Lord of the Rings is a great brand regardless of the category you are referring to. From Tolkien books to Peter Jackson movies and more.

Referring to Lord of the Rings if people like poker people immediately remember the trilogy of famous works directed by Peter Jackson. Trilogy The Hobbit was less famous then, but it was often mentioned by movies whenever it was good enough. As for the work itself, it goes without saying that through 150 million copies sold, the book became the second best-selling novel of all time after Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. . Literature is great and movies are great, but in the field of video games, from text-based adventures in the 80s of text-based genre to video game titles, from MMORPG to RTS, It’s unfortunate not to get a few titles that are worthy of the elegant championship brand of Lord of the Rings universe.

Two unforgettable decades after The Hobbit’s success

Two open world action guillotine games are Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War is probably quite good but do not forget that these two goods are actually Lord of the Rings storyline because the main character is bad structure and storyline are not much involved in the main content of the novel or the “unknowingly” type of novel that sometimes reminds gamers of what will happen later in the story or movie. In this sense, the first “authentic” no fake 1 / fake 2 game based on Tolkien’s work was The Hobbit, a text-based game developed by Beam Software in 1982. Text-based, as the name implies, is a game of the early age when taking the player to a pure adventure belonging to the category of words and the rest will depend on the imagination of the one who is experiencing. fly far.

Today we may be unconscious because the images are made up of words in The Hobbit but at launch, the game won the necessary success in the field of business. Unable to find such dug up, Beam Software quickly went to jail and added two other brothers and father to grandfather with The Hobbit mainly based on the next two volumes in the Lord of the Rings series. However, both of these games were not as successful as their predecessors. This rather heavy pit was criticized by critics as they did not maintain the necessary appeal while other more attractive, beautiful games were released at the same time. It is unclear how much this flop weighs, but it wasn’t until the 90s of the last century that some developers with the mind but the force were unable to try to combine Lord of the Rings with tactical and role-playing genre. Unfortunately, they also quickly “clicked” without leaving a bit of echo until Hollywood used their magic wand to turn the Lord of the Rings brand into “solid gold” both literally and figuratively. in the early 2000s.

A piece of cake being split early does not help anyone who is really full

The 2000s saw the brilliant boom of the Lord of the Rings follow-up games, not only the books but also the game’s popularity became known by Tolkien thanks to the horrific effects from the film. The amount of money rising very strongly quickly made game production units with the copyright of God of Ring stand still. Sierra Entertainment has acquired the rights to make games based on the novel Lord of the Rings, while Electronic Arts has won the rights to produce games based on the film directed by Peter Jackson. This is really a bad sign when Sierra must be careful to avoid the character from being duplicated with the film, whereas, EA only has the right to build the game based on the details in the movie. In the battle for market share, EA won thanks to the success of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. And Sierra is lost when it is impossible to find an effective way to convey the essence of the novel into their games.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Lord of the Rings

Of course, the success of both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the fame earned the other studios from faltering in the sight of the Sierra. Over the course of 17 years, from 2002 to 2019, there have been more than 20 games from follow-up, to extras and including using the main content of Lord of the Rings released in many different genres, from fighting , to real-time strategy until … MOBA. These children also know how to play when they never follow an old cliché. Someone just used a few cut scenes of the movie, then exploited a completely new path and … failed. There are also weaker people who think that safety is above all, decide to stick to the plot of the novel from beginning to end and then fail because not seriously considering the taste of the gamers. Looking at the situation of the goods that follow Lord of the Rings is that you are not able to create a small echo, but that is not worthy of a great brand like Lord of the Rings. The situation only began to improve with the appearance of the duo Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War but as mentioned above belongs to the Lord of the Outer Story.

How long did Lord of the Rings’s timeline really last?

First we need a specific frame of reference because Lord Ring is a series of fantastical novels that can be dissected for several decades but not done because each person’s explanation is always different. If the reference system is Middle-earth region, the time line can be divided into four periods is fine, but if taking Eä universe as the standard, Middle-earth is a part of that universe. Hacking the brain more than ever since the time Eru Ilúvatar created the Ainur, there is no unit that can be measured because people often call this The Time Before the Creation of the World and the Beginning of Time (I don’t want to I don’t think it is good to translate this sentence, so I would rather leave it alone to look dangerous.)

