If you’re tired of burdening the team in other games, then comfort yourself that in Far Cry 5, the gameplay that is not excellent has its storyline “tossing”.

As a fan of this survival war game, the Game is furious after completing Far Cry 5 . It is the anger that comes from the gameplay that should have been quite well leveled by the bullshit story that it “crushed” could not stand up. The whole game therefore suffers from a quality decline.

Plot – a false message and too confusing

As the previous article introduced the initial sense of Far Cry 5, the game story begins with the US Marshal event represented by an officer who collaborated with the local police chief to arrest Joseph Seed . His Project Eden’s Gate sect (PEG) has grown to a dangerous level when there is both a private army and acts of ignorance denounced by locals.

Far Cry 5

There are 5 people in, guess how many people came out?

The team went to arrest people with 5 members including US Marshal officer, Sheriff Whitehorse, the protagonist is deputy police chief Rook, female deputy police chief Hudson and deputy police chief Pratt. The 6-seat helicopter landed in PEG’s church, the police chief asked US Marshal one last time “did you think about it?” and he seems determined to get to the end.

When he read the arrest warrant in front of the blazing eyes of the surrounding teachers, Joseph Seed warned that his arrest would correspond to the prophecy and trigger the “collapse” of the end of the world. the first step. The helicopter carrying Joseph Seed could not go far as his teachers climbed back and forth causing it to crash and five members of the convoy were arrested or missing.

Far Cry 5

Joseph’s church behind murderous intent

Rook and US Marshal managed to escape and together they managed to escape Hope County by road to headquarters calling for help from the National Guard, the National Guard. However, they crashed into a PEG barricade and the car crashed into the river, US Marshal was captured and Rook was saved by a local veteran from his bunker.

From here Rook begins the fight against the sect full of violence and bloodthirsty PEG. Meanwhile, Joseph officially declared that the first sign had appeared and called on the entire cult to start a pre-arranged plan. The entire cult immediately attacked Hope County to loot its possessions and used force to force people to join in preparation for the upcoming apocalypse.

Far Cry 5

The benefactor who saved Rook’s life was a Dutch veteran

Actually, at this stage, I really hope there will be twisted plot lines, knots and unexpected revelations like Far Cry 4 . But no, right at the end of a superficially hidden end, the message “leave them alone, don’t touch”. But unlike Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min there is a very interesting reason that players will break that perhaps from the beginning non-violent solutions are good, this section is completely absurd.

PEG with the evil things that they do from the beginning to the end of the game is “protected” by the game’s main message that makes the player feel that the game itself tolerates evil and that the player has no way to fight it. again. All are “helpless” stretching throughout the game until the end. Including the ending, Far Cry 5 has 3 different endings, but none of them ends in a “good ending” . All 3 endings were tinged with a dark color and the evil was left to exist. The end does not come but not fullness.

Far Cry 5

Killing people after burning houses blames the players, great!

And I was especially annoyed with the lady, Faith Seed , who didn’t know if I brushed my teeth and every time I blew “aura” into my face.

Roster system – A significant bright spot

Other than the Golden Path warriors that only emptied for a while, Far Cry 5 uses a companion system tested from the Primal version with domesticated beasts, this time it was developed for a person called Roster . In short, Roster is a powerful team of players that players can “collect” and call for support throughout the game.

Far Cry 5

Roster is a system of 3 animals, 6 experts and 3 warriors for you to choose to use

These companions will follow players anytime, anywhere, can change people and it is divided into 2 categories: Gun for Hire and Specialist . Gun for Hire is the warrior you meet throughout the game, the number can be up to hundreds but you can only store 3 people in Roster. Specialists are more special warriors including 3 beasts and 6 people with very special abilities.

Far Cry 5

Each Specialist needs to perform a separate task before taking sides with the player

You will have the experience can not “was” more when fighting on the ground that is pilot Nick Rye or old lady near Drubman support aircraft above. All targets that can be seen from the sky will “eat bullets” if you dare touch you. Conversely, if you have the pair of Peaches mountain lions and the beautiful hunter Jess, you will have a genuine ninja team that takes down a stronghold without anyone knowing.

Vehicles used for sucking only

Various types of vehicles are added in abundance in Far Cry 5. In addition to the old land vehicles and a series of new models, a shop system has been created so you can buy cars quickly. optional.

Far Cry 5

Good car, not some broken pieces on the island or on the mountain

The vehicles are divided into groups such as vehicles, ships – seaplanes, airplanes and helicopters – each group has a separate shop for players to buy and use. Once purchased, you absolutely can go to any shop of the same type and “call” it to use.

I was so excited about buying a flashy painted Buggy that I realized it worked like an upgraded version of a terrain vehicle but had 4 seats. And do you know how strange it feels to drive a tractor? Very interesting!

Far Cry 5

Helicopters also have many types that look good

If in Far Cry 4 the helicopter is something like … crushed, then in this version it can not only fly but high-end types equipped with both machine guns and missiles, aircraft too, just like that come on.

The mission system is both interesting and diverse

The missions in the game now have a large repository spread throughout the map of Far Cry 5. There are many different types of missions besides the “classic” types such as plot, assassination or hostage release. Collecting collectibles is now also made into different quest routes.

