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After two versions of Rage and Rage 2, the post-apocalyptic world created bySoftware has a fascinating context and the story is long enough for me to explore.

Meteorite 99942 Apophis

In Egyptian mythology, Apophis was the god of chaos, the enemy of order and light. In real life, 99942 Apophis is a real meteorite, discovered by scientists in 2004, with a diameter of about 270m – quite small compared to the size needed to cause a global disaster. Initially, this meteorite was expected to fly across the earth around 2029, before the calculations are changed and the new meeting time is planned to be 2036. If it falls to Earth, they we will see an explosion destroying everything within thousands of square meters and many other damages, but there will be no global disaster.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

Apophis “rubbed” with the moon before turning towards Earth.

In Rage ,Software has “strongly” buffed this meteorite, shown by the image it touched our moon before changing direction to Earth, and colliding somewhere in the Middle East. Fortunately, upon hitting the moon, Aphophis broke into three large pieces and many small pieces flew in different directions, so humanity still has a chance to survive.


The mineral called Feltrite, which Apophis gives mankind, has strange properties. It reacts extremely strongly to gravity, and is probably the reason it deviates from the original safe trajectory when it enters the area of gravity’s influence. Another special thing is that Apophis contains a huge amount of Feltrite, so much so that scientists believe that it has the highest amount of Feltrite in the universe. This mineral is very light but very durable, making it an ideal building material. You can also use them to create stronger ammunition and armor.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

Feltrite crystals on a fragment of Apophis.

Upon impacting the Earth, the fragments of Apophis leave huge pits called Feltrite Crater, filled with pure Feltrite ore. We visited one of these collision locations in Rage 1, but it’s a bit confusing that you can’t pick up any Feltrite crystals here.

Although it may be the culprit that created the doomsday of the Earth, there is one thing that Feltrite is unjustly accused: the Authority says they cause mutations in the gene and create mutant mutants, but this is completely incorrect because Feltrite is not radioactive.

Project Eden

This is one of humanity’s efforts to conserve the race from the genocidal disaster that Apophis will bring. All of the world’s superpowers are involved in this project and create lots of Arks – hibernating shelters for a small number of people to survive. The project is carried out in secret, so much so that even those who will be selected into Ark will not know about its existence until the very end.

The Ark is usually quite small in size, designed only for 12-24 people. The Ark control software is programmed to consider the safe time to “wake” up and release the survivors inside.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

When the public learned of the impending disaster, chaos and violence erupted around the world. The existence of several Ark was also discovered, causing both the elect and the soldiers to protect it were massacred by the crowd. Even so, the vast majority of Ark is buried safely to wait for an uncertain future.

However, there are some Ark created for other purposes. There is a “Super Ark” created with the capacity to hold hundreds of people, but no one knows what the purpose is, including the people who made it and the people who will live in it. On the same night that Apophis will crash into Earth, the military force that protected the Super Ark led by General Martin Cross rebelled to take this shelter. When Super Ark came to the surface after 76 years of hibernation, Martin Cross and his subordinates called themselves Authority, with the ambition to create a new world according to one’s wishes.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

Soldiers Authority.


Ark is a small shelter, only used to protect a group of human elites in the hope that they will be the core to rebuild civilization after the disaster has passed. Unlike the Vault in Fallout, these bunkers are completely built to protect people inside, and they exist not only in the US, but in many countries around the world but in limited quantities and Completely kept secret. According to information from the Rage novel, at least three countries, the United States, France and China, have built these bunkers.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

Ark emerges from the ground.

Each Ark is built in fully protected factories – guards on each corridor, and tanks cover the outer perimeter of the area, to prevent attacks from those in power who know they are not allowed. choose to be an inner survivor.

Armed with advanced AI simulation software, Arks can be operated completely automatically. They give survivors the ability to “communicate” with Ark, and store a lot of information about science and technology. The voice of the AI was chosen as the female voice because it is believed that it will bring more comfort and friendliness to the survivors when they wake up from hibernation.

How the Ark is buried differs depending on the location, but we have been told a description of Ark 437a, the hiding place of protagonist Raine in the Rage novel. This Ark has at least two floors, containing a lot of necessities from tools, weapons, seeds, food, drinking water … After finishing the construction, this giant metal block is raised and dropped. to the ground with two super heavy military transport helicopters.

Cốt truyện Rage - P1: Ngày tàn của thế giới

A corridor in the Capital Prime maze.

The largest Ark that man made to deal with the disasters that will occur after the Apophis collision is Super Ark, now known as … Capital Prime. This is the headquarters of the Authority, the opponent of the player in both games, but actually it is a giant Ark. A lot of other Arks have been destroyed for various reasons, but the existing ones do their job well: crystallization of civilization before the end of the world, and provide gamers with a lot of useful tools. used in the war of survival.

After much fighting and fighting, the Resistance force hacked into the system of all the Ark still underground and forced them to emerge with a satellite of the Authority. From this point on, it seems that no more Ark is hidden underground.