The mysterious figure Samuel Hayden and the organization he leads seem to have more secrets than we thought.

As well as the unexpected appearance of new character Khan Maykr, the fate of Samuel Hayden – president of UAC – is revealed in Doom Eternal in a surprising way. You meet this president again when he is in the “wicked body”, only his body and an arm remain. Meanwhile, the spokesman for his UAC corporation uttered bullshit praising the devil and urging people to surrender soon, accepting the fate of being absorbed into Hell. What happen?


First, let’s summarize the history of UAC from Doom (2016) so far so you can easily follow. In the plot of the reboot Doom in 2016, UAC discovered Argent Energy on Mars for the first time in 2095 and set up bases to exploit this type of energy within a year later. The new source of energy quickly became the savior of the Earth, which was running out of energy, and enriched UAC. There is one thing that UAC hides from humanity: they know that Argentine energy comes from Hell, but Dr. Samuel Hayden believes that continuing to exploit Argent from Hell is good for humans.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

An Argent energy battery in Doom 2016.

In order to exploit this energy, Samuel Hayden organized many exploration missions to Hell, despite the enormous loss of life and money caused by the demons in the way. In return, they also captured quite a lot of demons to serve the research and manufacturing of biological weapons. But the most impressive results of these missions were their discovery of the Corrax steles, the old Daeva book, the Praetor armor and the sealed Doom Slayer coffin.

But “when you look into a deep, a deep pool also looks back at you.” UAC was gradually corrupted and infested by the spiritual power from Hell, and its result was the birth of a cult of evil worship within UAC. Samuel Hayden and the other members of the UAC leadership know the existence of the sect, but accept it so that it can still benefit UAC and humanity. But they were overconfident: Olivia’s cult broke out of UAC’s control, causing Olivia to succeed in opening a portal connecting UAC base to Hell in 2149.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

See Olivia Pierce again.

The devastation caused by the demons forces Samuel Hayden to awaken Doom Slayer, and you already know what happened after that. He proves that he is a “one man army” and crushes all efforts to stop him on his way to Olivia Pierce, destroying her and carrying the Crucible sword – a weapon of terrifying power created so from Argent energy back to Mars. However, Samuel steals this sword from the Doom Slayer and disappears before his eyes, ending the events that occurred in Doom 2016.

What did Samuel Hayden do after that?

If you remember, in the process of destroying the demons and closing the gates of Hell on Mars, Doom Slayer destroyed the Argent energy mining equipment in the UAC base. This has led to chaos on Earth because all the energy they use depends on the facilities of UAC on Mars. In the midst of this chaotic situation, Samuel Hayden appeared before the leaders of mankind, raised the Crucible sword and said that he had the solution to the current disaster in his hands.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

Samuel returns to Earth with Crucible in his hand.

Instead of using Crucible as a means of personal gain, Samuel Hayden turned the Crucible sword into the main source of energy of the Earth ever since. He also shared the technological advances that UAC is having, as well as opening UAC’s scientific bases to the world.

Not stopping there, the scientist believes he can solve the current energy problem, and embarks on finding a way to create “synthetic Argent energy,” rather than depending on the Crucible or Hell. The merits of Samuel Hayden and his return to Earth as people sought to leave gave him the role of a hero, a legend living in the hearts of the Earth.

Hell reappears

But Olivia Pierce’s death in Hell is not the end of heresy that exists in UAC. On Earth, they open a new portal to Hell right above UAC’s Locke reactor located in Europe. The US-NATO coalition to destroy it completely failed when about 8,000 Gargoyles attacked the human fleet, causing 32 battleships in their fleet to sink and 78% damaged. This forced the fleet to retreat from range, while infantry units sought to enter the target from behind.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

Earth forces attack the Locke reactor.

Following the discovery of special forces sneaking into the reactor, they discovered friend-enemy (IFF) signals concentrated in the area, which indicated that the corpses of human soldiers were used. used to create “Super Gore Nest,” the largest gargantuan portal among the Gore Nest gates that humans have ever witnessed. Therefore, this place is considered the center of the army of Hell on Earth, and scientists recommend this place should be “cleaned” by a nuclear bomb.

UAC schizophrenia

The army of the humans was completely surprised by the appearance of the demons, and their invasion progressed rapidly. About 60% of the Earth’s population is quickly slaughtered and turned into evil nourishment (and Maykr), and the small fortresses are isolated and disappear every day.

Faced with this situation, Samuel Hayden and his fellow UAC members separated from UAC and established a new organization called Armored Response Coalition. The fanatics stay with UAC and order the staff to stop resisting, waiting to be part of the Underworld, while the UAC factories turn to building weapons and armor for the devil. There was also a small group that hesitated not to follow Samuel Hayden but also did not want to lose his life, such as the officers and soldiers on the UAC base at Phobos. They did not follow UAC or ARC, but did not stop fighting the legions of Hell thanks to the BFG-10000 cannon installed here.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

Mobile Command Carrier, ARC mobile headquarters.

Back to ARC. The objective of this organization is to prevent and repel evil and Samuel Hayden continues to lead, participate in scientific research efforts, weapons development and even directly fight when needed. The ARC facility is made up of UAC’s old research centers and factories, which are in a separate location, have strong security forces and are controlled by AI. Thanks to these constructions and the support of the survivors, Samuel quickly armed a powerful army with giant robots, advanced weapons and directly fought the demons.

That is still not enough. In a decisive campaign called Hellbreaker, Samuel Hayden was seriously injured and his robot body was devastated, but fortunately was recovered. The army of ARC is also so badly damaged that when you reach the headquarters of ARC, it is surrounded by demons and Samuel has lost nearly half of his body.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.3: Điều gì đã xảy ra với UAC và Samuel Hayden?

But only when falling into this situation, the greatest secret of Samuel Hayden gradually revealed. According to an ARC researcher standing by his remains, the techniques that Samuel uses for his robot body “are too strange,” even to a leading scientific organization. such as ARC.

So, who is Samuel Hayden?