Nioh: The game is for people who like to be abused
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Many people think that Nioh 2 is not difficult, that is when they have never been beaten by the bosses for hours on the shore in misery and despair.

The most anticipated Souls-like game this March – Nioh 2 has officially launched and garnered a lot of positive feedback, as well as lofty reviews. Despite being a prequel, Nioh 2 has really changed the game line, with a whole new battle system, boss and equipment combination.

Fascinating storyline and deeper gameplay

As mentioned before, Nioh 2 is set before the first part, exactly it pushes the player right in the Warring States period and follows Oda Nobunaga as he begins the journey to unify Japan. William will not appear instead their main character is a mercenary mercenary – a mixed race between humans and demons, unlike in the first part, in Nioh 2, some people do not consider Yokai a threat but also want to live peacefully with them, this will be the main knot in the main character’s life.

The protagonist and a friend of his later joined Oda Nobunaga, who both took on a name that would later become famous – Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who in history will inherit Nobunaga’s legacy and unify Japan. The plot of Nioh 2 is therefore much more mysterious, it is not a color like William’s journey to find his guardian, but the player will really be curious about Hideyoshi in the guise of the two as well as have had the Any event that this character completely disappeared in part one.

Nioh 2

The basic gameplay of Nioh 2 is still Souls-like, but it has many improvements. The first are two new weapons: Switchglaive (scythe) and Hachet (hammers), while Switchglaive is a combination of Odachi and spear, Hachet is more prone to long-range attacks because it can be thrown. I wonder if this is a new weapon, but Switchglaive is especially imba when it has a long range, fast speed and terrorist combo … but above all the main attribute of this weapon is Magic. (helps increase the damage and capacity of Onmyo Magic), so now you will see 50% of gamers choose to use Switchglaive.

Secondly, now that the protagonist is a half-demon, instead of summoning protective beasts like William, he will turn into a demon form. There are 3 types of demons in Nioh 2: Brute (strong, slow), Feral (hit and move fast), Phantom (fast, far), all summoned beasts will be divided into these 3 types and depending on their style. of the player that chooses.

In addition, Nioh has more counter attacks like many Souls-like games, when you press R2 + O just when the opponent hits, we will knock it out and stun for a few seconds. Each type of demon will have a different counterattack, for example, Feral is to glide behind and Phantom is to mount a shield, their frames are chained so players must be really mature to use it.

Nioh 2

The next point is that the monsters and bosses you defeat in Nioh 2 will drop out of the spirit, this will help us use the skills of the recently defeated monster. Demons also increase the same sub-stats as summoned beasts, they use a new form of resources called Anima to use. This is what makes Nioh 2’s gameplay more diverse, at least for the game of running around the debuff and then running the game like the first version.

Difficulty has no adjustment in Nioh 2

It is difficult to say whether Nioh 2 is harder or easier than the first part, because it depends on whether you have played this game or not. Basically, Nioh 2 uses up to 50% of the monster models available from the first part, so if anyone has already played, they will belong to all of their move sets which are very easy to fight. The counterattack also makes the game easier, because we can counter everything and if you choose Feral, you can also surf behind the enemy. In my opinion, the I-Frame of Nioh 2 is more than the first one, it helps a lot to dodge.

Of course, saying that does not mean that Nioh 2 is an easy game, because it now has a new concept called Yokai Ream (or Dark Ream). These are contaminated areas and when standing in which the character’s Ki speed is significantly reduced, monsters and bosses fight fast and much stronger. The bosses in Nioh 2 are extremely fond of using Yokai Ream, so those who are not familiar with the game’s tempo will die just like the first time.

Nioh 2

Moreover, to avoid players abusing Onmyo Magic as part one, now bosses are extremely resistant. There will be no more sloths with Weaken Talisman and then bosses like you, because they will run out even faster when you enter Yokai Realm and all negative effects will be removed as well. Nioh 2 boss’s blood is more and more and they are very hard to use some form of head-grabbing (not help), but the “one-click kill” is much better.

Most of the weapons and armor in the first part remain the same, plus many new equipment sets have been added. But there is one thing that I do not like much about Nioh 2, which is the equipment reset part now it is still unlucky, still have to sit there and press to make a satisfactory option – something that used to hurt me How many gamers.

Weapon stats have been slightly revised, making them easily accessible to new players. But temporarily, I have not seen a build that is more unique than the first part, maybe it still has to wait for future DLC versions.

Nioh 2

However Nioh 2 also has some limitations, such as it does not have a quality waifu like Okatsu in part 1 (actually there are girls but a bit too … manly). The bosses of Nioh have a big difference, because it feels like the bosses are not as strong as the first and have the moves that are too predictable. Moreover, for those who have played the first part, Kusarigama abuse can still be done, so it is not very happy.

In general, Nioh 2 is still an excellent Souls-like game, it will take you several hundred hours both to eat onions and plow tirelessly.In general, when life throws you into a bunch of demons, Let’s turn them into meatballs and hamburgers.