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This Far Cry 5 tutorial will be advice and experience for newbies entering the early stages of the game, making it easier to enter the game.

Everyone who has just installed Far Cry 5 will need a set of Far Cry 5 tips for getting started. This is an important stage for you to prepare the best and move quickly into the next section to avoid unnecessary mistakes that take time in the game.

The game introduces the Far Cry 5 tutorial for beginners to help you have the basics at the beginning. Compared to Far Cry 4 , this part has many other changes in the gameplay mechanism so you also need to be careful despite having a long experience of playing this series.

Boomer dog is not a priority choice

It must be said that with the companion dog built and promoted enthusiastically, many gamers are curious to own this 4-legged character. A large portion of players choose the first direction to Fall’s End instead of another area to open this dog. However, when you look carefully, Boomer is a specialist specializing in surveillance, it is only suitable for those who choose to fight surreptitiously in a ninja style.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

Boomer next to the owner of the body

In terms of fighting, Boomer is weaker than a normal fighter due to its melee attack. love. So if you count solo, enemies will always have an advantage over Boomer unless you have to draw firepower to Boomer attack from behind.

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Grace Armstrong is an expert sniper and the place to open this character is not too far from Boomer

If you choose the “go loud” route with the rain of bombs and storms, you should replace Boomer with Fighter-like warriors and then open specialist Grace Armstrong , she is a powerful sniper that can support you from behind when fighting. face to face with the enemy.

Use AR-CL instead of AR-C

Guns give you a very modest start, the maximum amount of ammunition to carry is not much and only 2 gun slots should be able to talk about weapons you are extremely weak at first. Instead of using the AR-C machine gun, prioritize the AR-CL sniper rifle. In fact, this sniper rifle is an AR-C modified to be a sniper so it is much more versatile.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

AR-CL has all the features of AR-C and has an extra viewfinder and sniper mode

AR-CL in addition to the existing AR-C features such as machine gun fire, using machine gun bullets , it has a higher accuracy and viewfinder available. You only need to buy one more silencer to have a gun that both reduces sniper and melee firing as normal submachine gun. Its advantage is the use of knitting rifles that nearly 80% of enemies use this type of gun, picking up bullets used for security is never missing.

Get on the gun “big” and actively “mistakenly”

The Far Cry 5 guide is somewhat different from the other versions, especially here, you need to have at least one gun with terrible damage (6 or more) to protect yourself. These can be magnum pistols, M60 submachine guns or 50.cal bullets. The reason is that the heavy soldiers appear very early in the game, not wait until the back as the previous versions.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

You need to have at least one heavy gun to defend yourself, as many as possible

The way to get powerful guns without spending money is to “hold the wrong”, fortunately Far Cry 5 still holds the rule that you take a new gun to the shop and will open in the shop without buying. So if you are lucky, “smelly chips” of heavy guns, you just need to hold it and run to the nearest gun store to own right away. After that is attaching an accessory, paint some color depending on the taste.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

You also need to quickly open the 3rd and 4th slot to be able to carry more weapons

Another option is to buy “prestige” guns, which are high-end guns sold with cash (silver bar) but allow you to buy them with money at a high price. In return, you do not need to wait for the game to unlock the same password for you. The best option is a 50.cal sniper priced at 7200 VND, with which you can take down bears, shoot down helicopters and planes and clean up heavy soldiers quite easily.

How to fend off heavy soldiers without strong weapons

The game draws this when encountering the heavy soldier holding the first machine gun in the game. It took two AR-C headshots like scratching and shotgun to no avail and was taken down by several M60 shots. There are 3 types of soldiers that can be classified in the heavy category at the beginning of the game as firefighters, machine guns (LMGs) and VIP cult.

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Cult VIP is quite hard and has a crown icon, but one is still softer than the other two

All 3 types can be killed quickly by taking down (stabbing), but when fighting head on, melee is useless. The second way for all 3 types is to use fire like a petrol bomb to burn them very effectively. With Cult VIP you can use how to pour rushing bullets such as shotgun or AR-C about 1-2 tape is finished because it is quite “soft” than the other 2 types. With the flamethrower, aiming at the fuel tank he wears behind him, a few shots will accurately explode. Particularly LMG soldiers can only be defeated by heavy guns such as LMG or sniper 50.cal.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

In addition to the shop in the outpost, there are many “peddlers” who walk along the road or in the forest

The reward for taking out the first fire fighters or LMG soldiers you meet is their gun. If you run back to the shop, you will have a heavy defense.

