Every publisher forbids crooks from logging in to their games, though their solutions may vary. Let’s glance at the three most popular answers!

In recent days, world gamers have been buzzing with information. Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale game, decided to take strong measures against fraudsters. Not only is the account permanently locked, but those who use hacking and cheat software in Apex Legends also face a new problem: Hardware ID ban, or “hardware board” – ban a computer from logging into the game based on that machine’s hardware.

Nhân dịp Apex Legends ban phần cứng, lạm bàn chuyện cấm đoán trong game

A crook called “annoying, I don’t want to hack; just want to play normally!”

With Respawn’s measures, all accounts related to computers with banned hardware will also be deleted within 30 minutes. The hardware board is a controversial solution, and very few titles dare to use it. It almost prohibits crooks from using old computers to log in to games, and they will need a new PC to get back to the game (and perhaps continue to hack). On this occasion, I would like to say a little more about stopping crooks in the game with solutions that prohibit the acc keyword to the hardware board.

Is the hardware board 100% safe?

The fact that apex legends the hardware board is based on a technology that is not new: computer components such as CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, etc., and Windows operating systems all have unique identification numbers (IDs) assigned by the manufacturer. That’s the hardware identifier (HWID) and is now used by Respawn to prevent crooks from logging back into the game with a new account on the same computer after the old account has been locked out. It’s not clear which Respawn hardware board is based on which component’s ID, but the developer will usually rely on the motherboard since this is the whole machine’s underlying component.

Nhân dịp Apex Legends ban phần cứng, lạm bàn chuyện cấm đoán trong game

An Apex Legends hacking software.

Of course, this hardware board solution is not 100% radical because those who have money, lack ethics can ultimately sell old PCs and buy a new system and create a new account to continue hack. There are also a few rare cases where manufacturers omit HWID in their components. Besides, several “witchcraft” methods change the HWID to bypass Respawn’s hardware board solution. However, this is a complicated and confusing process. If crooks want to try to use the “free HWID exchange” software floating on the Internet, they will likely receive dozens of viruses into their PCs.

Đừng mong hết hack khi thằng hack game thu nhập còn cao hơn thằng làm game!

Don’t expect to stop hacking when the guy who hacked the game earns more than the guy who makes the game! Game hacking has long been an auxiliary industry of the gaming industry and a small revenue share in the hundred billion dollar game pie.

The downside of this hardware approach under this HWID is false claims. Although the net stores are often installed with security software, they do not allow customers to “play” with Vietnam’s software. Still, if the machine is badly used to play cheats, the device may be a Respawn ban hardware and cannot permanently log in to Apex Legends anymore. About ten times like this, net shop owners will have to cry. Or if many people play on the same machine, the younger brother hacks the device, causing the device to be banned from the hardware, then your brother will also get it!

Nhân dịp Apex Legends ban phần cứng, lạm bàn chuyện cấm đoán trong game

You can find the HWID of your device’s components easily.

It is also impossible not to mention the situation “on the policy, below with the policy” – crooks can create software to exchange HWID and sell to cheat players in Apex Legends. Maybe the price will be very high, but once you have cheated blood, what to worry about tens of dollars?

IP board

This is a solution that is often mentioned because it is stronger than the battery and lighter than the hardware board. The “IP Lock China” movement that world gamers can see on PUBG, Atlas, Fortnite, or any other online game is based on this IP ban itself.

However, like the accounting department, the IP board is just “kidnapping and discarding the disc” because anyone who knows the best of the network will not watch it … sign out. The IP board is merely blocking the connection from the computer’s IP address, and in 5 seconds, Google will show you how to bypass the IP ban. Gamers in Vietnam and the world have known these solutions for a long time to “cross the road” to play foreign games. For example, I played pirated Vindictus server Meo from 7 years ago.

Nhân dịp Apex Legends ban phần cứng, lạm bàn chuyện cấm đoán trong game

Google play is out in bulk.

How to avoid getting banned IP in an online game? There is no need to draw a line for the deer to run because overcoming IP barriers is too simple. In Vietnam, just reset your network router to get a new IP. Gamers in countries with static IP cannot change their IP this way, but they can call the network provider to request an IP change. Virtual private network (VPN) software and free proxies on the Internet can also help gamers disguise their real IP address at any time with just a few simple steps.

Like the hardware department, the IP board can also affect innocent people, such as net shop IPs, dormitories, or families … but because the above solutions can easily overcome it, few developers Developers use this measure to prevent crooks from logging in.

Ban account

Nhân dịp Apex Legends ban phần cứng, lạm bàn chuyện cấm đoán trong game

This game is “as old as the earth” and only capable of intimidating poor gamers like, and utterly useless for those who play “good” cheats for a monthly fee. It’s also meaningless with a free game like Apex Legends – to charge $ 30 like PUBG and get hacked, it’s free. Gamers, we already know about this solution’s pros and cons so that I won’t waste anything.


As stated in a previous article, if you’ve played online games, you have to accept living with hacking. Respawn’s strong measure applied to Apex Legends will undoubtedly make many crooks chill or unable to return to the game after their PC is banned, but more or less, the cheaters will still exist. Now and find your way back to the game.