If you are wondering about Doom Eternal’s internet connection requirements, its bugs, or the ability to crossplay, this article will address all of those issues.

Doom Eternal, the highly anticipated version of the FPS Doom series, has been released, and I experienced it. According to the information available, the game is highly rated by foreign gaming news sites, with compliments ranging from “perfect sequel” to “candidate for Game of the Year,” and I agree with that judgment after the first few hours of play. As such, this is a game that is worth playing in 2020 if you are an FPS fan, but you may need to know the following before deciding to buy the game.

Requires online?

In the words of Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin from software, Doom Eternal “is fully integrated with online features to reward your level with experience points, unlocking great decorative items like character skins. Weapon skins, nameplates, stands, and more to personalize the single-player, Battlemode, and main menu. ” You do not need to do anything special to receive these rewards besides playing the game while connected to the internet, and the game will not have “offline mode” when your computer is connected to the network.

Id Software talks about the existence of online features in the game.

Thus, software designed Doom Eternal with many online features such as Battlemode, Invasion, and weekly events challenges gamers will need a network connection (and a Bethesda.net account) to participate in these features. However, if you do not have a network connection, do not care about PvP, or do not want to be disturbed while playing, you can fight Doom Eternal without an internet connection. You won’t get experience points to unlock new items.

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Crossplay and PvP?

Although a single-player shooter, Doom Eternal also has a PvP multiplayer. The Deathmatch PvP mode does not appear in this version because it is too old, and many people do not like it, says Pete Hines – Bethesda vice president. Instead, the game will have a beautiful asymmetric Battlemode 2vs1 style, when one side is two demons and the other is Doom Slayer armed to the teeth. However, the game does not support cross-play across multiple systems at present, so if you want to put onions for friends or set up a team to put onions for others, you can only buy Doom Eternal on the same system.

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Another type of PvP that will appear in the game is an “invasion” similar to Dark Souls when a gamer breaks into someone else’s single player. It would probably be a game of hiding and seek as an intruder attempts to disrupt the Doom Slayer’s progress and make it more difficult because Doom Slayer now has to deal with a devil whose human is not. Must only know howling and attacking.

A small but exciting detail in the PvP part of Doom Eternal is that at the end of the match, you can “like” others by right-clicking on their names and selecting “Add Booster.” When praised like this, the number of experience points they get after the game will increase, and you lose nothing when doing this.


Of course, every software has a bug. The game currently has a few dozen bugs found, ranging from mild to severe. Some bugs do not affect gameplay, such as weapons challenges or weekly challenges removed from the interface (which can be overcome by repeating dragging it into the interface) to somewhat serious things. More like the game “forgetting” to delete your save if playing in Ultra-Nightmare mode and turn off the game as soon as the Game Over screen appears (actually, software intentionally did so to give gamers a chance to do it again).

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On the PC, several other errors are also reported, such as many laptops can not run Doom Eternal or game crashes on startup. The software says it “doesn’t support laptop hardware,” but if the laptop has an exemplary configuration, it will run Doom Eternal. Computers that use AMD graphics cards and multi-monitor connections may also crash if these monitors plug into two cards instead of one or when you turn off V-Sync while turning on OBS to stream games. If you are using an AMD card with Windows 8, the game will not start unless you have upgraded the latest AMD Radeon driver, October 19.1.1.

That’s just a part of the existing bugs, and as you can see, all the game crashes occur on AMD graphics cards. These bugs will be fixed in the future, and new bugs will be discovered, but for now, you need to pay attention to the bugs above to be able to play Doom Eternal on the launch day.