To conquer gamers once again,Software has improved every aspect of Doom Eternal, from single player to multiplayer and more.

WhenSoftware reboots Doom again, they know that they still have to keep the “Doom feel” while giving gamers a new experience, more consistent with what players are familiar with shooting games. modern. That means retaining Doom’s fast gameplay and secret nooks, adding more items and new moving abilities that make the Doomslayer protagonist really as dangerous as the storyline. describe him. These things helped Doom 2016 become very successful, creating a large fan community ready to “devour” the information about Doom Eternal , the successor coming soon in late November. But this will be a big challenge becauseSoftware needs to continue to create a more attractive game than Doom 2016. How will they do it?

id Software tiết lộ công thức làm cho Doom Eternal hấp dẫn hơn

With theSoftware team, they know that Doom 2016 will succeed as soon as the game has just finished. Marty Stratton, project manager of Doom 2016, said that theSoftware team knew they would surprise gamers and there would be a lot of people who wanted to play. “We can keep going, but we have looked at Doom Eternal and thought, ‘how to improve the game from every angle, to upgrade technology, design and build the world to the top. and multiplayer mode? ‘, ” Mr. Marty said.

To make a more attractive Doom Eternal title,Software set the focus of the project “to increase the participation of gamers.” Making the player feel like he is actually involved in the details of the game, inside the Doomslayer armor is the main goal of all the decisions that the development team makes during the implementation. game, from start to finish. “It’s not just the beginning of the game or the end of the game or the fight, but the whole game – we want chapter 3 of the single player to be as convincing as or better than the first chapter,” said Marty. “It was a difficult thing because gamers loved Doom 2016, and we couldn’t reuse old tricks to excite players because it was outdated.”

id Software tiết lộ công thức làm cho Doom Eternal hấp dẫn hơn

One of the ways that gamers always feel important in the game is to give them something new in every game screen, every fight phase. Mr. Marty said that if Doom Eternal only throws players a powerful gun, a large playground and lots of targets to shoot down, it will not be worthy of a $ 60 game. New things in each stage or a new way of using weapons are discovered that will make the game worth the price. “Gamers master and conquer the game just like when they conquer battle or gunfights, which is what really makes them feel strong,” said the project director.

id Software tiết lộ công thức làm cho Doom Eternal hấp dẫn hơn

The brutal superlative images in Doom are another highlight of the series, and Doom Eternal is no exception – in fact, it’s been upgraded even further. However, while the violent images that Nether Realm created for Mortal Kombat caused a studio employee to … PTSD, that did not happen toSoftware employees. “Our violence is not true,” said Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom Eternal, and mentioned that the enemy facing gamers is not human. “The violence in Doom is the type of Tex Avery that looks so funny. It’s violent cartoon-style, so I think creating them is less disgusting for our artists. ”

Meanwhile, the multiplayer of Doom 2016 is something thatSoftware still feels regretful. They felt that it was not enough speed as well as the lack of dramatic moments, so when developing the multiplayer section for Doom Eternal, the traditional symmetrical multiplayer mode was replaced with asymmetric Battle Mode play: one Doomslayer vs two demons. This gives the development team the opportunity to create unexpected brainstorming situations in each match, although it also gives them the challenge of balancing weapons, skills, stats and terrain to suit the capacity of all characters that gamers can use when playing.

“If we meet in a multiplayer match of Doom 2016, all the game relies on is aiming, so there are people who are better at aiming than you and you can do nothing,” said Hugo Martin. . “ That frustrates gamers when they die because it means they are inferior to the other. In Doom Eternal, I was able to overcome your reflexes, aiming ability with tactics and coordination, which gave me a chance to win. It also opened up the opportunity for the meta to exist in the game, something that the 2016 edition didn’t have. This new experience has a lot more depth. ”

“One of our” mantras “is to lead, not follow . But looking at the overall multiplayer section of Doom 2016, we felt like we were following other people, ” Mr. Marty said. He judged that the multiplayer part of Doom 2016 was a patchwork of various games, so while it was an interesting multiplayer experience, it was not the experienceSoftware wanted. “We don’t really take anything out of the storyline that gamers love. No Doomslayer appeared in multiplayer. So the breakthrough of Battle Mode in Doom Eternal is taking Doom’s fighting part, taking Doomslayer vs demons that everyone loves and turning it into a multiplayer experience, something you can play with your friends. me. ”

Overview of Doom Eternal’s Battle mode multiplayer.

There is one thing that you may not have noticed in the multiplayer part of Doom 2016: it is not entirely done bySoftware. They partnered with Certain Affinity to develop the game, while Doom Eternal’s Battle Mode was entirely created bySoftware from A to Z. According to Hugo Martin, doing everything he helped himself spread demonic experience that gamers preferred in the previous version to Doom Eternal easily.

With all of these improvements,Software is confident that Doom Eternal will be a better game than Doom 2016 in all aspects, from combat system to screen design, from shooting to adventure, from playing. single to multiplayer, from Earth to Hell. We will test these things when the game launches on November 22 on a variety of platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Stadia.