With Doom Eternal, Software has answered many gamers’ questions, including a question that has existed for decades: “Is Doomguy a Doom Slayer?”

Because the Doom series has undergone two reboots, plus the fact thatSoftware has never officially confirmed the relationship between the Doom series’s main characters, the world’s gamers have spent decades talking and deducing. And argue over who Doom Slayer is and what he’s been through. This may have been going on since the first release of Doom in 1993, but Doom Eternal has changed everything. Although there are still a few big unanswered questions, this game gives gamers a clear, coherent answer to Doom Slayer, telling the player precisely who this hero is and who he was. Get the source of your power. Let’s explore the answer software has included in Doom Eternal.

Lots of spoilers. Think before you watch!

Past story

I wrote about the “career” of Doom Slayer in the series about the plot of the previous Doom versions, but to summarize, there is not much you need to know at this stage. Our main character in previous Dooms (temporarily called Doomguy) is a Marine who was sent to Mars as a guard for UAC after beating an officer because he ordered an attack on civilians. UAC’s dangerous experiments caused their bases on Mars, Phobos, and Deimos to be caught up in strange phenomena before Deimos disappeared and demons flowed into the real world.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal - P.2: Doomguy đã trở thành Doom Slayer như thế nào?

As a guard, Doomguy had to do things far beyond the salary he was paid when he went to hell, like going to the market, killing demons like cutting chicken blood, and stuffing onions for all who plotted to destroy my world. However, because he was alone, he could not appear anywhere at the same time. The demons have reached Earth, and it seems they killed his pet bunny Daisy. Like John Wick, he picked up his favorite weapon again and started working.

What Doomguy does is shown in Doom 2. He helps the Earth people launch spacecraft into space, preserve the last germ of humanity before going to hell again to interrupt the Icon of Sin, and then turn back to Earth. After these victories, the Doom guy, who has PTSD, caused him to fall into depression and nightmares. Fortunately, his soulmate in Hell, the Mother Demon, revived his children to provide “therapy.” for Doomguy. Because of this generosity and friendliness, Doomguy decided to move his home to Hell and never return to Earth.

The story in a distant place

The software has developed a new story based on this platform, a new universe for Doomguy – now perhaps called Doom Slayer after the victories in hell – to unleash. As Doom Eternal revealed, our protagonist has been rocking hell for years before appearing in a country called Argent D’Nur for some reason. Doom Slayer was thrown into the arena to prove himself in the tradition of this country. At this point, it seems that Argent D’Nur still doesn’t know Hell.

Shortly after that, Hell came to Argent D’Nur – it was unclear if it was following the Doom Slayer, but war broke out. Residents of Argent D’Nur rely on their god, Khan Maykr, but Khan Maykr is only a flesh-and-blood creature and is only the Maykr race leader with an intense civilization period of progress. This race considers itself a god, and Argent D’Nur is just one of the countless races that worship them.

Hell Walker

Doom Slayer in the Night Sentinel ranks.

At this point, Doom Slayer showed his muscles in the arena and impressed the inhabitants of Argent D’Nur to the point where they brought him into the ranks of Night Sentinel, their finest corps to spend kill demons. Although he was called “Outlander” by the people of Argent D’Nur, Doom Slayer is still the most powerful warrior on the battlefield with evil to protect Argent D’Nur.

Seraphim appears

In Doom Eternal, the devil’s stone steles mentioned that Doom Slayer was given a mysterious hooded entity called Seraphim that showed the ability to suck the souls of those he destroyed to strengthen themselves. In Doom Eternal, that detail will be clarified, and the truth will probably surprise you.

The war between Hell and Argent D’Nur is ongoing and escalating when the giant Titan appeared in Taras Nabad, a large city of Argent D’Nur. The Titan and the demons defeated almost all of the Night Sentinel forces protecting this city, but Doomguy was still there.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal - P.2: Doomguy đã trở thành Doom Slayer như thế nào?

A Titan.

Many years before the Doom Slayer appeared at Argent D’Nur, there was a prophecy saying that an evil “Unholy One” would emerge from the Argent D’Nur ranks, destroying the Maykr clan. To prevent this, Khan Maykr created a machine called the Divinity Machine to refine the souls of the planet’s inhabitants, and that machine (or one of those machines) was located in Taras Nabad.

Amid the ruins of Taras Nabad, a strange figure in a red hooded cloak appears and secretly leads him to the Divinity Machine. “Take it. It will give you strength. Help you on your journey ”- he said that the machine would give the Doom Slayer power. Indeed, the Divinity Machine does not purify the Doom Slayer’s soul but grants him superior strength and abilities. In the records of the last demons, that hooded guy was called Seraphim.

Hell Walker

There are many secrets.

Thus, we all know that the Doomguy of the old versions and the Doom Slayer of the two latest versions are the same. Doom Eternal still contains many other mysteries, such as who the hooded Maykr and who the “Father” of the Maykr clan – will be revealed in the next articles. Do not forget to return to the game in the coming days!