The year 2020 marks a series of blockbuster games turning 20 years old, inspiring the next generation, some still post-production.

This year can be said to be a fascinating year of the game village when a series of super products are expected to launch, such as The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy VII Remake, … But in the 2000s, they also saw many excellent products born. So far, they have reached the age of 20 and have not shown signs of being “sunk”. Although some have not been discontinued, it has become a lesson for other legacy games. Others continue with sequels that continue to this day.

10 năm sau khi ra mắt người ta vẫn còn nhắc đến những game sau đây

Ten years after launch, people still mention the following games. While eagerly awaiting this year’s blockbuster, do you remember ten years ago, the game village was equally exciting with the monuments that exist until now?

Let’s take a look at some typical faces!

The Sims

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Developed by Maxis and released by EA in 2000, The Sims has been a massive success in many ways, considered one of the most influential games of its time. This is a brand with a long history and, until now, the game company EA. With gameplay simulating real human life, the game has attracted many female gamers, showing this game’s appeal to people of all genders, ages.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Following season 1, Neversoft and Activision continued to release Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 in 2000. Possessing a 98/100 on Metacritic, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was arguably one of the best games on PS1. Like all eras, it is the pinnacle of sports games. Unfortunately, later in Activision’s hands, the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series gradually downhill, leaving a fifth of disaster.

Thief II: A Metal Age

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

In the early 2000s, when talking about the stealth game, people would think of Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Hitman, and especially Thief, the first-class classic sneaky game on a PC. After the success of season 1, in 2000, Eidos continued to release Thief II: The Metal Age. Part 2 is considered the best version of the game, and part 1 inspires sneaky titles in the future, most notably Dishonored. Unfortunately, Thief’s 2014 performance was disappointing, causing the famous game series one at this time not to continue.

Dino Crisis 2

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

As the Resident Evil series is at the peak of the survival horror genre, Capcom continues to launch its cousin, Dino Crisis. Possessing many similarities with Resident Evil at the time, Dino Crisis 2 was well received by gamers thanks to the fast-paced action gameplay. While the Resident Evil series continues to reach out until now, Dino Crisis seems to have stopped following the disappointing third season. But hope for the fans who have come near Capcom has suggested remake Dino Crisis 1 and 2, similar to the current Resident Evil.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Released two years after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the game by far is considered the best of all time. Majora’s Mask is not rated as well. But this is still an extremely excellent game with many improvements compared to the previous section. Majora’s Mask is an indispensable version of the Zelda series.

Project IGI

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Saying the super product is not necessarily accurate with Project IGI Launched in 2000, the game received negative reviews from game review sites. But with the players, Project IGI is still attractive enough to spend hours enjoying. For many people, this game is part of their childhood. The 3rd part of IGI has recently been officially announced to help this game become remembered and dream of a more successful reboot.

Deus Ex

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Developed by Ion Storm Inc and released by Eidos in 2000, Deus Ex is a revolution in both shooting and role-playing with gameplay that allows players to choose their path. This is also the beginning of the Deus Ex series to develop until now. Although the Mankind Divided version was not long ago, part 1 continued to be attached to the fan community and continued to release many new mod versions.

Hitman: Codename 47

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

First released in 2000, Hitman Codename 47 also received mixed reviews, but then gamers were utterly fascinated by stealth gameplay that allowed players to approach and solve goals in many ways different. From here, the Hitman series continues to release more quality versions, constantly standardizing the core gameplay style of “assassination in many ways” and becoming an indispensable part of the stealth game genre.

Final Fantasy IX

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

The Final Fantasy IX was the last release before the Final Fantasy series officially entered the PS2 system. Final Fantasy IX ranked among the best games on PS1 and the best FF series thanks to the improved graphics, characters, and gameplay. Significant progress over previous sections. The title game and many other classic FF games continue to be posted on the next-gen console, showing this series’s value.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Launched in 2000, Red Alert 2 can be considered the culmination of the strategy game Command and Conquer. There was a time when this game, the Age of Empires, and Counter-Strike were indispensable in every computer, whether personal computers or net. So far, although there have been part 3, the gaming community is still attached to Red Alert 2 above all, especially the modder. It can be seen that the influence of Red Alert 2 is timeless. With the announcement of Red Alert’s remasters for the first part of EA, the community is eagerly anticipating part 2 to be reviewed.

Diablo II

20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

If asked which Diablo game is the best, perhaps most fans will answer that it is part 2. Thanks to the continuation of what has made the success of claim one and expand and improve them. Diablo II has a huge fan community, becoming the most influential and lasting game on PC until now. Blizzard also regularly supports and patches for Diablo after decades, showing that no matter how many more Diablo versions will be added, Diablo II will still last.


20 tuổi – Với người là thanh niên với game là thượng thọ

Originally a mod for Half-Life launched in 1999, Valve realized Counter-Strike’s undeniable potential and decided to buy it. In 2000, Counter-Strike was officially released as a real game. From here, CS has fundamentally changed the face of the FPS genre, especially in esports. Its latest version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, continues to grow to this day, becoming an immortal monument in the hearts of gamers and one of the top multiplayer games on Steam.

And there are titles like Soldier of Fortune, The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Perfect Dark, TimeSplitters, Spider-man, American McGee’s Alice, Escape from Monkey Island, Dragon Quest VII, etc. The most memorable?