The Switch is the latest generation until 2019, but it is only a matter of time before it becomes the senior of PS5 or even Xbox Scarlett.

Nintendo is still flying high as the Switch continues to be one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time. In Hue alone, this handset has dispersed more than 15 million versions. Not only that, in addition to impressive hardware sales, the accompanying things such as game discs, accessories, individual goods, or even cardboard (Nintendo Labo) also sell like hotcakes. The support of the third party – the vital factor of any system, continues to be as sweet as the honeymoon period (when the security is unknown). It can be said that NSXs have so favored Nintendo’s new gaming console since the GameCube era, if not the golden age of SNES. Unlike PS4 and Xbox One, which are gradually entering a period of recession after seven years of hard fighting, Switch’s lifeline is like a healthy young man entering the stage of breaking a buffalo horn.

None of the above is detailed, but it is TRUE so far. In other words, until PS5 and Xbox Scarlett were released, the red-blue handheld was still the new star on the transfer market. Nothing to worry about here except that the other two will be launched by the end of next year when Switch is no longer the best kid in the area, and indeed her aunt and uncle will not give priority to him anymore. Then what kind of martial arts will Nintendo use to win or at least keep itself unbeaten in the next year? Perhaps this is a bit of an early question because no one knows the exact shape of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Just know that they will not be in the price segment to compete directly with Switch. But be careful not to worry. Longtime Nintendo fans have the right to know what the company will do next year, especially when the competitors are not the shy kind.Cuộc chiến khốc liệt cuối 2020, Nintendo Switch liệu có chết chìm trước PS5 và Xbox Scarlett?

According to Gematsu’s prediction, with the sales ratio “as of now”, Switch will reach 50 million units when PS5 and Xbox Scarlett officially launched. At that time, Switch’s assistant army will surely be strong with the main series including 3D Zelda, 2D Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. Another factor that makes people wonder when the switch is the current Switch Lite has quite a bit of discount with the original. By the end of next year, the Switch lite will have a deep discount when you want to compete with other big players. And then what happened? Super Mario Odyssey 2? Sequel to Breath of the Wild? Or a new Pokemon? At that time, it would be challenging to think about deciding to choose between new but expensive consoles and few good games to choose from or a system that has just launched for three years with a large number of super cool games. 

Of course, a system that wants to live healthily and firmly cannot live forever. The third-party games will fill the rest of the ecological chain. The switch has received amicable support from third-party developers, which is strange because Nintendo is often challenging to pamper when working on collaborative projects. Therefore, when comparing compatibility, Switch is always rated worse than Xbox One, not to mention the fierce rivals behind PS4, PS4 Pro, or Xbox One X

3rd party NSXs realize the great potential of Switch, and they have nothing to deny the opportunity to make more money for their game at all. The fact that someone quite difficult like CD Projekt to accept the port of The Witcher 3 on this system proves one thing, the PS4 can be Switch can do. The quality may be a bit lower, but the price is also lower.

But PS5 or Xbox Scarlett is a different story when Switch certainly has hardware configuration, and compatibility with these two new systems is much lower. There is no need to mention two other courses. Whether PS5 is entirely backward compatible with the PS4 or not has been a question that made Sony and third-party NSXs very painful. Then they will have to choose, and this time, it will be much harder to have a PS5, a PS4 version because this system is old but still far from dying, and how much effort to care about a port for Switch here? It sounds a bit pessimistic, but that’s only the worst situation because Nintendo certainly has many measures to keep their gaming machine alive for as long as the pressure of PS5 or Xbox Scarlett. First, when the two kittens launch the Switch, they will enter their fourth year of age, the pinnacle of any system, as long as it doesn’t die prematurely like a PSVita.

The second is the self-appeal capabilities of this handheld game console, including the ability to move flexibly, the long-standing reputation in Nintendo handheld game consoles, and the massive stock of games with The name can guarantee the success of any new system. When it comes to portability, let’s say that compared to the previous PS4, the PS4 has many games and controllers comfortable to play. Still, it is far from being able to play PS4 anywhere and anytime as advertised. The switch is the opposite when one can store it in a shoulder bag and want to play anywhere, as long as the battery is empty. Sony is powerful, Microsoft is sometimes strong, but most of it is in a weak position due to a mistake in product development. Still, Nintendo is not a herbivore when it has been fighting for many years with the other two companies. In terms of history, when Miyamoto Shigeru’s company produced the first gaming console, the two idiots were making TV. Another one was busy writing code for Windows operating systems. Switches may be weak, but Nintendo certainly won’t.

Cuộc chiến khốc liệt cuối 2020, Nintendo Switch liệu có chết chìm trước PS5 và Xbox Scarlett?

A strategic card to crush business rivals is the promotion discount. Surprisingly, Nintendo has never dropped the Switch to boost sales, even though it has been around for nearly three years. Black Friday discount does not count because it is a retailer’s business plan. They will directly discount the supermarket’s goods or outlet to stimulate demand at the end of the year. The $ 200 Switch Lite can be reluctant to see as a cost-effective strategy to popularize the system to mass gamers, but in fact, it looks “cheap” and has many essential features removed. This is not a Switch flagship. What if Nintendo felt the threat of PS5 or Xbox Scarlett and decided to cut prices by the end of next year? $ 250 for Switch and $ 150 for Switch Lite can be even lower. This is a price that no gamer can resist, except for those who have a strict salary check by their wives, of course, charged to the list of gamers who can buy the device when the price is high. Also, I need a light reminder to the people of the world to remember that Metroid Prime 4 also debuted at that time. The choice is certainly not too difficult, huh?

Third-party support for the Switch will undoubtedly be reduced when PS5 or Xbox Scarlett launches. This is a force majeure problem because the Switch is still a handheld device with limited hardware, after all, while the two guys can increase the hardware power to a horrible number. However, Switch is not without its advantage when mid-range games, pure Japanese games, or older games on PS3 / Xbox 360 will appear on this device more and more and never hit. Low price the nostalgia of gamers. In short, no one buys Switch because it owns the super blockbusters that are trending like Cyberpunk 2077, FFVII Remake, or Death Stranding. Most people will buy for other games, so now the blockbusters have gathered on PS5. or Xbox Scarlett. It doesn’t affect Nintendo handhelds much.

Finally, for those who are still concerned that the veteran game company will be weak or drowned in the arms race by the end of next year, remember there have been leaks about the Switch Pro with configuration—strongly increasing. Along with the sequel to blockbuster Breath of the Wild, there’s no need to worry about a Nintendo machine. If so, worry more about Switch 2, based on Nintendo’s frequent downfall regarding business strategy for transferring generations between gaming consoles, but that’s another matter, for one another wind slash!