Not only that, the name of the mission is also very “troll”, such as the father of the name Hurk, yes you will meet not only his father but also his cousin at home. He assigned a mission to help him run for state congressman and its name is “Make Hope Great Again” , sounds familiar?

There are also many tasks that the content itself is very pleasing, for example, after the liberation of the town of Fall’s End, the friend’s wife Nick Rye’s labor and you have to drive the couple to the apartment. born. The country road that day was not as quiet as usual, it was very lively.

A Prepper Stash mission again requires you to go through a haunted house built by the owner. After passing and up to the storage area, the phone will ring and you will hear the homeowner’s delighted voice. To be honest, the haunted house is not scary but the phone call and laugh make me a bit … cold.

Should drive by yourself and never let the companion drive a helicopter

The companion roster and vehicles in Far Cry 5 are very good, but these two combined are disastrous. Like the previous sections, a self-driving function is added to the game so you just need to select a location and press “shift” the car will drive itself there.

Far Cry 5

Self-guidance system only shows up when you are in the car

More specifically, if you intentionally enter the car in the extra seat, the partner will sit in the driver’s seat and drive. This is great because not only will the car drive itself but you will be seated in an extra seat with no arms restrictions like the driver’s seat, you can use all your weapons to lean out the door and shoot.

Far Cry 5

When you get in the car, the companion also climbed up and will help if the enemy encounters along the way

It sounds interesting, but the self-driving function only works on … asphalted roads, and on inter-village dirt roads it stops running even though the road is wider than the asphalt. The AI itself is only optimized on the road, if you miss to accompany the helicopter, sooner or later it will fail because it flies and shoots back anything that looks hostile below.

The process arrangement is bad

For a game, arranging your travel is one of the very important things to create a satisfying experience for the player. However, in Far Cry 5, this was combined with the plot to create a terrible disaster.

Far Cry 5

Each territory has its own list of things to complete, which looks a lot like Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game allows you to freely choose one of the three territories of the three deputy generals who are also brothers of Joseph Seed. That led to a progression of difficulty and drop weapons were almost never built. The enemy always held corn-like rifles such as AR-C, the original Shotgun, pistols 1911. Few enemies used high-end weapons like Magnum or RPG, and AKM or MP5SD were completely unavailable, so you can only buy it from a shop that can’t be picked outside like previous versions.

Far Cry 5

This Prestige SA50 can be purchased anytime, without waiting for an unlock

On the other hand, because “prestige” guns are available for sale, when you “plow” enough money, you tend to buy first instead of waiting for its regular version too long to unlock according to the process. This makes versions often almost worthless. I spent 7,200 VND to buy the SA-50 prestige right from the first area and from then to the end of the game there were 2 50cal sniper guns in the shop as well, no matter what.

The enemy is the same, it is distributed by region so you may encounter heavy soldiers like firefighters, machine guns from the beginning, but they are quite small overall.

The most gruesome is that the level resistance, every time you damage a regional leader to a certain level, you will level up resistance means opening more guns and will be a plot bottleneck that faces directly. with that leader. However, arranging for that situation is done in a very lazy way.

Far Cry 5

Each leader has 3 milestones before going to the “boss battle”

When it reaches the mark, the enemy sends an “elite” team to grab your neck instantly anywhere. They will shoot 1 narcotic and you fall unconscious, the next scene when awake is … tied in front of the boss. It is not “softened” by natural situations, but as if he is collecting electricity, it is time to drag you away. A few times still, but 3 leaders each have 3 levels, you have to be dragged 9 times like that, so boring!

Graphics, sound as excellent as always

It can be said that graphics and sound are two things that are hard to criticize of Far Cry 5, with extremely good optimization, gamers can completely play Far Cry 5 low with the equivalent configuration of Far Cry 4. Only need your computer to run part 4, it is likely that it is enough to play this part with a moderate definition, not too ugly. Conversely, if you play on a console or have a more powerful machine configuration, you absolutely can enjoy the “max” graphics with all the high-end effects shimmering.

All images of this article were taken at the lowest graphics mode of the game. The machine is too weak! Hu hu hu!

The sound part, though nothing superior, can be said to be equivalent to the previous versions with the sounds of the mountains, the gunfire changes when the gun is about to run out, the sound of gunshots echoes, the sound of roars … well done.

Far Cry 5

They even voiced the conversation between Hurk and a Specialist in your team

The voiceover for the companions is also made in detail, they will report situations such as changing bullets, moving, detecting the enemy and especially praising you whenever the enemy headshot.

The quality is quite good but still not equal to the previous versions

Because of the bad storyline and bad process arrangement, Far Cry 5 can be said to be a qualified product to be a member of the Far Cry series but could not become the top game among the brothers.

Far Cry 5

Look like the challenge mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

To “save”, the manufacturer also added Far Cry Arcade, but in retrospect, it was just a style of self-created screen and promoted to get points like the previous Call of Duty Modern Wafare games. The only difference is that the maps of CoD are professionally created by the manufacturer and this map is created by users with high quality.

Overall with a fan of this series you can try to enjoy the attractions of the gameplay, do not pay attention to the plot and also do not regret the disappointing results.

Minimum configuration for PC:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (must be 64-bit required)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz or AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD R9 270 (2GB VRAM supports Shader Model 5.0 and above)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • HDD: 40 GB of free hard disk space