The Point Shop can be considered as a mercenary mode conversion system in Resident Evil 3 Remake, where you can use points to buy immortal equipment and guns.

After completing the Resident Evil 3 Remake once in any difficulty level, the player will unlock Point Shop, which is the store where you can use points received in the game to buy items. Other than the original, in addition to the immortal guns, the Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Point Shop also has support items, they will increase the stats when the character is worn in the same person as other RPG games.

There is a point you need to remember that the point of purchase in the Point Shop does not depend on the difficulty you are playing, but it will be based on the achievements achieved such as: completing the game without spending blood, killing a number of enemies. certain or get enough items … Simply put, the player will need to plow hoes repeatedly a certain task to get points, this is actually quite boring.

Items purchased from the Point Shop will automatically be added to your inventory at any time in the game (purchase is complete), it counts for both Jill and Carlos. The only exception is Hip Pouch (increase the inventory box), it can only be taken at the beginning of the game, not in the inventory.

Now the Game will list the items in the Point Shop and its uses, specifically as follows:

STARS Gear – priced at 2000P : Jill’s outfit while doing STARS missions

– Recovery Coin – Costing 4000P and buying up to 2 pieces: Helps characters automatically heal over time, the healing speed is equal to Assisted mode, but this coin is harmful in that it recovers 100% health. rather than just going to the golden mold like Assisted mode.

Recovery Coin is very important when you want to get the trophy to complete the game without healing more than once, but basically, the difficulty level from Nightmare and above is quite useless, because the healing amount is not fast enough to escape. danger area

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– Defense Coin – Cost 4000P and can buy up to 2 pieces: Double the defense when wearing 2 pieces, but Defense Coin has another effect is to reduce the time Zombie clinging to you. This is especially important at hardcore difficulty levels, because the game design then is that no matter how fast you press, you will eat at least 2 bites.

Defense Coin does not matter at the difficulty level below hardcore, but Nightmare and Inferno it is a must have, because any Zombie that comes on you will surely be bitten to death.

– Attack Coin – Costing 4000P and buying up to 2 pieces: Double the attack power when wearing 2 pieces, Attack Coin works for both knives and guns. In fact, this item may look a little useless now that you have Rocket immortal, but at Nightmare and Inferno difficulty it is also required.

The reason is because the monsters in these difficulty levels are more buffalo, it takes 2 Rocket to kill the Hunter or Licker but if wearing 2 Attack Coin pieces, it only needs 1 piece, how important this is need not to say anymore. .

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Bolt Cutters and Lockpick – same price 2800P : Unlocked items with pliers to break the door, generally not necessary because you can get them right from the beginning of the game.

Crafting Companion – cost 4000P : Double the amount of ammunition manufactured, if used Rocket this completely redundant but anyone who likes to play the other style will probably have some effect.

STARS Combat Manual – priced at 6400P : Helps the wearer dodge easier, basically, in Resident Evil 3 Remake monsters hit very slowly already, so it doesn’t matter whether or not it is.

Hip Pouch – cost 4800 to buy up to 2 pieces: Each Hip Pouch increases 4 more unpacked items, this is a must if you want to complete the difficulty of Inferno, because the number of extra containers is enough to store 6 coins plus Rocket immortal bullet.

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– Hot Dogger – priced at 7200P: Just like Jill’s regular dagger except for hours of ignition, fire damage is nearly equal to the burn damage of Flame Round bullets. Basically completely useless because originally the dagger in the game was something no one wanted to use, to beautify the main collection.

Samurai Edge – priced at 5600P : The revolver version is a bit stronger than the one that Jill used at first, but it is basically useless because it can not attach more mods and magazines too, at a lower price. The whole dagger is enough to understand that this is just worth wasting.

MUP Pistol – cost 8000P: Almost like the Samurai Edge except that they are immortal, the problem is that when you have enough money to buy this, there is probably nothing to plow in the game anymore.

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Rai-Den – cost 12000 : This gun is really interesting because it fires bullets from the field, which will kill all enemies except the boss if it hits the weak point. Note that if you do not hit the weak point, the Rai-Den will not cause damage, it one-shot all monsters in the game from Zombie, Pale Head, Hunter to Licker.

Rai-Den’s weak point is that you have to really look good, the second is that the reload time of this gun is quite slow. Firing at other parts that do not deal damage is sometimes extremely troublesome, because the Hunter Beta and the crowd have a thick layer of protection to protect the mouth is a weakness, you will be very difficult to slip into it.

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CQBR Assault Rifle – Priced at 28400P : The rifle is the same as the one Carlos used, in fact, this item is most useless in the game because the price is too expensive, at this price, you would rather save Rocket and use the one. What the hell is this for tired.

Rocket Launcher – Priced 62000P : Legendary of all the legends of the Resident Evil 3 Remake, killing everything in just one catch. You must have it if you want to complete the game at difficulty Nightmare or higher.

Hướng dẫn Resident Evil 3 Remake: Toàn tập về Point Shop

And that’s all in the Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Point Shop, in the article to the Game that will show you how to plow points quickly, please pay attention to it.