Save is a must-have for any game, but there are a few places where Save Point prefers to play the rest of the game in a way that makes the pot smear.

Save Points play a vital role in any game, but a few games do not want to be the same but design the weirdest Save Points you can think of.

Playsets go “fight” for enthusiasts of Gaming Gear Gaming enthusiasts always need a standard set of toys to “fight” on the fronts and “rock” at home. Which one to choose? Please see the following advice.

Bonfires and the beginning of history’s most erotic screen

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If you say which Save Point is both weird and most famous in the gaming world, then the Souls-like genre’s Bonfires ranks first without thinking. Unlike the other save points where you save the game, Bonfires is an oasis, a paradise, a stake for players to cling to in desperate moments in the game. Because the Souls-like games’ mechanism is that death can come to you in a second, the minute before was full of blood suddenly half a second later on the counting board.

That’s why finding Bonfires is almost like a soul-saving point. It will be a disaster when you run eight rounds of the earth, run out of toys, and see no pot, then suddenly the monster dies. I happened to have an earplug and die. This case in Dark Souls happens like a meal, so the player sees the figure of Bonfires knowing that his fragile life is guaranteed.

Những điểm Save Point độc đáo nhất trong thế giới game

Bonfires are not only a place to heal, increase points, buy items, and other tricks, not just a simple Save Point, with a battle mechanism several dozen times in the same place. A Bonfire is located near boss fights are sometimes happier than everything else in the world because you don’t have to run around and die like a fool.

Bonfires also spawned a new concept that symbolized this series. It was so famous that almost any Souls-like game would have to follow suit. Bonfires’ fun is that it brings not only life but also death, because every time you stay here, the surrounding monsters will revive, ready for a “walk” in front of you filled with onion into his mouth.

Typewriter in a city full of Zombie

Những điểm Save Point độc đáo nhất trong thế giới game

In a city where zombies walk in flocks and tyrants with steel-like bodies hunt down every street, the player’s solution to survival is to sneak into a closed room and start playing with a typewriter save my wish. The typewriter of Resident Evil is unique in the game industry when it not only plays the role of Save Point but also helps increase the horror part.

The rattle and rattle of an empty room in the middle of a bunch of zombies is much more horror, even though you know you are entirely safe. In some cases, this typewriter is a real nightmare when you don’t have an “Ink Ribbon,” imagine running around to Save Point and realizing you can’t save it. It was hard to describe when the blood ran out of ammunition; the heart and lungs were fighting at a rate of 1000 beats per second when some dead Tyrant was hanging around the door.

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The Save Point in Resident Evil is unique, and even with the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake, there is a certain death who spread rumors that Nemesis could go to the save room to smash players’ heads right away. This news then confused the public to the point where Capcom had to correct and silence it, but no matter what, the typewriter’s rattling was very haunting. When talking about this Save Point.

The small chair with Ico’s eternal dream

Những điểm Save Point độc đáo nhất trong thế giới game

As a real work of art like Shadow of the Colossus, Ico is a game that is highly rated but too picky players and not famous worthy of its quality. This game has the best music you have ever seen as well as an impressive Save Point. It is a rocking chair that when you want to save the main character, Ico and Yorda will sit down and rest.

This Save Point’s design style is extraordinary when you feel these two characters are slowly falling asleep on the other bench. The writer himself, when playing this game for the first time and listening to the music at the save, also has a feeling of indescribable delusion, like I’m naturally strangely lazy and want to sit there always do not stand up like 2 Characters in the game.

Even at that time and ever after, no game has made a unique Save Point like Ico and the way it creates a strangely soothing atmosphere that players only want to Sit still and enjoy forever. Unfortunately, Ico’s legendary chair is not as famous as the Bonfires of Dark Souls because the game itself is super hard to understand.

Go to the washroom and save by taking off your pants.

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These are probably the two Save Point. The most unhygienic in human history. We will often see many categories such as light columns, diamonds, safe room, typewriter, phone booth, bed, or housebreak, but using the toilet to save might be a bit too unique already. Obviously, with the pointy Save Point like this, the game must be proportional. Please introduce No More Heroes, there will not be any menu, but every time you want to save, run to the nearest toilet and take off your pants to get started.
This crazy idea also appeared in Dead Rising, except that instead of going heavy, Frank will start discharging massive water excitedly. The only good point is that the game is civilized when This Save Point is located at the men’s toilet instead of females. There is an apparent distortion of who wants to see the warm storks of the male guys they are controlling, but that doesn’t prevent them from showing off every time they want to save.

Khi người ta cố ý làm Save Point trở nên... khác người

On a nice day, when you think of ecological people, you will find that things like Save Point in the toilet are incredibly unscientific. No matter the reason for watching the character, my body is continuously taking off my pants is very unhealthy.