If Doom Slayer “accidentally” encounters like-minded characters, the result will be like the journey to destroy all kinds of demons in the world.

Like many types of characters born to make memes, Doom Slayer is very famous for the saying, ” Doom Slayer is not stuck with the demons, but the mobs are stuck with that crazy person “. Hegemony, good shooting, know how to use melee weapons, and most importantly, wild blood is always in him. Doom Slayer is often compared in the same way, if it is sent to another world, what will it be like?

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Note: This is the only comparison for “happy mouth” when idle in Goku’s style fighting with Superman, who will win. You can ultimately have the opposite analysis or bring other characters to discuss in the comment section below. Just don’t take this as a serious comparison.

Alucard – Castlevania

Win rate: This bat will turn into soup.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

A famous protagonist in the Castlevania series, Alucard is also an independent character that does not belong to the demon hunter lineage as many heroes in the previous game. In essence, Alucard would be very suitable prey for Doom Slayer to hunt because this is a vampire anyway. If this match happened, then Alucard would lose to the tail like a drugged bat and put it into a hotpot, regardless of using all the skills they learned.

Alucard’s problem is that he is not as strong as his father, i.e., the stats and the power or ability to transform are far worse than a shake. Even in the game, Alucard can only be turned into a bat or a dog, not some giant monster enough to scare Doom Slayer. Not to mention the problem here is that Alucard all uses melee weapons. Before they can come close, Doom Slayer has shot her nephew into a torn hive.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

In a better case than Alurcard could use magic, it would be nothing more than a rusty nail compared to the armor that Doom Slayer was wearing. Even if he were to fight close-range, this vampire would be sawed for both input drops. And Doom Slayer does not need to use mana to cast spells. If he runs out of ammunition, he will hook a chainsaw or even bare hands and grind his energy. It would be unfortunate for 80 years for Alucard to meet an opponent like that because the chance of winning is entirely equal to zero. Well, running is possible.

Geralt – The Witcher

Win rate: Sure win.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

There is a good point between Geralt and Doom Slayer that they are both demon hunters and appear as guests in many different games, except that if Doom Slayer is famous for crazy blood, Geralt is reminded more in a more “pompous” manner. If these two grandfathers were released into the same place on a clear day, having to fight to see who would be a better demon hunter, then Geralt only had water to collect in the jar.

There was a small problem with Doom Slayer that he had no concept of busy fighting in his head. What this crazy guy did was shoot out and shoot everything in front of him. On the other hand, Geralt relies heavily on combat and magic skills, too time-consuming preparations. And even if Geralt has all his magic, it is impossible to scratch a Doom Slayer nail. The time for The Witcher to cast the spell is Doom Slayer has shot 8,000 rounds of bullet already.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

And it would be suicide if he dared to bring his sword close to the Doom Slayer, so regardless of whether he is far or near, playing guerrilla or face to face, Geralt has no percentage of victory over Doom Slayer. In general, it is a bit unfair to put a young man with many talents in bed, having to fight with a core soldier wearing a gun and sawing a machine like that.

Những nguyên tắc cần biết nếu muốn sinh tồn trong chế độ Warzone của Call of Duty

Rules to know if you want to survive in the Warzone mode of Call of Duty Shooting down enemies is comfortable but sometimes to stay in Warzone mode is an art. Let’s start with the most straightforward principles, Please!

Dante – Devil May Cry

Win rate: Draw when Dante is in human form, win too high when this guy becomes a devil or pokes the dog.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

It’s also a demon hunter’s case versus a demon hunter, but Dante’s issue is a bit more complicated because this sword has half a human blood. If we counted the timeline before Devil May Cry<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> 3 when Dante was not awakened, this might be a match because both have long-range weapons and close combat. Doom Slayer could not kill Dante thoroughly, and the opposite side was similar. Dante’s damage as a human was too weak to injure Doom Slayer.

But suppose Dante starts to awaken the demon’s blood. In that case, that’s a different story because we all know that Doom Slayer’s intrinsic factor is to multiply X times the number of times when the opponent is of the demon race, the more influential the devil is, the more damage and power The defense is increasingly intense. Similarly, the more Dante transforms, the more Doom Slayer will “compensate for chaos”, in return, until a certain threshold of Doom Slayer damage exceeds Dante’s healing ability only.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

Moreover, Dante’s body is only immortal to a certain extent. Being cut into eight pieces would not be able to be reassembled. Moreover, if Dante does his usual provocation, the chances are that he will die even faster because the incidence rate is exceptionally high. The reason is that Doom Slayer has a dead pet, and Dante is very gossipy to talk about pets. If missed, it is no different from buffing another 10 trillion of damage to the opponent because Daisy rabbit is the reason Doom Slayer goes to hell to kill.

Kratos – God of War

Odds of winning: Kratos had to die when Kratos was with the boy. There was no piece of flesh left when Kratos was in Greece.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

This deal, the Doom Slayer, is located at the lower door, except for one that is how to die for the most comfortable view. Doom Slayer can be considered a “semi-god,” but compared to the true god of war … more than crazy blood, about the past, the brutality and history of killing, Doom Slayer is not even with Kratos’s toenails. Doom Slayer maybe for a bunny to kill hell, but Kratos can destroy the whole world because some god of death dare speaks ill of him.

On top of that, Kratos possesses all divine weapons. If they bring out any new ax or old twin blades, they will have the power to split the Doom Slayer as if cutting tofu. If Doom Slayer is unlucky to run into Kratos when he is drunk in Greece, the chances are that he will “enjoy” a too catastrophic death when God of War takes Doom Slayer’s chainsaw, then Make meatballs on the spot.

Doom Slayer và những anh hùng xấu số sẽ bị thằng cha này cho ăn hành

Now, if Kratos will be with Boy, then Doom Slayer will probably be a bit easier to die, at least because we should not leave others in front of children. In terms of damage, Kratos’s full power punch can hit both Titan and god distorted mouth. The Doom Slayer’s scabby armor is like rice paper. When Kratos pulls out skills like lightning or earthquakes, dying is still too lucky.