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In part 2 of the series about the Rage storyline, let’s learn about Authority, the force that plays the antagonist and the target of the main characters.


A force of high-tech possession passed down from the end of the world, Authority is a powerful force equipped with advanced weapons, with the ability to produce military equipment to help them outperform all another faction on Earth after the apocalypse. With these advantages plus a ruthless leader, ready to use every trick to achieve his goals, the Authority wants to create a world in a completely new order under the dominant hand of Only one person – General Martin Cross.

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

General Cross, the leader of the Authority.

In addition to General Cross, there is another notable person in the rank of Authority: Lieutenant Colonel James Casey, the leader of the US army force that protects Capital Prime before the end of the world. He provided General Cross with information about Capital Prime’s location, then persuaded his soldiers to participate in the Cross’s raid to obtain this Ark for his own purpose on the night of the meteorite. Apophis fell to Earth. When Capital Prime came to the surface in 2105, James became Cross’s right-hand man in running the Authority. However, James did not enjoy this power for long, because he died in a rebellion.

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

James Casey.

Different from the discrete organizations of apocalyptic survivors or the mutant monsters that gathered into herds, the ranks of the Authority were tightly organized and united according to the military structure. This is understandable because many of the members of the Authority, who are soldiers under General Cross, hibernated through the most arduous period after the Apophis meteor hit the Earth in Capital Prime – a giant Ark was built before the war. When awakened, with perfect equipment and tactics trained in the army, they became the “boss” of all forces in the land of Wasteland.

After rising from his hibernation, General Cross earned himself the title of “Visionary” – the one who gave the vision, and everyone must obey. To serve the purpose of General Cross, the fanatical soldiers under his command are ready to take all measures, including the killing of ordinary people, not yet mutated by the harsh environment after the end of the world. . At the same time they also actively hunt the survivors inside the Ark, arrest and bring them to Capital Prime for some reason. According to some revealed information, the reason for (Ark Survivor) this may be because they need Nanotrite – super sophisticated machines that all survivors were implanted before the end of the world. .

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

Flag of Authority.

Thanks to the technology platform available before the end of the world, Authority is constantly developing new technologies as you can see in the game. They own transport aircraft, energy shields, jet pack engines, advanced weapons and mechanical armor, and constantly upgrade these equipment. The Authority also uses modern drones to track and spy on noticeable areas throughout Wasteland, and only takes its soldiers out when it finds a target, such as a survivor from Ark.


A target hunted by the Authority, Nanotrite are microscopic biological computers implanted inside the bodies of the inhabitants of Ark. They have the ability to protect the host’s body during hibernation, while repairing wounds. Nanotrite is the reason that the main characters Nicholas Raine ( Rage 1 ) and Walker ( Rage 2 ) can recover health after fierce gun battles.

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

Nanotrite was implanted into the human body before the end of the world.

When the Authority catches the survivors from Ark, they will take them back to Capital Prime base to extract these magical machines and execute inhumane experiments on the human body. Elizabeth Cadence, a scientist who survived from Ark, a member of the resistance force and also a former Authority employee (like Dr. Antonin Kvasir) tells us that is different from the lie “Feltrite creates births. Mutant) that the Authority spreads, the fact that all of these creatures were the product of failed tests with Nanotrite. According to information revealed from the Rage novel, these machines were created by Elizabeth and her husband before the end of the world.

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

Elizabeth took refuge when bandits sought her Ark location.

Elizabeth herself was also a victim of Authority, because when Ark containing Elizabeth and her family was damaged when rising to the ground causing everyone to faint, Elizabeth heard from the Authority that her family was killed by bandits. They recruited Elizabeth in search of a cure to turn Mutant into a human, but they actually wanted to find a way to control those creatures. And yet, it was the Authority that killed her family. Upon learning of these facts, Elizabeth released the Mutants to create chaos and then took the opportunity to escape from the ranks of the Authority. This is exactly the event that James Casey was killed mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Cốt truyện Rage - P2: Hàng ngũ Authority

Mutant of Authority.

With the contributions Elizabeth Cadence and Antonin Kvasor made to the Authority, they developed a new type of Nanotrite that could turn both normal humans and Mutants into super-warriors that could be controlled. This is part of the “Black Caudron Project”. The result of this new Nanotrite injection is that the victim will turn into hideous creatures, with limited intelligence just enough to understand the command and use the assigned weapons.