Actively “phượt”, do not worry about moving issues

When looking at the main map of Far Cry 5 you may be “shocked” because it looks quite wide. However, the move is not too difficult because fast travel is almost dense everywhere. Unlike the old versions with only a few external points and outposts, in Far Cry 5 almost every place will have a fast travel point. What you need to do is just try to open these points by stepping into its area, so along the way you see the big building, go into its yard.

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Fast travel points (in blue) are densely packed

Besides the vehicle system is no less than the previous versions, it is not difficult to find a car, even secretly you can hop on a plow and run. And if the point you need is only within 300m then you absolutely can … jog.

Actively hunt the stash prepper

The stash preppers are stockpiles of Hope County residents just in case. Usually it will contain guns and money along with other necessities. Scattered in Hope County there are many, you just need to find people with symbols (!) With diamonds on their heads to talk and they will show you 1 location.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

After speaking with the informant, the location of the stash will appear on the map

The Prepper stash acts as a treasure puzzle mini game, each with its own key hiding place that forces you to think or strain your eyes. Although not very easy, the reward is well worth a try. In addition to the guns and bullets, you also get a lot of money and most importantly, the “perk magazine”, an average of 3 books per stash, each book will give you 1 point perk to increase skills.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

Inside a stash prepper

This is a good way to plow perk besides meeting the performance requirements. You can also get AR-CLs easily by finding these stash instead of buying money.

The skills need to come up first

You only have 2 starting gun slots of which 1 slot is only for the side arm (pistols and auxiliary guns) so it is almost useless until you pick up the magnum or open the M79 . The most important thing is to open the 3rd slot to have 1 rifle and 1 heavy gun. So you need to prioritize increasing your 3rd slot skill early, it costs 8 perk so it is quite sour.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

In addition to the 3rd and 4th gun slot types of hooks, umbrellas, fishing rods, and lockpicks should be opened soon

The remaining skills required such as long diving, open for parachute , open using climbing rope , lockpick skills or increase blood limit also need to be prioritized to help you be more mobile and live longer. Next are the complementary skills for the type of play you like, for example, if you like sneaky action, you can open advanced take down skills and speeding up movement skills in a hidden position (sitting). If you want to sweep, increase the skills to help increase the amount of ammunition to carry, increase weapons proficiency …

Be cautious when entering the fight

Far Cry 5 does not provide healing skills without a blood bag, you can only heal with blood bags and start carrying only a maximum of 3 bags. The second way of healing is to hide in a hidden corner and wait for 10 seconds for the blood to heal itself if it does not hurt more similarly to the games of Call of Duty.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

The enemy shoots pretty well, especially when attacking large numbers so you have to be careful

Therefore be careful with the crowded battle, even though you have support, but if the “heavy damage” is still dead as usual. Even if you have “buffalo blood”, there are enemies that can make you down as quickly as rockets or hunter . Especially if you die in the middle of a siege, your teammates are hard to reach to revive, and if you try, your teammates will die.

Make money in any way?

The perpetual question of those new to the Far Cry game , at the beginning we are always thirsty and the end of the millionaire game. There are effective ways to make money in the early game that you can choose as follows:

– Search for stash preppers, each of them cost several hundred dollars.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

Fishing is also a good source of revenue

– Open fishing skills, buy a fishing rod and find a place to hide in a sentence, note to avoid crowds of enemies who cannot harass. The main road and the river are the places where the wagon train runs like ants, never sit there fishing, unseen fish and shaggy guys dance like hot cakes around. Each fish can sell from 100 VND or more, sitting a little can make quite a bit.

– Open the lockpick skill and go to open the safe. In outposts, there are usually a safe and scattered in the houses, the store area may also have a safe or more cash on the table.

– Unleash ninja-style outposts to achieve “undetected”. You will get a lot of bonus if you lower your post without being detected.

hướng dẫn Far Cry 5

Opening a safe not only has money but also a Silver Bar

– Go hunting for sale leather, it is best to use the bow and arrow and open skills x2 booty when hunting. In the beginning, it should be chase deer, it is only skunk, only fight with the bear when it is locked up or in the hands of heavy guns from shotgun upwards, which will ruin the skin.

– Do side quests to get bonuses. In the game there are many side quests to give you a range of 200 – 800 VND each, if plowing hard, the ability to buy genuine guns is not far away.

Above are the Far Cry 5 instructions for beginners, it is only useful in the initial difficult period. Later when you are “rich”, you can completely develop your character and the way you want to play doesn’t need to rely on the above tips anymore. Wish you have a good Far Cry 5 start.