Doom Eternal teaches you that if you encounter a devil, violence is a way to solve all problems, and if you don’t solve the problem, you’re not strong enough.

Doom (2016) is one of the most epic shooting games in recent years. The software team designed the game with the goal of “keep moving forward,” causing gamers to continually engage in fights to destroy the demons and reward them in many different ways. This gameplay makes the game successful and makes a mark in gamers’ hearts, so it’s no wonder Doom Eternal will also ignore the “conservative” elements to push gamers into the game in the most aggressive manner available. It will show the power and hatred of the main character Doom Slayer.

“The solution to every problem in the game is aggression,” says creative director Hugo Martin. ” I think that’s at the heart of all our design rules – you get what you need when you need it.” So Doom Eternal is designed so that gamers can find resources (bullets, blood, armor…) as soon as they need them, and software has worked hard to ensure that everything in the game means something to gamers. Every gun, every upgrade, every demon has its effect. “They push the game forward, keep you thinking and keep you engaged, communicating with the game.”

Called “aggressive resource management” is an upgraded version of what Software has put in Doom 2016. In Doom Eternal, the demons are mobile arenas, blood, ammunition – you need to open them properly. You need to find a shot because the monsters are too crowded? The chainsaw is the tool to use. Character’s blood is low after the fierce gun battle? Use Glory Kill melee attacks to finish off the enemy. Prefer an extra layer of armor to prepare for boss fights? Burn the target with a flamethrower on your shoulder. These features will keep you focused on the battle and ready to destroy the demons with the cruelest methods to get the resources they flush.

id Software tiết lộ thiết kế gameplay lạ lùng của Doom Eternal

The death of the demons and the main character’s death are also used to give gamers something: the necessary experience to not die next time. Production director Marty Stratton said that gamers would learn very fast thanks to the high gameplay speed. “You might die, but that’s okay because that’s how you learn. You will realize that you are short on ammunition, low in health, and not in armor, and you know that a nearby demon can provide what you need. As long as there are demons on the battlefield, you have what you need to see them off. ”

In addition to the resource management features upgraded from Doom 2016, Doom Eternal also has many improvements to upgrade the gameplay. The game adds climbing ability to give gamers more freedom, adding weak points on large monsters so you can “dismantle” them to pieces. The demons’ AI is also upgraded. The most significant and most important change is how software redesigned monsters and weapons to give gamers tighter, more exciting, and exciting battles.

According to software, they don’t want to make a game that gamers can play in many different ways, but want to make the game only one way to play but also the most interesting. “If you play hide and seek with an Arachnotron instead of darting into a gunfight, it will actively come to destroy you,” said Hugo Martin. “ Guns are tools, and enemies are the problem. You have to use the right tool to solve the problem. Each AI will challenge you in different ways. ”

id Software tiết lộ thiết kế gameplay lạ lùng của Doom Eternal

An example given by Hugo Martin to explain Doom Eternal’s design of weapons and enemies is the new monster called Carcass. It can create a shield to protect allies, making the protagonist unable to use the Glory Kill finishing attack on the target – this is the method that the demons use to prevent you from reaching the resources you need. This monster is a melee type, so you cannot use powerful weapons like Rocket Launcher because its wide range of damage can “counter” and kill you. So, in this case, you need to use weapons like shotguns or machine guns to destroy Carcass first, then be able to extend the distance and use Rocket Launcher to clean the area.

This is just one example of how software forces gamers to think during gameplay. You will have to continually make such decisions at a glance while the battle is still taking place at a rapid pace to keep gamers focused on the game and its very long campaign play.

id Software tiết lộ thiết kế gameplay lạ lùng của Doom Eternal

In short, teaching, learning, and rewarding are the three things that give gamers a sense of the power of the Doom Slayer character in Doom Eternal. After knowing the enemy types, the weapons in hand, and familiar with the keyboard buttons during the first half of the game, the rest of the game will be where you show off your power. “You have practiced and learned. Now you can step out and dominate. This is a great reward because I took it one step at a time, but the game didn’t give it to me from the first minute. ”