Summary of Lord of the Rings history includes the following stages:

  • The Time Before the Creation of the World and the Beginning of Time
  • The Years of Music
  • The Beginning of Time
  • Years of the Lamps
  • Years of the Trees
  • The First Age
  • The Second Age
  • The Third Age
  • The Fourth Age

Accordingly, The Time Before the Creation of the World and the Beginning of Time is the time when Eru Ilúvatar created the Ainur, there was no history and no time so who could imagine how many years it would be. , there are no exact figures for statistics. The Years of Music is simpler because this is like the period of formation and development of the worldview of the Ainur clan. Basically Ainur was the first and the most superior race created by God Eru Ilúvatar in an ancient period before the world was formed. They are the primordial souls that exist with God and together He created the world through Ainur’s Music. After the creation of the heavenly kingdom Arda, many Ainur were present there to build and develop it. Among the Ainur, there were 15 people with higher strength than the rest. 14 of the great Ainurs founded the Kingdom of Valinor and are often called Valar; The 15th, Melkor, separated himself to follow a different path and became the first Dark Lord of the world. The lower rank Ainur is called Maiar.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Lord of the Rings

The Beginning of Time, this is the 14th period of Valar on behalf of the merchant Eru to run the world as well as start the war with Melkor lasting from 500 VY to 3500 VY (Valar Years). If you already know it, Valar is the word to refer to the 14 greatest Ainurs who founded the Kingdom of Valinor. Ainur was the first superior son of God Eru, the 14 of them went to Arda to fight Melkor, one of their brothers. At Arda, 14 Ainur all lived together in a mysterious land. named Almaren, but after that place was destroyed, they moved to the western continent of Aman and founded the Kingdom of Valinor. The early Valar had no specific form but later they always transformed into the form of Elves or Humans. Humans or Elves see them as gods, messengers on behalf of God running the world.

The Years of the Lamps is a small period in the period of The Beginning of Time, so there is no specific name, interested people can read The Silmarillion to read more, I do not mention because it is too long and too confusing. . It is only summarized that this period consists of events starting with the Valar’s construction of two north and south lights to light the Arda world until the Middle-earth was abandoned in darkness in 1900. VY to 3500 VY. Next is the The Years of the Trees stage, which is known as the white arrogant crowd with long and pointed ears. This period lasts from 1085 YT to 1500 YT or if the Valar calendar is still used, this is the 5000 year. Humans played an important role during the events of the Lord of the Rings, but the ancestors of this species only woke up much later in the last periods of the world in Hildórien, the Far East region of Middle-earth. Humans also have other names given to them by other races such as Atani, Hildor, Firimar (naked people) or Engmar (infected people).

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Lord of the Rings

Later their descendants called this the first year of The First Age, events of the period that lasted for 590 years. The second period began when Gil-galad, the king of the Noldors, created a new kingdom for his people in Lindon, in the northwest of Middle-earth. The Second Age lasted for 3441 years until Sauron was cut off the Master Ring by Isildur, the son of Elendil. The third period lasted for 3020 years, this is the period most remembered by most important events told in the Lord of the Rings novels such as two towers, the association of returning the ring or the return of The king all took place in this historical period. It started with the fact that Isildur became king of Gondor and Arnor and ended when Bilbo, Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf and Elrond headed to Valinor, leaving Middle-earth forever. The fourth period has so few events that have been described and lasted for 121 years, most importantly perhaps the story of Queen Arwen Undómiel, who abandoned the immortality of the Elf race to live earthly life with King Aragorn. , close your eyes and die.

In summary, after 9 important periods, the timeline of Lord of the Rings from the measurement unit will be about 12,172 years but The Time Before the Creation of the World and the Beginning of Time period and The Years of Music doesn’t have a specific number, so who knows exactly how long it took Eru Ilúvatar to create the Lord of the Rings world?