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Although I’ve experienced Nioh 2 through 2 demo times, but when it comes to the official game, it doesn’t help much when being stuffed into my mouth without skipping.

The first blockbuster action game this March – Nioh 2 has finally been officially released, with Souls-like fans no stranger to this name, when it was dubbed Dark. Samurai version of the Souls. Nioh 2 can be considered as a comprehensive upgrade, with the difficulty adjusted to a style that will torture the player to death several thousand times at any given time.

Nioh và chặng đường 13 năm phát triển - P.Cuối

Nioh and the 13-year development path – P. Passing hands through many units is not the only difficulty in Nioh’s 13-year long journey, choosing a style for the game is also a problem.

Nioh 2 is in fact a prequel about the events that took place before William’s departure to Japan, this time the main character will be a hybrid between humans and demons (not Inuyasha) due to him. Play homemade. The context of Nioh 2 is that Japan was still not in the fire of war and the lords were still hoarding forces, with Amrita stones not yet widely exploited for use. The protagonist of Nioh 2 is a mercenary but accidentally gets caught up in the scenes in this chaos, as well as learn about his demonic status.

Nioh 2’s gameplay is basically no different from the first part, but it adds a lot of important changes. The first are two new weapons, Switchglaive and Hachet (throwing hammers), which can be considered as a combination of spear and Odachi, with long range coming along with messy combos and decent damage. Hachet is quite similar to Dual Sword, but instead of slashing, it’s more about throwing, this is a valuable change of Nioh 2, because we have never seen a main weapon that has a long-range style. .

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Nioh 2: Tôi ăn hành thay cơm còn nhiều hơn phần một

The next change is the skill panel now has more new items, including Shiftling and Samurai. Shiftling is a completely new thing in Nioh because the main character is a semi-devil, during the game you can collect the pieces of Demon Spirit dropped from normal soldiers or bosses, it allows us to use the same blow of them to attack.

The Shiftling ability will consume a new type of resource called Anima, which will automatically recover when you hit the target or hit the enemy. Devils have many types and all can level up, they also provide additional stats like the intrinsic type. Moreover Nioh 2 now also has a counterattack, by pressing R2 + O at the right time the protagonist will turn into a devil and fight back with the opponent, it is difficult to watch but the reward received is off the table.

The most valuable improvement is probably the skills of the Ninja and Onmyo Magic branches will automatically increase if you use them in combat, because anyone who has played Nioh knows how important these two branches are at first. Where to dig the burying into, this improvement allows players to use them early without spending too much resources. The skill system and combos of weapons are almost unchanged, just anyone who wants to get used to 2 new weapons must start over.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Nioh 2: Tôi ăn hành thay cơm còn nhiều hơn phần một

And the incredible difficulty from the first part remains the same, even it is upgraded in Nioh 2, when the game introduces a new thing called Dark Realm or Yokai Realm. These are special lands, when the enemy is significantly stronger and the player has a reduced speed of Ki recovery – can simply be understood as a pool of unclean but the range is full screen.

The only way to clean a Yokai Realm is to kill an extra boss, but this is not easy because apart from the Ki speed reduction, the monsters in Yokai Realm are much more buffalo, moreover you do not Is there any way to bypass the Yokai Realm as they are usually blocking the main road to the boss.

Bosses in Nioh 2 will also call out Yokai Realm each time they lose about 40% and the less blood they call, the better it can be in a world where the opponent is twice as strong and we are much weaker, needless to say know the result Luckily, Nioh 2 has not eliminated the gamers way of life, because it now allows co-op or call for help from the graves.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Nioh 2: Tôi ăn hành thay cơm còn nhiều hơn phần một

In Nioh 2 there are blue tombs, which are the souls of the player who is destroyed but unlike the red one in part one, you can use the Okocho cup to call them up and fight for yourself. This is an extremely useful feature especially at the beginning, because there are tombs at level 30 or 40 (twice the level of the player) and there are tons of good equipment to protect us, of course. If you die, these guards will die.

There are things do not think is good bodyguards, because on the boss they were still pounded to soft people like meat beer. In addition, each summon will cost a certain amount of Okocho cup and not always have a good grave for you to use, so the bodyguard can only partially help, the key is still the ability of players – generally died several dozen times to defeat the boss alone.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Nioh 2: Tôi ăn hành thay cơm còn nhiều hơn phần một

In general, with what Nioh 2 has shown, it is worthy of a quality Souls-like game and achieve what gamers expect. Did you eat onions well in part one? Why not continue the series of miserable days with Nioh 2?