Will the new-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers bring a worthwhile improvement? Or will it still be the same?

Over the years, the gaming community has heard a lot about what new generation console hardware can do. Even rumor sources only talk about features that PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X offers users, such as backward compatibility or the upgrade of online services, etc. However, I was a bit surprised. Most people don’t care about the controller of the new generation console. The controller is the one that helps you interact with the game world, so the improvements on the controllers are something worth noting.

Game thủ mong chờ gì về tay cầm của PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X?

Not many people are excited about the new generation controller because the Xbox One Controller and DualShock 4 have made users feel satisfied. That is considered a perfect threshold that a gaming controller can achieve. Xbox controllers still hold the style, bring a “happy experience,” and are always appreciated than rivals. The PS4 controller has been completely upgraded, eliminating the most annoying disadvantages on DualShock 3.

Users still have some complaints about the current generation, such as the light and battery life of DualShock 4; the Xbox controller still has no Share button. But even so, the overall two handsets are always appreciated, becoming a new standard of controllers. So there probably won’t be a significant change to the controller of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Game thủ mong chờ gì về tay cầm của PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X?

Take a look back at all the new handsets that Microsoft and Sony have announced so far. The Xbox Series X controller has been slightly redesigned to fit more people. The Share button is also integrated for sharing screenshots and videos. Even this controller is still supported back to Xbox One. As for DualShock 5, Sony will change the vibration, apply haptic feedback technology to create a more realistic feeling. Along with that is the ability to press the L2 / R2 gun trigger to have more weight. Finally, the DS5 will use the USB-C port.

The above is just a rumor, a leak, or only one of the few official information about the new handle. In fact, at launch, the new generation of controllers may have even more surprises. However, I still believe that PS5 / Xbox Series X’s last controller will not change much compared to the previous generation. It retains its core compared to the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Game thủ mong chờ gì về tay cầm của PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X?

I’m sure fans want to see the Xbox Series X controller as the gyroscope. So far, I still can’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t include a gyroscope for controllers of Xbox generations. Gyro, or Gyro Aiming, is an exciting and convenient feature. On the handle, it creates a more accurate aiming than the traditional Thumstick, which seems to be a bit inferior to the mouse/keyboard. Besides, this feature also appears to have been “abandoned” on the PlayStation 4.

Gyroscope is a feature that helps to cover the limitations of console and handheld game experience. Sony makes fair use of it on the PS Vita. So, definitely, with DualShock 5 and Xbox Series X controller, users will want to see Gyro Aiming to be more fully utilized in the game. If ever, gamers have always considered the mouse/keyboard experience to be the best, then maybe they will have to think again when Sony or Microsoft takes advantage of the gyroscope feature.

Game thủ mong chờ gì về tay cầm của PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X?

Another factor is the shape and grip of the new generation of handles. According to rumors, the body of DualShock 5 may be a bit fatter than that of DualShock 4 and nearly the same as the Xbox controller. If this is true, many would argue that the PlayStation controller loses its beauty. However, I expect this because so far, our gamers, including PlayStation fans, have wanted to have a controller feels as great as the Xbox. The new generation controller on the Xbox Series X has just been announced to redesign a bit to suit more people’s hands, not any breakthrough.

I guess the two controllers on PS5 and Xbox Series X will not have any breakthrough form. The designs will still be based on the success of DualShock 4 and the Xbox One controller. Of course, this is not wrong. Both companies have no reason to completely upgrade the handle’s shape when it is already too good. They will only slightly modify, add some features to increase the user experience of the game.

Game thủ mong chờ gì về tay cầm của PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X?

Anyway, all is just conjecture and rumors. Until the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was released, fans still had the right to dream and hope for the features they wanted to see on the new controllers. Even the most necessary feature, the most expected user, is backward compatibility. Because this feature will help gamers find ways to save investment costs for video games significantly.

Let’s wait and hope the Covid-19 epidemic will not affect the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of this year.