The game dubbed “Dark Souls Japanese Version” will return to players on March 13, Nioh 2 will be even more difficult than the first part.

This March the game village welcomes the appearance of Nioh 2 – Souls-like game with Japanese graphics style but with a horribly difficult gameplay. The first part of Nioh received a lot of praise, so the Team Ninja development team quickly announced Nioh 2 with quite a few changes, but at the core it was even harder than before.

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Nioh 2 still has the same plot as the first part, which is about the era of Japan, war and death that led to the formation of Amrita – a magical stone capable of giving people strength. infinitely powerful, at the expense of losing your mind and turning into a devil. This era is also the time when famous heroes in history appear, each of them is blessed by Guardian Spirits in the form of summoned beasts that surround them, giving them the ability to overcome. dominant people.

However, Nioh 2 is actually a prequel to the first version, when it takes place about 40 years before the first part, so it will be difficult for us to meet the protagonist William because now his ability is still not born yet. The main character in Nioh 2 will be the player himself – a mysterious mercenary possessing the power of Guardian Spirits, but more special is not like the normal human, this new character has half the blood of demons so he can possess as well as transform to borrow power from the treasury.

The graphic style of Nioh 2 is almost no different from the first part, it still follows the Japanese visual style around the 16th century. But the other change is now players will explore a world. called the Dark Realm – a place that exists parallel in the world, the residence of the demons is constantly appearing because of the attraction from Amrita stone.

nioh 2

Nioh’s gameplay still follows the Dark Souls style with physical bars and 50% health attacks from any monster you encounter on the way, basically familiar things like beats, dodge and combos The old weapons are quite similar to Nioh so those who have already played will get acquainted very quickly. Of course Nioh 2 also has many new improvements, as in the demo section introduced two new weapons, the ax (Hachet) and the scythe (Switchglaive), Hachet has a way of fighting like a double sword but instead of slashing. it is thrown.

Switchglaive is more complex, its range is as long as Nodachi but its speed is faster, Switchglaive’s combo is quite confusing and takes time to get used to. Of course, the attacks still follow the familiar 3 – upper – middle – lower , applies to all weapons. The game Ky Pulse to restore physical strength or purify the impurities created by yokai remains the same, in general, the mechanism of Nioh 2 is still relatively easy to understand.

nioh 2

Another new feature of Nioh 2 is that you can now gain skills from the hordes of demons we defeated during gameplay, skills that use a resource called Anima to use this skill. Depending on the power of these Yokai, the more or less Anima consumes, these skill types can also level up and attach gems to maximize the power, they extend from attack, buff, debuff and Both create special effects.

Due to Anima’s resources, Nioh 2 now can counterattack like Bloodborne, you will watch when the opponent has attacked to press R2 + O and counter to pay a bunch of damage, as well as make it be Stun for a short distance. Most of the monsters that drop abilities will force you to go to the Dark Realm area, where Yokai is maximized and the main character has reduced physical regen.

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Monsters in Nioh 2 are now more powerful than the first, bigger damage, increased speed and range, as well as they have many types of nasty effects such as petrification, poison, speed reduction or armor reduction. To help the player, we can call other dead players through the tombstones to help me, of course you can also defeat these ghosts to get the same part.

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Bosses in Nioh 2 are actually a lot harder, in both demos, we can see that now he covers more blood, hits harder and always transforms 2 to 3 times a game. . The boss’s beat is also longer and longer, they can drag a half of the screen to approach the player and then pound like rice, moreover we now have to know the balance between support and dodge for a few moves. It can’t be evaded when it covers the whole screen.

The elemental damage is also more important in Nioh 2 because in the first part they play a small role, elemental damage now helps you to break the boss (break) boss faster as well as add effects in each attack. Finally, to add to the misery, these bosses can drag players into the Dark Realm continuously, in which it is true that only running and supporting waiting for hours and not being able to counterattack.

In the demo of Nioh 2, the player had a lot of experience with these bosses, according to the Game’s perception, they must be 1 to 40% more difficult than Nioh, generally just determine to eat long onions.

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Nioh 2 will be officially launched on March 13, 2020, initially exclusively for Playstation 4 before and no PC release date.