After learning about Rage’s primary contexts and hostile forces, let’s take a look at Raine’s journey in a strange future world.

In previous installments of Rage’s story series, you learned about the game’s context, the existence of the 9942 Apophis meteorite and the disaster it caused to live on Earth, as well as the negative Authority plot to rule the world. Now, let me come to the events that occur in the two official versions of the game when gamers play the heroes alone against the Authority and save the world.

Nicholas Raine

Serving the rank of Lieutenant, Nicholas Raine is a member of the Recon Marine force – one of the most elite units of the US military. Raine’s father and brother were both accomplished marines, and Raine followed them because of his responsibility. After his brother and father passed away, Raine struggled to become an elite fighter not to dishonor them. His missions are spread worldwide, and he always completes his tasks, but their severity leaves a mark in Raine’s mentality and makes him discharged.

Cốt truyện Rage - P3: Nicholas Raine lưu lạc trong thế giới tương lai

Nicholas Raine on the TV show Mutant Bash.

Two nights before the Apophis meteors hit the globe, Raine met a suspicious character after leaving a bar in Brooklyn, New York. He said that he was an employee of the US government and asked Raine to follow and accepted. He was taken on a private jet to an undisclosed location and found himself standing at the door of Ark 437a, one of the last bunkers the US built in the hope of preserving individuals. It’s best after Apophis meteors destroyed the surface of the earth.

According to the US government’s plan, Ark 437a will rise to the surface in 2133, 104 years after the present time. All of the people in Ark 437a (and other Arks) are hibernated. Their abilities are maintained with the help of nanotrite, tiny machines that are injected into the body to maintain and repair the muscles, cells that are not parasitic.

Cốt truyện Rage - P3: Nicholas Raine lưu lạc trong thế giới tương lai

Nanotrite is about to be injected into the body of survivors in Ark.

False start

Rage 1 begins when Nicholas Raine wakes up from a 106-long hibernation when his 437a shelter (Ark) rises to the ground. It was 2135, two years later than the Ark creators expected, and Raine was greeted continuously with surprises. All the other people in Ark 437a have died because of their malfunctioning sleeping compartment, and Raine may well be in the same situation if he is not awakened when Ark’s AI system is no longer able to hold for Raine to survive.

Cốt truyện Rage - P3: Nicholas Raine lưu lạc trong thế giới tương lai

The collision between 99942 Apophis and the Earth.

Raine has just stepped out of the grave of death to hold hope for the future of humanity. Raine was greeted enthusiastically by the future world with two bandits trying to “ask for a little more” and a rain of blood face down when they were shot down by Dan Hagar, one of the post-apocalyptic world survivors. Hagar tells Raine that at this point, Ark survivors are not the rebuilt world. Still, only the prey being hunted, and anyone who surrenders them to an organization called ” Authority ”(the authority) will receive generous bonuses.

As a survivor, by staying out of trouble, Hagar put himself in danger when rescuing Raine, and now you need to help him fix that mistake. The method is straightforward: slaughter all the nearby robbers to kill the mouth because the dead do not cause trouble nor know revenge. After helping Hagar with a few things, you are guided by Hagar to the nearby town of Wellspring to beg some supplies from Mayor Clayton.

At Wellspring, Clayton said that he would trust you because Hagar trusts you with such a crucial task. So, after you’ve finished the last mission for Hagar, you stay at Wellspring to help Clayton and the Black Sheriff solve problems in town.

Cốt truyện Rage - P3: Nicholas Raine lưu lạc trong thế giới tương lai

Clayton, Mayor of Wellspring.

Feltrite approach

One day, Clayton asked you to take some Feltrite – the mineral brought to earth by Apophis meteorite – from bandits and bring it to Dr. Antonin Kvasir to test. Raine heard that the bandit Shrouded faction was refining Feltrite at their base north of Wellspring, so he did his best: pick up the gun and walk over them to get the Feltrite he needs.

At Kvasir’s lab – a pre-apocalyptic Ark – north of Wasteland, you meet the bizarre old doctor. Kvasir revealed to Raine that he used to work for the Authority in the study of mutants but escaped before the mutants rioted. Kvasir also realized that Raine was a survivor from Ark by discovering the “micro-mechanics” Nanotrite in his body. Kvasir is also the one who will tell Raine about the Resistance, organize against the Authority, and show you to find them.

Cốt truyện Rage - P3: Nicholas Raine lưu lạc trong thế giới tương lai

Dr. Antonin Kvasir.

Upon returning to Wellspring, the bandit suddenly poisoned the town’s water, and none other than Raine had to burrow into Wellspring’s sewer system to solve the problem. Raine brings the poison sample to Kvasir for his review, and it is used as the material to create the Mind Control Bolt, a poison arrow that allows the protagonist to control the target for a moment before they explode. Kvasir asks Raine to bring the new weapon to a member of the Resistance who is staying at Wellspring’s pub. This was the beginning of Raine’s activities with the Resistance and the beginning of the most fierce gun battles of Rage 1.