Compared to the Warcraft timeline’s horrific events, the human species’ battles are just like grains of sand in the desert.

With a game that can be said to be one of the ancestors of the RTS series and later RPG, it is not uncommon for Warcraft to have a huge storyline and timeline, which lasted for tens of thousands of years with world-class battles. If you compare it a bit, the human characters with a life expectancy of a few dozen years, just like the little kids learning to walk in this universe.


World of Warcraft history: The fall of Sargeras Warcraft has a too long, deep, and fascinating storyline that is one of the best in the game world when the villain is not necessarily evil from the beginning.

The history of Warcraft stretches back to a time when creatures didn’t exist, or more accurately, the world we saw – Azeroth was a sleeping Titan. Most casual players probably know the plot of this series mainly through Warcraft 3, as you often hear the characters in the game talking about the phrase “10 thousand years” (Illidan) very often is not. In essence, Azeroth is a Titan who has been sleeping for millennia, since time immemorial at man’s level has not yet appeared.

The original Warcraft timeline was not very much included in the Warcraft 1, 2, and 3 games, but its key characters survived all that time, so I’ll get Warcraft 3 mold making to tell the difference. For example, Illidan joined the Burning Legion about 10 thousand years from the time of Warcraft 3. After this battle, a part of the Night Elves left their homeland to Quel’Thalas and built a new kingdom, which Arthas later destroyed when he became the Death Knight.

(Bài tết) Những game có dòng thời gian siêu dài: Warcraft

Warcraft 3 is probably the game that connects and simplifies the whole series’s timeline most understandably, even for newcomers to understand somewhat. As the video begins when the prophet Medivh comes to warn King Terenas about the Burning Legion’s return, it is also a milestone many years ago when he opened the Dark Portal for floods. Demons flood into the human world.

The term 10 thousand years is used a lot in Warcraft 3, as it is the main timeline for most world events. Malfurion Stormrage also went into an emerald dream and slept for 10,000 years before being awakened by her lover Tyrande, just as the Burning Legion was invading the world. If you compare the characters’ age in the story and Warcraft’s game, the human species, like humans with a few decades of life on earth, are like a grain of sand in the universe.

That is also why games like Warcraft 3 are very limited in delving into this issue, but just a glance, because if displayed, on the whole, nobody will be able to understand. Another example of the age difference in Warcraft’s timeline is the unrequited love of Prince Kael’thas with Jaina. If anyone plays Warcraft 3 at the end of the Undead mission, there will be a scene of Arthas saying Keal’thas sarcastically about this. The reason is that Kael’thas at that time was a few thousand years old, and compared to Jaina is a bit too much a terrorist.

The Warcraft timeline for many people ended after Warcraft 3, but it continued through World of Warcraft. Initially, everything was set to 4 years after the old events of Warcraft 3 but later developed into a terrible long chronicle. Many of the old characters like Arthas were killed in World of Warcraft. The arrival of new factions and a lot of timelines forced them to change.

Most of the grand conspiracy in the World of Warcraft is planned at least a few dozen to a few hundred years. Some even last several tens of thousands of years to the distant ancient times. Because before the first creatures on Azeroth, the planet was held by a group of monsters called “Old God,” the Old God corrupted everything. He injected into the minds of the creatures that came into contact. They are easy to control.

Long before Warcraft’s official events, the Old God was sealed away by the Titans and almost rested underground. The previous games also mentioned these monsters but very little, only until World of Warcraft officially launched, their roles will be more precise.

(Bài tết) Những game có dòng thời gian siêu dài: Warcraft

And to add to the level of confusion for this inherently long timeline, Blizzard has also added a game to go back in time and parallel worlds. There’s no need for the game itself to be enough of a headache because one of the most powerful creatures in the world is the brown dragon leader, Nozdormu – the dragon capable of passing through. The timeline varies, knowing the future as well as the past.

Nozdormu himself would later have a future version called Murozond but crueler, so you can understand that the World of Warcraft is a long series of tens of thousands of years, with the life and death of birth. The mortal is like a tiny grain of sand in this timeless sea. Even World of Warcraft has always revised many the story to legalize events for many new updates, making the game’s timeline deranged.

Because of this complicated timeline, Blizzard didn’t want it and really couldn’t make Warcraft 4. With such a confusing character and plot, you can see to connect the timeline between version 3 and the sequel requires some editing or at least “compression” of the piles of information. This huge news is somehow reasonable. One thing that makes it more difficult is that now that when World of Warcraft is recognized as mainstream lore, everything (if any) of Warcraft 4 will make things even more confusing because It was already very tangled enough.

In short, the World of Warcraft timeline belongs to the “indefinite” group when its origins range from the time of creation (the timeline is unknown) until the wars are still ongoing in the World of Warcraft.