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Shooting down an enemy is easy but sometimes to survive in Warzone mode is an art, let’s start with the simplest rules!

Survival is inherently a difficult problem with countless variables that even gamers have the formula to hardly be able to solve and survive in a world full of trained and armed soldiers to the teeth like the Warzone mode. of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is even more difficult. Especially when in this newly launched survival mode, those gamers who seem to have been eliminated can still come back to the game and take revenge unexpectedly.

Game thủ console vô tư quẩy Call of Duty: Warzone với chế độ “thắng cực dễ”

Gamers console carefree Call of Duty: Warzone with the mode “extremely easy win” No need to invest terrible PC gamers can still experience the survival mode Warzone and “kill chickens” extremely comfortable with both mouse buttons full on console.

In an interesting way, survival in Warzone will be quite easy if gamers grasp the same rules as in the movie “Zombie Land”. And although it’s quite humorous, it is these simple rules that can help you win the Top 1 by chance. Let’s take a look at some basic but extremely useful principles to survive in the Warzone battlefield.

Principle # 1: Unikey

The first rule to survive in the world of Call of Duty that gamers often forget is to turn off Unikey. Normally Unikey is just a harmless Vietnamese typing software, but because Activision currently programming games with the main language of English Unikey accidentally becomes the third software that affects the keyboard and often causes operation errors as well as voice loss in the game.

Những nguyên tắc cần biết nếu muốn sinh tồn trong chế độ Warzone của Call of Duty

Unikey with a mechanism to remove the mark of interfering with the buffer causes the shooter to get stuck

The easiest solution is to temporarily turn off Unikey or switch the keyboard to English mode and press F10 to reopen the sound. And if you are lazy to check this operation, you will probably have to retire early before meeting good reflexes from Europe and America.

Rule # 2: Configure settings before parachuting

As one of the games that requires quite a bit of resources on the PC to give gamers the most authentic battlefield experience, the Warzone mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can become a real nightmare for the players. Mid-range PC, especially when gamers have to jump into crowded places like Downtown, Airport, …

Những nguyên tắc cần biết nếu muốn sinh tồn trong chế độ Warzone của Call of Duty

Motion Blur is both hardware-heavy and dizzy to beginners

Therefore, optimizing the configuration is a top priority before gamers enjoy the real battle of survival. Especially if you do not turn off or adjust the Motion Blur effect in Options, first-time gamers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 will be overwhelmed and dizzy after only 2-3 games.

Principle # 3: Look closely at the terrain

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019’s Warzone survival map is located in Kastovia, until the time of its launch, this map has included 5 extremely large Ground War maps of Call of Duty. Therefore, in order to easily survive in this large world, gamers need to pay attention to the terrain as well as the convenient location before firing at the enemy.

Take a simple example: When you jump at the Gora dam (Gora Dam), if you occupy a position above the dam, this is the best place to defend and shoot down enemies, when coming from here you will have a range. look below and have your next vehicle ready to retreat quickly with teammates.

Principle # 4: Notice the task

The unique feature of Warzone mode is the offline mission system with a series of random missions such as hunting, finding a treasure chest or capturing information points. Therefore gamers need to consider the situation of the team to receive the task easily and most suitable. The main purpose is to receive bonuses and use it as an economic advantage to play against other teams.

Những nguyên tắc cần biết nếu muốn sinh tồn trong chế độ Warzone của Call of Duty

The mission is the part for the team to enlist “earn extra”

Especially with the mission of capturing the base, this is one of the tasks that bring great advantages to gamers when revealing in advance where the circle will close to gamers ready for tactics early.

Principle # 5: Spend money sensibly

“When you are rich, you do everything right”, but this is only true when you use your money wisely in the Warzone mode. Especially when the store only sells 1 killstreak limit and gamers must consider what skills they need to survive with the team.

Những nguyên tắc cần biết nếu muốn sinh tồn trong chế độ Warzone của Call of Duty

Let’s “go shopping” in a smart way

Usually, if there are plenty of gamers, you should use killstreaks that are easy to coordinate and take down enemy squads like Air Strike, UAV or maybe save to revive teammates if they accidentally fall down.

Principle # 6: Watch for a high place

With the Warzone survival mode, gamers not only have to face the dangers lurking in certain slums or dark corners, even sometimes even a second of loopholes you can be shot down by enemies from higher position.

High scores are not only in-game tactics but also a real-life military strategy

The high vantage point usually foreses and easily controls the map, which is an extremely convenient position for players to take the role of a sniper, but with Warzone, the higher position is more versatile. , especially when gamers have just won a duel in Gulag Prison, they will quickly return from above. And if they unfortunately choose the dead angle that you cannot control, then immediately there will be a beautiful cutscenes that are not kidding.


The above rules are probably not complicated, even quite simple for Warzone fighters every day. But taking advantage of these simple things can sometimes be a long process with many tragic lessons with the whole team. Invisible medium here again becomes the most interesting in the survival mode Warzone when bringing new experiences for gamers to survive.

The above rules may still be incomplete and for gamers to survive it will have many more advanced steps. But believe that soon, gamers will draft more new rules of survival like in Zombie Land.