off the plane and said that the people killed were CIA sources. Military of Pagan Min. When these guys are excluded, there will be no more evidence of the CIA getting involved in this war. Ajay was left and fell into the hands of a loyal soldier with a faint blow to capture.

Ajay woke up in the stone house with the familiar voice of Pagan Min. When the hooded bag was opened, he saw Yuma Lau sitting behind Pagan Min. Pagan Min blames Ajay for the damage he has done, including kidnapping Paul. However, the dialogue between Pagan Min and Yuma Lau shows that Pagan Min wanted to save Ajay but was pressured by Yuma’s power.

Pagan Min had to leave Ajay Durgesh prison for Yuma with the condition Ajay must be alive and his body intact. After Pagan Min left, Yuma began his work, and a dose of medicine was injected into Ajay.

Durgesh Prison is a special prison in Kyrat, also known as the Sky Prison. It is built on a high mountain on the Himalayas’ snowy plateau. The game room was the rooms carved into the rock with one side facing the ridge with the square below, the other side being bars and walls with stone walls. From inside the cell, the prisoners can see the sky and also slip on the cliff.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The frigid, cold Durgesh prison makes those who are imprisoned go crazy easily.

Ajay fainted and woke up in a half-awake state. He walked out of the cell and wandered around the prison, looking for ingredients to make a hook to climb off the prison’s ridge. While walking, he discovered this place was present with the Rakshasa demons in the world of Shangri-La. After sneaking through the demons and finding enough ingredients, Ajay swings down the cliff and escapes from the prison.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The prison is located on the top of the snowy mountain, so prisoners can escape even between the immense mountain and freeze to death.

At the foot of the prison was a small village occupied by royal soldiers, and villagers were forced to do hard labor. Ajay sneaked through patrols and broke into the store to retrieve the weapons before climbing the wall to escape the village. Although he had escaped, he fainted in the snowy wind in the middle of the immense snow mountain with no direction and warm clothes.

Head north and overthrow Pagan Min

Ajay awakens to find himself at home in front of the Golden Path leader he supports (Amita or Sabal), who says that finding him in the middle of a snowy mountain almost turned into ice cream. After recapturing all the remaining outposts in the southern area, Ajay met Amita at Shanath Arena and was told that it was time to take over Kings Bridge.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Kings Bridge connects two areas of Kyrat.

This is a unique bridge connecting the south and north of Kyrat. Only when the bridge is defeated can the Golden Path step on the northern area held by the remaining two lords, Yuma Lau and Pagan Min.

A fierce battle took place, but finally, Ajay successfully captured the important bridge. The next mission takes Ajay to Utkarsh village in the north to contact the Golden Path supporters here. While hiding in the basement of the house and meeting the Golden Path warriors raised there, Ajay heard the voice above.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Ajay overhears the conversation from the bunker.

Pagan Min unexpectedly visited the host family. He reassured the host about expanding the Golden Path and promised to protect them. When Pagan Min left, his soldiers immediately killed the host family. Ajay chases after the car carrying Pagan Min and shoots it up, then chases him and finishes quickly.

I thought the war would end soon after Ajay received a phone call from Pagan Min and yelled at him to kill the perfect surrogate he had.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The one who is defeated is only one body.

Sabal and Amita made an appointment to meet Ajay, and when he arrived at the rendezvous, he saw the two leaders and the Golden Path warriors watching Pagan Min speak on TV. Pagan Min praised Yuma Lau’s credit for fighting the Golden Path terrorists and deliberately revealed that the third lord was at KEO Svargiya Mine.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Golden Path watched Pagan Min speaking on television.

Ajay immediately arrives at the location to assassinate Yuma before she goes elsewhere. Once infiltrated into the mine, Ajay was blown a mysterious powder by Yuma, causing him to fall into an illusion. In a daze, he heard Yuma blaming Pagan Min for selling her out by sending a kid to kill her. Yuma said that Pagan Min used to be a talented and tough leader, but he has become weak and old since he met Ajay’s mother.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

KEO Svargiya is located deep inside the mountain

Ajay walked through an illusionary area with a black forest and bloodstream. He saw the leader he was supporting right now doing evil things. For Sabal, the image of him executing the warriors helped Amita, arguing that these people denied the Kyrat tradition and a shame to the gods. For Amita, it was the image of her going to the family to take all the children into the army, work in the opium fields to get money.

Finally, Ajay confronts Yuma Lau in the illusionary world, and she transforms into Kalinag. After many battles, Ajay eventually destroyed Kalinag and escaped the illusionary world. He wakes up with Yuma’s body lying on the ground, which shows that he fought and killed Yuma in his hallucination.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Yuma Lau was on the board.

Ajay leaves the mine and looks for Bhadra. The little girl is still stuck between two adults who are the two leaders of Golden Path, the next target will be related to Bhadra’s fate, and she cannot decide this. The Golden Path targets the Jalendu temple, a large temple located in the middle of an isolated island on the lake, which is also the place for the ritual enthronement of Tarun Matara in the Kyrat tradition.

