Invite me to look back on the exploits of the nameless little man in blue armor, who often appears in the nightmares of the devil.

When playing Doom 2016, the first thing that gamers see on the screen is Doom Slayer – our main character – waking up and seeing a corner of the mountain of trash that we are about to sweep in the next few hours. Samuel Hayden, the head of this landfill, tried to explain to Doom Slayer what happened through a screen. Still, he pushed it aside, picked up a gun, and started working.

You may not be surprised by this because in previous Doom versions, the story is always something very far away, and nobody cares. All the time and energy of Doom gamers are focused on only handling the demons that appear in front of them and why they appear. Who cares?

Cốt truyện Doom – P.1: Sự ra đời của người hùng trong bản game 1993

But Doom has a story, and that plot might be more interesting than you think. Regardless of whether we are still arguing about whether or not the protagonists of Doom titles are the same person or the chronology of events in the games that occur, Doom’s events are entirely seamless and can form a complete story. Let ‘groom’ these events in the series of Doom storylines.

From the soldiers punching the boss

Everything started in the distant future when people knew how to make simple space trips like you get on a bus to go home to celebrate Tet. Our character is a Marine soldier (and therefore often referred to by gamers as The Marine or Doom Marine) – The Few, The Proud; Semfer Fi; First to Fight, something like that. However, his career path was not favorable, and after a smash of his commander, because he was ordered to shoot at civilians, he was decided to throw at Mars by US Marine Corp as a guard for him. United Aerospace Corporation (UAC). In my opinion, changing from a frontline soldier to a rearguard doesn’t sound like a “punishment” but never mind it.

UAC is a giant corporation engaged in almost every aspect of human life, including the study of teleporting super-fiction technologies across multiple dimensions. These dangerous studies could not happen on Earth, so UAC created two interconnected doors on Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos. However, testing them has also done a lot of damage: those involved in moving through UAC’s space portals become disabled or mentally ill.

Cốt truyện Doom – P.1: Sự ra đời của người hùng trong bản game 1993

The area based on Phobos that The Marine and his teammates had to investigate.

One day, the Martian base where our protagonist stands guard day after day receives an alert call from Phobos, that “something evil is creeping through the gate,” while Deimos is merely disappeared from the sky. The Marine and his companions were sent to Phobos to determine what would happen: he stood guard on the outside while his comrades went deep into UAC base to investigate. After that, only the awful silence remained, causing The Marine to step inside the pistol on its own to see what was wrong.

To the hero to visit hell

Of course, you have already guessed what will happen – the evil is full of the earth in the UAC base in Phobos. The survivors became violent and tried to shoot down The Marine as soon as he saw him, while the evil demons insulted the viewer doing all sorts of acrobatics and acrobatics. Luckily, UAC not only creates a portal but also produces weapons, so you have plenty of guns to repair the beauty of these demons while going into the UAC research center.

Cốt truyện Doom – P.1: Sự ra đời của người hùng trong bản game 1993

Slowly, everyone will have a share!

After dumping a few tons of bullets and creating a knee-high demon body, The Marine came to UAC’s space portal tested on Phobos. He went inside to go to Deimos and found himself surrounded by all sorts of disgusting demons, evil images, moving structures, and a giant Cyberdemon. Having no other choice, The Marine had to perform a collective assault before discovering that Deimos was floating on the surface of hell. Luckily at this point, The Marine had quite a lot of experience in assaulting demons, so he decided to jump down to the surface of hell to continue stuffing those who had broken his vacation before ” nice handling ”who is behind the plot to invade the real world: Spiderdemon.

Cốt truyện Doom – P.1: Sự ra đời của người hùng trong bản game 1993

Spiderdemon, the last boss of Doom.

After The Marine finishes dealing with Spiderdemon, the hell must open a new space portal to see him off because it feels like he can’t accommodate this brute. He entered the gate to Earth and lived happily with pet bunny Daisy ever since.

Just kidding, don’t forget to come back to Part 2 of this series!