Sabal wants to retake the temple intact because it is a traditional symbol of Kyrat’s belief. Amita wanted to demolish the temple and end the Tarun Matara custom to free Bhadra and all the girls from the future to avoid having these male and female respondents.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Jalendu temple on the island in the middle of the lake

After finishing his work in Jalendu and protecting the village of Utkarsh from royal attacks and shelling, the final mission decided to lead the Golden Path. The leader Ajay supports contacts and sends Ajay to kill his rival (Sabal will kill Amita or vice versa). Ajay may decide to kill him or to spare his life and allow him to flee abroad to live in exile forever.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The power dispute between Amita and Sabal must finally come to an end.

After no more disputes in command, the Golden Path united forces, and Ajay attacked the palace to overthrow Pagan Min. The Golden Path army fought and held the royal army at the mountain’s foot for Ajay to drive alone to the palace above.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Pagan Min warned that choosing to shoot him would be “boring”.

After entering the dining room, Pagan Min waited at the table and gave Ajay two options: shoot him at the table or take him with Ishwari to Lakshmana. If Ajay didn’t shoot, Pagan Min led him back into a small isolated chapel.

It shows Lakshmana’s pictures, Ajay’s half-sister, and Ajay, and he can leave his mother’s ashes, officially fulfilling his mother’s will. Pagan Min confessed he only entered it once, and when he stepped out, he was no longer the same. Long ago, he did not act anymore, and Ajay might be king when he came out.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Ajay finally fulfilled his mother’s last wish.

After Ajay stepped back, Pagan Min was already standing on the helicopter and sent a few words to Ajay. Pangan Min said that each option had its consequences. He would hand back Kyrat to Ajay and keep the helicopter (and fly abroad). The basic Far Cry 4 story ends here.

Other endings of the Far Cry 4 plot

In addition to the most seemingly complete ending, the Far Cry 4 storyline has other finishes of Ajay’s choice in this battle, just like the last words of Pagan Min. About the two leaders, we will have a different outcome depending on who Ajay supports. After leaving Ajay palace, you can go to the corresponding location to see the development of the person you keep.

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

One of the two leaders must disappear forever.

  • Sabal: Ajay returns to Jalendu Temple and witnesses precisely what he saw in his hallucinations when fighting Yuma. Bhadra was enthroned by Tarun Matara, sat on the pedestal to witness Sabal to the executioner of all those who followed Amita. Sabal said that those who do not believe in the gods, against Kyrat’s traditional values, must be washed with blood.
  • Amita: Ajay came to Tirtha’s town and witnessed what he saw in a hallucination while fighting Yuma. Amita sent soldiers to every house to ransack all children to the army, despite their parents’ begging and pleading. She believes that the children and their families must sacrifice for the future of Kyrat. The children must work in opium and be soldiers for the Golden Path to ensure the country is healthy after the war. When asked about Bhadra, Amita said she sent her to a distant place and didn’t search because she would not return. This raises the question of the girl Amita killed to kill the danger of someone who wants to use Tarun Matara to continue to wage war.

The ending with Paga Min:

cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Pagan Min is an unfathomable person but hidden behind is a pitiful person.

  • If Ajay shoots and kills Pagan Min at the dining table, the game ends immediately, and it is “boring”, as Pagan Min warns. Ajay will return to tell the Golden Path that Pagan Min is dead, but he cannot find Lakshmana. The game ends with an Ajay who never fulfills his mother’s will. This ending is said to be the “Bad Ending” of the game.
  • If Ajay uses a rocket to shoot down Pagan Min’s helicopter as it leaves, the game ends with “The King Is Dead,” and the body of Pagan Min and the helicopter can find the area at the foot of the palace.

The plot of Far Cry 4 has a secret ending. When meeting at the dining table, Pagan Min blamed Ajay for not listening. If he sat still at the seat waiting for Pagan Min to return at first, everything would have ended well without having to fight so troublesomely. All just at Ajay did not obey. This has suggested a hidden ending hidden in the game by the manufacturer.

If at the beginning of the game when eating with Pagan Min, after Darpan was taken away and Pagan Min phoned Yuma Lau if Ajay sat at the table for 15 minutes, Pagan Min will return. Pagan Min takes Ajay on a helicopter and flies to the palace where the Lakshmana shrine room is located.

Pagan Min briefly explained about Mohan, calling him a bad man who pushed Ajay’s mother into the palace to spy. But he and Ajay’s mother fell in love and had a child, Mohan killed his half-sister, and Ishwari killed Mohan in revenge. After placing the mother’s urn ashes next to his sister, Ajay stepped outside.

Pagan Min was waiting for the helicopter, and when he stepped up, he said, “we are finally able to shoot”, many players thought this might be a suggestion for the future special section of DLC with Ajay fighting on the side of Pagan Min.